24 Aug 2016 06:27:25
does anyone thinks that we miss Emre Can as much as we miss Mane? the way he power through and bring the ball out of trouble plus the way he close down opponent. most of our midfielders are a pass and move type whereas Emre can will dribble his way out of trouble.

1.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 06:46:20
There lies the issue with him. He will dribble and charge forward without having a check the gap behind him. Hence Henderson bay sit alongside Can.
Once you are deployed to hold he midfield, you just stay there and break any opposition play. Indisciplined midfielder. He still has to learn to put in precise tackle without accumulation cards.

{Ed001's Note - no, that is what you work on in training, that when one goes forward the other drops in. There is no issue with Can taking opportunities to make a forward run, the issue is that he doesn't always get back as quickly as he should.}

2.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 07:44:31
Coz that's not his natural style of play. You will have coach him to do that job and in between you will have many Sevilla games. I would rather more of a conventional player there who doesn't charge high up and does the simple things well allowing his midfield partner to run the show. Stewart, Matic etc. when Can stays in the middle Henderson will look great but when can charges high Hendo looks weak.

{Ed001's Note - you really are not getting this are you? It is the rest of the team's job to fill in when one player goes forward. Just like when Hansen used to make those runs from the backline, someone else dropped in to cover the gap. It is teamwork we need to develop.}

3.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 09:20:32
Your point is well made Ed. no-one should be shackled, but when one bursts forward others have to cover. A couple of times Matip and Lovren came forward, there is no issue with this (Hansen and Aggee Spring to mind) others just have to respond to this and drop in and cover. I personally think Can and Hendo should be our CM pairing with Stewart and Grujic as cover. Would personally like to see Lucas stay and be in contention but that looks unlikely.

4.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 09:49:05
Henderson really needs to work on his passing.
Add goals to his game and some assists. Big season for him he has to do more.

{Ed001's Note - when he has players moving to pass to, his passing is excellent and he racks up plenty of assists. Have you actually ever watched the lad play with your eyes open? Or is it difficult to do when you are only seeing him as a target to be abused?}

5.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 10:18:08
I really do like Hendo, i admire his technique as well as his head for positioning and tactics. One of my favorite players in Liverpool at the moment, but its hard because its like having a favorite child when you want to love all of them, but some of them keep on getting into trouble.

The only thing I would like him to improve on is his presence on the pitch, i might be very mistaken but i don't see him yelling at people when they stuff up, or making them try harder not tell them need to try harder, make them, ala Caragher in defence. then again i don't have the honour of watching live games at the ground.

6.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 10:26:09
He is not a target Ed01. He is a victim of having too many similar players in the team all capable of scoring or assisting more than Henderson. It is not his fault that club accumulated one Henderson every 6 months. Someone upstairs takes the blame.
Marko Grujic looks a better version for me atm. Always an eye for pass and ever present in and around the opposition 6 yard box. He is going to score goals of given proper chances.

{Ed001's Note - like who? The only player similar is Wijnaldum, to a degree, and he is not fit to lace Hendo's boots.}

7.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 11:01:01
I think if we are to be successful, however that is, Henderson will be an integral part to that. I think Klopp is being a little naive (though perhaps Can and Grujic aren't quite ready to be selected just yet) in going for players that offer nothing in midfield based on them offering 'energy'. I think the team should be more balanced, Origi should start most games, and at least two effective mids should play (Stewart? ) . This begs the question why was Wijnaldum signed? That really makes no sense at all.

8.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 11:12:43
Ed01, James Milner last summer and Wijnaldum this summer. We buy one each every summer.

9.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 19:43:02
Spot on, Peace. Hendo already convinced me when he refused to take the easy route and go to Fulham. He stayed, fought for his place, convinced his manager (the one who would have loved to see the back of him initially), worked hard, was integral in our title run (many argue that his suspension contributed to costing us the PL), and became LFC captain.

He is a model of work ethic, determination and a true pro. He continues to improve and work on his game as he`s not cocky and is very humble. because he doesn`t do Hollywood passes like SG nor shoot from 30 yards or doesn`t show "presence" (whatever that means) on the pitch, many (who never wanted him here to start with) are always on his back especially when we lose yet he gets no credit when we win.

Yesterday, he sent a perfect SG-esque ball into the box to Lallana who later bottled the header. Don`t hear anyone acknowledging that pass, do we? Frankly, I`m over it. If you don`t like Hendo, that`s your opinion but stop the unfounded criticisms as they have no basis in reality.

10.) 25 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 22:46:17
Henderson is the guy that create the quick attacks. Everyone else in the midfield likes to run and hold on to the ball. Hendo picks it up deep and tries quick cutting balls. Yeah atm some of his passes are going astray but some are coming off and these can be truly dangerous and lead to goals. Our attacks and build up can be too slow and lead knowhere (Burnley) and hendo is most of the time the only one trying to start risky yet potentially rewarding play.

11.) 26 Aug 2016
26 Aug 2016 10:04:13
Love Henri and believe he is key to our season. However he need to step up as our captain.

A key area for improvement imho is his partnership with Can. At the moment Hendo seems to be playing too tentatively and is behind the learning curve in terms of position off the ball with respect to the his teammates.

There are also times with the ball where he defaulted to passing back, instead of turning and linking up with more advanced players. You can see some examples in this piece: goo.gl/DQ1y4Z

But Hendo proved he has the right attitude and work ethics to make himself even better, and I look forward to seeing a finished version of him dominating the midfield and play for us in years to come.