07 Aug 2017 20:00:33
Hi eds, I am resigned to coutinho leaving now. Vvd deal has to be done, and imo Lanzini or Brandt would be good replacements and we keep the rest of the money and spend it when we know what we need more, and links with lanzini or Brandt.

1.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:11:15
Not sure Brandt will be willing to be 3rd choice with Salah and Mane starting.

It has been made clear that Brandt wants assurances on being a starter and unlikely to happen at this point at LFC with Mane and Salah guaranteed a place on the left and right.

2.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:15:38
I think Insigne would be brilliant shout. Has all the quality that Coutinho has and he's in the prime of his career. Tough little chap as well.

3.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:18:01
surely brandt would get assurances if phil is leaving.

4.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:25:22
Coutinho of staying would drop back into the left centre mid position, so assurances for Brandt wouldn't change as he's deployed as a wide player and can't see him starting over Mane nor Salah.

5.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:31:20
This is to be our playmaker in cm. and Brandt can play attacking midfield so would be able to play there, as first choice.

6.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:36:23
Insigne a good shout as a replacement. What about barcas youngster Munir? Could he be part of the deal? Remember reading he wants to leave for more game time. Thoughts?

7.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:58:23
I like lanzini as is a Tesco basic couts, who could only get better with more quality around him. Brandt is also a great player, and both are young and could only grow.

8.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 21:57:30
We should go for a playmaker. Personally, would make a 60m-80m bid for Kroos and wait for Madrid/ Kroos to reject the bid. The funds from Coutinho shouldn't be used to buy 2-3 players. Get a quality playmaker in and move on.