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01 Jan 2017 22:12:09
Hi Ed's and fellow posters,

What do you think of the strategy used againt Man City?

Isn't it a significant shift from Klopp's heavy metal and gegen press strategy?

The goal was good but how often do they go in? 1 in 10 chances maybe.

We played with two banks of four (aka) double bus parked in our own half and let City have the ball and were waiting to hit them on counter after the first goal.

The fact that we went without a striker and all midfielders says that we wanted to play on the counter and the goal made our job just easy.

The fact that City didn't get going
well into the 2nd half made it easier for us.

From a neutral point of view the game was dull and did not live up to the exiciting standards that was expected of.

One good sign to take note is Klopp is prepared to change the system/ style based on the opponent and team did well to pull it off.

Finally good win well grind/ ground out. The ability to play a different system and still get the result shows a very good sign.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

{Ed001's Note - we played a 4-1-4-1, so it was not two banks of four at all.}

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01 Jan 2017 22:51:59
Doesn't matter to me, we won, we got the 3 points against a top team. That'll do me just fine, couldn't care less what tactics was used, it worked.

01 Jan 2017 23:17:01
Firmino mane are forward players . Aguero did not have 1 touch in are boxs . Klopp out master pep and we could of been in 2 or 3 times if the ball was right. They had the ball but did naver really with it.

01 Jan 2017 23:33:29
I was there and I personally thought it was an exciting one. They had us on the ropes a bit second half but we hung on and defended well. Got the big 3 points. Lotta matches this month. got to keep our focus and keep cracking on.

Any word on Hendo?

01 Jan 2017 23:36:22
Klopp employed the best tactics to beat Man City. Good to see tactical versatility when needed.

01 Jan 2017 23:49:42
I thought it was one of if not the best performance of the season. No it wasn't played at 100mph but that is why I liked it. Thought they were very compact and solid but still kept the ball moving. I think it was a master stroke by JK as I'm sure City didn't expect us to play that way.

02 Jan 2017 00:36:21
I rekon klopp and co hav had a look at how best to take on the festive period games in total. Convenient how the schedule fell and allowed a plan vs city so the lads would have some energy in the tank for the full strength side to take on sunderland. Well that's what I rekon!

02 Jan 2017 07:34:25
Hello faith, the way we play against city sitting back and chasing ball is more energy sapping .

01 Jan 2017 23:37:35
I'm not sure if it was a tactic or just the way the game panned out. The early goal meant we didn't need to take unnecessary risks and we could afford to close the game out. Perhaps it could be the fabled 'plan b' that Ed2 is always going on about?

02 Jan 2017 09:16:45
It was a planned set up and it took a while for me to understand the reason. This team uisually attack even in the 94th minute. There was no reason to sit back other than a tactical approach.

02 Jan 2017 09:21:16
Planned set up Pip, This team attacks even in the 95th min. There was no other reason to sit back.

02 Jan 2017 13:36:06
I heard Klopp saying that it was not the intention of playing so deep more of a tactic of not leaving our defence isolated against De brune, Aguero, Silva an Sterling who don't really track back. We could not allow Milner and Clyne to press to high because how good City are at counter attacks. It did show that we can play a different way and gain the same 3 points.

02 Jan 2017 14:42:11
I think that Klopp has taken some lessons from games against teams who the technical ability to bypass our press. We stilk press but attack specifc signs. E. g., vs city when yaya got the ball with his back to goal you saw Lallana flying at him. J don't velieve that the way we played vs city was more energy sapping than other games we've played but I get the point about chasing around etc. Just had the sense it was a more controlled match so the running was centralised to half the fueld mostly. And also the benefit is s we see, baasically a full strength line up 2 days later. Klopp has the swuad tuned to go for it. Hope it works!



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