28 Jan 2017 17:40:30
I'm not suggesting for a minute Sakho would have stopped this recent diabolical form but certainly he's not the 'worst' defender in the world and imo played well last season.
Just seems ludicrous to have a senior player probably on a decent wage. banished to the reserves.

Those funds could be better spent on a new player surely. fairly obvious we could do with one or two!

{Ed002's Note - Klopp doesn't want Sakho as part of the team but the club have priced him at such a level where a sale is very difficult, and they have resisted (to date) all loan offers for the player. Two loan offers are on the table still but the club is looking to sell. Whether either club would make an acceptable offer or whether Liverpool will change their stance remains to be seen.}

1.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 19:08:58
He's still young. (Can)
Keep the faith.
I agree it's tough going at the moment but things will improve and top 4 is still a very realistic possibility.

We have had bad times before under worse managers such as Souness, Houllier and Rodgers who all spent way more money on bringing in the solution to the problems.

I think Klopp deserves credit for using the young lads who even in defeat are learning vital lessons, gaining experience and at the same time been assessed at the higher level.
It's impossible to say that a player setting the u23 alight will slot straight in the senior team but there is only one real way to find out and that's by giving them a run of games.

2.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 19:42:47
Houllier was a very good manager, Klopp will do well to replicate what he did .

3.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 20:23:22
Really Roy?

I liked Houllier but clearly Klopp is better for the club, There was no real synergy with Houllier. If we can get the energy back and get our support behind the team i'm sure we'll get back on track.

4.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 22:56:21
Just look at this ratio. 16 good months 2 cup finals. Title challenger. Noone sold. Big player cou signing on. Everyonf declaring there love firmino etc.

1 bad month and its all forgotten


5.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 23:03:48
The first half of the season has been a few good players and a bunch of average ones riding a wave of optimism and confidence. All we've had to do is take Mane and his pace and directness away and we're right back to the bang average. Quality in our bloated squad is as I said earlier veneer thin.

6.) 29 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017 09:42:54
Well, natural poolie, your comments are a direct criticism of the manager then, as it was Klopp who suggested that it was his team at the start of the season, which implied he was comfortable with what was at his disposal, and that he didn't necessarily require any additional players.

Either you're right, and the manager has got it badly wrong, or you're just as fickle as the rest of them on here, who was probably gloating to everyone that we would win the league two short months ago.

7.) 29 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017 12:05:41
Coutinho isn't fit. Sturridge isn't an adequate replacement for mane. so firmino covers the wing making him half the player. Matip has been out and clyne aswel.

Es clyne may not be so well thought off but him and matip have been aolid and its going to take a little while for trent and mat to get that chemistry.

Once all back into the swing of thia we will have a terrific rnd to the season.

Dont forget peoole are going to start coming to play us thinking we are poo now and once manes vack in. lallana and firnino both get back into there best positions amd start performig again.

Ynwa we qill be fine

8.) 29 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017 12:26:25
We haven't been able to play our full strength first team in ages! Let's just beat Chelsea and we can all move on from this nonsense.

9.) 31 Jan 2017
31 Jan 2017 06:25:47
Houllier destroyed Liverpool.

And nearly killed himself doing it.

His signings were horrific

Replacing Players like Robbieand Macca with the likes Of Dioff and Diamond. Checkout (the new Zidane)
Bislang. Trarore.
I could go on and on.

He even tried to take credit for Discovering Stevie G. Even though Stevie had captained the England under age teams.

He shafted Roy Evans.

I'm getting cross just remembering.

Moores should have got Kenny back alongside Roy.