07 Jul 2016 23:45:00
Hi eds saw earlier that we are in for wijnaldum. What's your thoughts on it?

Thanks in advance.

{Ed001's Note - I know nothing of that and I would not welcome such an average player at the club. He is not good enough, doesn't work hard enough, doesn't bother trying often enough.}

1.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 12:25:02
Wijnaldum is average? Woah. but at same time we ain't got clout to sign players like ribery Neymar messi? So any solution?

{Ed001's Note - what do you mean woah? Have you watched him play? He was so good that he got dropped by Rafa for lacking ability and application. Immediately that happened results improved. The lad is a waster. He was a supremely talented youngster who is wasting the natural talent through lack of effort. The solution is not to buy dross like that and buy players who actually work for the team and to try and improve themselves.}

2.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 12:48:15
The lad did score 11 goals and assisted 5 from midfield last year. Also to take in to account that it was his first year in the premier league and was in a poor newcastle team. For the right price might not be a bad buy.

{Ed001's Note - stats mean nothing, he was one of the main reasons that team was so poor.}

3.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 14:22:28
Guys. If Rafa has dropped him. He must be pony. Rafa used to start Voronin for us and he was bad.

4.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 15:05:39
He would just be another one of those flakes who blames Klopp's methods for their poor performance.

5.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 15:19:43
Let's be fair I don't think wijnaldum is as bad as your making out Newcastle conceded 65 4th worst In the league and scored 44 which isn't a bad goal tally for a relegated club and he was involved in nearly half of their goals even being benched. So I disagree I think he would be a good signing their defence ruined them and they destroyed us remember.

{Ed001's Note - I am being fair, with the benefit of speaking to his coaches, both current and former, unlike yourself. He is someone to be steered clear of. If anyone was willing to take him, he would already be out the door.}

6.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 15:58:49
i would take the eds opinion of him, the eds don't have an axe to grind they just tell it how it is and if you don't agree then that's your right to do so, but i will stick with the eds because they do this site and give us information you don't get from any where else and yes they can be wrong some of the time but not all the time and if they say he is not that good i'm inclined to believe them instead of anyone else, or the stats that don't make sense at time, just like a goal keeper who has a 100% shut out rate after coming on for the last 10 minutes, people will believe that he is a good keeper because he has the 100% shut out rate, i wonder what skertals stats were, the player can't be that good if he was relegated.

7.) 08 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016 16:37:28
Well if you have the inside information that he is to be steered clear of then so be it how was I supposed to know you knew that? I was just just giving my opinion on a player that looked half decent on the pitch.

8.) 09 Jul 2016
09 Jul 2016 04:03:33
Rafa also dropped babel for riera/ replaced Alonso with Lucas (bless him) . what's your point?

{Ed001's Note - he dropped Babel for having a terrible attitude and playing crap. Not sure why you bring him up, unless it is to show how little point there is in reading your player assessments if you rate Ryan. Nice lad, still follows us, but he was too busy trying to make it as a musician to put in the effort for us.

As for Alonso, he was not replaced by Lucas. That is simply not true.}

9.) 09 Jul 2016
09 Jul 2016 13:30:25
Rafa isn't a great coach for me him dropping a attacking player seems normal

Although I don't think the lads is anywhere near the answer

We need to change and take personalities into account when bringing in player feel.

10.) 09 Jul 2016
09 Jul 2016 22:45:45
I personally thought he was a coach. We were brilliant in defence, good goalkeeper, solid midfield and decent attacking football. We had idiot owners and prevented him from buying some players so we ended up getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices instead of getting our first choice transfers.

11.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 11:03:41
The year we came second we lost it by not performing against the weaker teams, we struggled to get goals when not fielding first choice forward, during that period we had the Keane fiasco, a guy who scored bucket loads against the kind of teams we didn't produce against. Benitez seems to get a bye for his involvement in that fiasco. League was there for the winning and the use of the players available didn't help.

{Ed001's Note - there were very good reasons for Keane's benching during that period, that is why Rafa gets a bye for it.}