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01 Jan 2017 06:31:13
where are all the loudmouths slagging off our defence? and what about klopp a 1 trick pony with no tactical prowess? he sent pep to school with his tactics, this result and performance is what title chasing teams are all about, mignolet did not have 1 single save to make and since the west ham game we have won 4 on the bounce and have only conceded 1 goal, remember a certain pundit predicted we would get relegated with our defence! lastly yes mane will be missed but we do have countinho to come back, which will be a massive plus.

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01 Jan 2017 08:01:20
Migs had at least 1 save. but i get what ya mean!
The main thing for me is that we don't over-react to results, good or bad. More important we learn from mistakes and keep trying to get better. Evidence so far is that Klopp and co are learning and helping the lads to bounce back from negative results. Since the west ham game we're perfect and only conceding 1 goal while plundering 9.
Still, consistency may eventually be our downfall! But hopefully we pick up enough points along the way to keep us in with a shout in the final rounds.

01 Jan 2017 08:36:28
No one expected liverpool to drop back from their usual attacking display. He should have had this a very long time ago.

01 Jan 2017 09:21:34
I've referred to this in past posts, when I asked everyone if they thought Klopp was evolving and adapting to the EPL. Last night we saw that he is indeed adapting, and has figured out what it takes and how to win in this league. You could have argued "one trick pony" for last year, because he approached most games like a boxer and wanted to simply outpunch the opponent while taking as many punches as he could. "Parking the bus" is reviled on these pages, but we did it very effectively at certain moments last night, and ManC was always at risk of taking a second goal for the slightest of mistakes or some luck for us. There is no disgrace in winning ugly, even though free flowing football is what we all want to see. Jose Mourinho has made an entire career of winning ugly.

My bet is that if we have done so well without Coutinho, then we'll do just as well without Mane (with Coutinho back) . But I would still want to give the youngsters (Ojo, Brannagan, Wilson) a shot, provided they are fit.

01 Jan 2017 09:41:22
A few posters could certainly take the credit of yesterday's display. For some strange reason beyond me this page always under rated defense and defending. It was often called the boring Italian style. People never wanted Klopp to change the tactics coz we were scoring for fun, We were creating chances for fun blah blah and more blah. For Once in years Klopp decided to use his head and not his heart and the result is evident.
There is no shame in dropping deep and making a shape which cut off opposition passing rhythm.

01 Jan 2017 11:04:50
Klopp summed up his tactic perfectly in the interview. Stop them feeding Ageuro. That's what we did. I still don't think it was a perfect defensive display. There were times they had success, particularly down our right hand side.

We didn't really park the bus, ever single player worked hard to get back, this was evident particularly when Sterling got one on one vs Klavan several times and gigi and hendo busted a gut to cut into the box denying him the ability to cut in while Klavan re positioned himself.

We didn't press because we couldn't afford to, silva, toure sterling, fernandinho, KDB could bypass our mid with a few touches, and leave aguero one on one with klavan or lovren.

I loved the way we set out on their goal kicks, forcing Bravo to kick long, (pep must really regret what he said pre season here), it's what teams have done to us previously (united game) we won back possession pretty regularly from their kicks, we never gave the a chance to settle froma goal kick.

01 Jan 2017 11:08:35
For once Harry I agree. It was clear that City having an extra 24 hours rest gave them much fresher legs. Klopp quickly realised this and the second half was a brilliant change in tactics to what we are used to. We (excluding Lallana and Firmino who are like a couple of Duracell bunnies) didn't have the legs to press as a team. So we sat back a bit, held our shape and frustrated City to the point that their passing got sloppy.

Pep was schooled yesterday.

01 Jan 2017 11:35:20
Harry, you spent half time in the live chat talking about how City were dominating us and we were lucky to be winning and it was only a matter of time before they scored because we weren't playing well. You shot down a couple of posters who said exactly what you have in this postand told themto speak to you after the game. Glad to see you actually watched the second half instead of spouting nonsense.

01 Jan 2017 11:41:28
There was one incident in the 55th min where Silva opened up our midfield and had a shot just wide of the target. Other than it we were pretty compact.

We had no shots on target whole second half. No dribbles in between 49th to 73rd minute. We had only 7 dribbles all game ( Including Mignolet ) and we did not pose any threat going forward in the second half or even the entire match other than the goal and a couple in the first half.

Possession win you nothing if you don't do any thing with the ball is proved yet again. All this We dominated people will not quickly change their tongue in favor of what an accomplished defensive display.

First time under Klopp's regime we look like an unpredictable side who could turn up however we wish on the pitch.

I still feel gutted about the loss against Sevilla last season.

{Ed001's Note - seriously? We had no shots because we had no need to attack them. We were sitting back and waiting for them to come onto us to look for the counter. They were unable to even get at us to even give us something to counter on. You are the one that has been crying for months about how we should play like this and now we have you are crying we weren't attacking enough!}

01 Jan 2017 12:20:29
I don't know how could you say there was no need to attack them Ed01. A team primary based on attack attack and more attack philosophy. Where did I cry mate, I am presenting you how we played. Absolutely fine with deep defensive system. I am not a big fan of sending all the troops into the opposition area and get exposed on counter and hail it as the best offensive display and typical Liverpool style who believes in scoring numbers for fun.

{Ed001's Note - did we win? Then there was no need to attack them. We scored and stopped them scoring, that was enough.}

01 Jan 2017 12:23:49

I am sorry but how many were confident on our defense before the game? We sat deep and the whole 70 mill fans know we are piss poor when it comes to see out a game. I am just one of them.

Did we not took the gas out against Bournemouth recently and conceded 4?

This team is basically built on solid attacking and even Klopp knows it. I don't think anyone would have thought the scoreline would have remained 1-0 against one of the best attacking team.

01 Jan 2017 12:31:18
Ha ha Ed01. We scored in the 8th min and had 82 mts to play against the best attack. Only Klopp knew what our tactics were except the fact we decided to play a midfielder for a striker. Did you know well in advance we would sit back and absorb pressure?
Liverpool these days takes time to get into the match and take full control dominating the ball and pressing up front which we did not yesterday and I am damn sure none actually guessed it would happen.

Could someone write and give me we will sit back against Sunderland preserving a single goal advantage?

{Ed001's Note - what are you talking about? None of what you are saying makes any sense Harry.}

01 Jan 2017 13:24:11
I am saying Liverpool played completely opposite to what they usually play and you cannot simply predict how they would play from here on. So assuming we don't need to attack / we don't need to defend is a pure wild card number. I honestly never thought the scoreline would remain 1-0.
I am happy we played completely opposite to Let's attack attack, attack system. But I wasn't prepared for that display nor I had any confidence we could beautifully see out 80 mts of the game with one goal margin.

01 Jan 2017 15:21:25
It's because of this belief that kloop and liverpool are one dimensional that kloop done what he done.
Pep and man city can only play one way they came to attack and counter press.
Kloop had liverpool drop off and be compact and play on the counter, stop the ball to silva and Aguero look where they had to drop to receive ball.
City end up with possession but all in front of us which led to the aimless passing we saw from city.
The only thing wrong with Klopp tactics yesterday was wondering scored to early if possible on our First counter attack. for the rest of game was to stop balls into Aguero with the belief that if we stopped him city couldn't hurt us.
Simple plan simple game but take a master coach to do the exact opposite to what everyone thinks you will do.
Pep looked a lost man yesterday with his subs in the last 2 minutes.
Kloop schooled him yesterday always be grateful we got him.



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