24 Aug 2016 10:29:47
Do feel for the lad llori. He really didn't get a chance with us. Was he really that bad of a player that he was constantly overlooked? I know he had injuries. Who's going to be our new messiah?

1.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 11:23:08
Considering he's the best center back to ever grace the pitch, it makes no sense at all to sell him. We should be building a statue of him next to Shankly's.

2.) 24 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 19:29:34
No one said he was the messiah or the best CB to ever play the game. All people were saying was that he might as well be given a chance as the others playing ahead of him couldn`t put a foot right. Was that an unfair request?