25 Aug 2016 19:23:45
A bit of chat about Ings, does anyone think it might be better to sell Sturridge and keep Ings as back up. Origi as one and firmino and Ings otherwise. Works harder, younger and hungrier.
Don't get me wrong I think Sturridge is our best striker on his day, but is he good and consistent enough to force ings out?

1.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 20:21:53
Daniel Sturridge is a game changer and a match winner and you hardly have those kind of players in the league. He will piss you off jogging and dong hardly anything through out, But it's just a moment and his wicked left foot.

2.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 20:33:00
How have you come to the conclusion that he is hungrier than sturridge? He is most definitely good enough to keep ings out of the team. There's a reason Ings isn't even been picked for match day squads. When fit Sturridge is a world class striker, stop comparing them. It's not even close.

3.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 20:57:54
I like Ings but I won't force Sturridge out so that he can play.

If Ings works hard, takes his chances wherever they may come and earns it; then he plays.

Right now he's coming back from a major injury.

4.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 21:51:14
I said we shouldve sold sturridge at the start of the season. Not that he isn't a good player, but he's impossible to build a team around. And we have 2 young upcoming strikers who i think have higher ceilings than he does. We can get a good price for him and he will likely be injured for 1/ 3 of the games we play anyways. It sucks but he reminds me of Torres. The injuries have really hampered him; when he was alongside Suarez he was arguably faster/ quicker than Sterling, and his left foot was a rocket. Idk, there is no real clear answer. I'll support him if (and it's looking very likely) he stays for sure.

5.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 22:22:32
It's impossible to build a team around him.? Please explain? I think you'll find building a team around any one player is something only an idiot would do. Sturridge was, is and will always be a great goalscorer.

6.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 22:32:20
sturridge needs to be played down the middle when fit. and he will score 20 league goals a season you cannot say that about to many forwards in the league. Ings will not do that for you. sturridge had a little injury a the start of the season but has been ok most of the last 8 months get of his back.

{Ed002's Note - Finally you know why he left Chelsea.}

7.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 22:33:39
After seeing how Firmino came back this pre-season, I'd say he's the hungriest of all our strikers.

8.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 22:34:22
You could argue that both Barcelona and Real Madrid have built their teams around one player.

9.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 23:05:18
Did we open the competition of the most ludicrous post of the season already? Sturridge will score in a third of a season more than what Ings will score in two. Since mid of last season when he came back Stirrudge missed 1 game I think due to fitness. Ings is just starting to come back from one of the worse injuries a footballer can have and many don't return to their old self after it. Absolute joke.

10.) 25 Aug 2016
25 Aug 2016 23:19:29
Special cases Phil, Ronaldo is almost never injured and a freak athlete, Messi is Messi, a supremely talented dribbler turned playmaker. Both are once in a generation players who you can afford to do that with. You could argue both teams actually don't build a team around 1 player, Madrid had a counter attacking system under Ancelotti (haven't watched them much since), Barcelona have their tiki taka system which started with the legendary Cruyff (RIP) . But both players do take up central roles in the team due to ability and have enough clout at their respective clubs to influence where they are played and how often.

11.) 26 Aug 2016
26 Aug 2016 09:41:00
I understand the opening post and does have its merits but my personal opinion is that even when coming back Sturridge comes on the pitch as a sub and always looks like he could score. He is a natural goal scorer, his goals to games ratio is good, if you look at goals to minutes played it is better. Unless the prognosis is that he will never play a full season again then I'd keep him but maybe he is going to become more of an issue if this season doesn't work.