31 Oct 2017 11:51:43
If coutinho is to go in hope it is to PSG and we get draxler and enough cash to purchase centre half and goalkeeper.

1.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 11:59:02
Why a new keeper? We have Ward and Karius who haven't had their chance yet. Draxler I wouldn't want, his injuries concern me.

2.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 12:02:41
Barca bound Jimmy boy. Draxler will be available but we have shown zero interest in him so far. We have 3 keepers mate and as regards to a centre half, that is an absolute must regardless of who we sell.

3.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 12:16:06
Where are they going to get the cash for him? Monico will want to be paid for mbappe.

4.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 12:28:21
Don't need Draxler.

Let's talk Kimpembe plus cash deal. That makes more sense to me.

Coutinho needs to be replaced with a striker. And my choice is Belotti.

5.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 12:31:14
I'd prefer he go to Barcelona and we get Iniesta for a season or two. The likes of Woodburn, Ejaria, Arnold etc could learn so much from him, plus his passing range and killer pass in the final third is still world class.

He could have a similar impact to Gary Mac in my opinion.

6.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 13:00:03
I think that is an excellent idea mk.

7.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 13:19:02
Psg doesn't have the same pull as barca. But I wouldn't be surprised if he hooked up with his pal neymar. For some reason losing him to Paris seems worse than losing him to barca. You never know, they may not even go in for him again? Yeah right. I think lfc fans are going to be pleased with his replacement.

8.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 13:48:42
Iniesta for Coutinho? hehe, that's pretty funny. Isn't he 50? and just signed a life time contract at Barca? Gary Mac played all his life in England and knew the league inside and out, suggesting a 34 year old who never played outside of Barcelona to replace our best player is pretty hilarious. Sorry Mk.

9.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 14:16:57
Sorry but Iniesta for Coutinho would be a really bad idea. He doesn’t have the legs or the two physical ability to compete in the premier league and Barcelona would be getting a player who will only keep getting better and we have a player who’s only got a year or two left at best? No. Not for me. There’s not one player in the Barcelona team who I’d want in exchange double the amount that United paid for Pogba and all of it up front thanks. Or sling your hook.

10.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 15:37:41
I've always thought the argument of physical ability was always a bit odd. You just have to look at someone like David Silva, he isn't strong, he doesn't have pace, but year on year is one of the top performers in the premier league, due to his passing and knowledge of the game.

I wouldn't want Iniesta, I don't think his heart would be in it if he came here and he is a bit too old now, but if you think one of the greats of his generation would flop on the Prem because of his physical ability, you're seriously deluded.

11.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 15:55:40
I never said Iniesta to replace Coutinho. Salah has already replaced the Coutinho of last season, and Couts has barely played this season. He certainly hasn't played well. I'm Just saying, if Coutinho goes to Barcelona I'd try get Iniesta as part of the deal. Even if he was just a personality around the place to bring a winning mentality, and then played our European games.

If Coutinho went to PSG, I'd ask for Thiago Motta, on a short term deal for his experience. Different position to Iniesta, but the same level of experience and title winning pedigree.

Bearing in mind that Milner will probably leave next summer, Klavan may well leave, and Lallana could even go, our squad will be very young and severely lacking in experience. If the 3 above were to leave, our most experienced player left would be Henderson, Lovren or Sturridge at 28 years old, and all 3 of them could leave or be replaced in the starting XI too! The team needs a better balance of youth and experience. This is the main reason Spurs have won absolutely nothing. Great young players, but no winning mentality. If you go through their team the only players they have to have won league titles is Wanyama in Scotland and Vertonghen in Holland. They are serial bottlers because they see second as an ultimate achievement. If you put Zlatan or Ronaldo in that Spurs team they'd win the league. They wouldn't even have to play regularly, but they'd completely change their perception of what winning really is.

United signed Zlatan at 35 years old and his character, experience and leadership was massive for them on and off the pitch. Iniesta doesn't have to play every game to have an impact. I also don't think the league change will affect him. He is arguably the best player of the last decade and he has never relied on physique. Hr is too clever and reads the game too well. I'm not even suggesting he is a realistic option. Just that if we have to have a player in return for Coutinho, Iniesta or Motta would be my picks. We could ask for them without a significant reduction in the transfer fee paid, and then invest the money on the defence.

I wouldn't suggest a 34 year old with injury troubles as the direct replacement for the main man in our team. I just look at our squad and see a bunch of inexperienced kids who have won nothing. There is no winning mentality in there. If we lost Milner, Can and Sturridge that would leave us without a single player who has a major European league medal.

Forget Iniesta for one second. This isn't even about him specifically. How do you even hope to win a league title with players who don't have the mentality of a winner? It is near impossible. Dortmund, Leicester and Atletico are the only teams in recent history to win a major league with a young team with little to no history of major title success.

If we want a like for like replacement for Coutinho (player who can play attacking midfield or in the front 3) then the likes of Lemar, Isco or Koke would be better options as they are also a winners of a top 5 European league. Sadly we can't easily attract winners in their prime. We may need to surround potential winners, with experienced winners and build our own winning mentality. Hence my suggestion to have Iniesta's personality rub off on the likes of Woodburn.

Winning is a habit. People underestimate that. Football games can be won in the mind before kick off. Are we aspiring for top 4 for the next 5 years with a young team? A team which will be dismantled every year by Barcelona and Man City? Or do we want to start properly challenging? Never underestimate the impact of having that kind of Character in the dressing room.

It's all just my opinion though. Just thought I'd explain my logic because on the face of it, getting Iniesta in for Coutinho does sound ludicrous. I did not mean as a direct replacement though. It'll never happen anyway. It was just a "i would love it if".

12.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 19:28:30
Iniesta is old news, even tho I think he is actually better than Messi in terms of raw skill and ability. Where is PSG going to get the money from for Cou? They are desperate to sell their top earners in order to balance the books before FFP comes calling next season BUT the players in question (lucas, Draxler, Pastore, etc) do not want to leave. Barcelona is where Cou wants to go and he will end up there, IMO.