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03 Jan 2017 12:32:51
Whilst it's certainly true that we could have won yesterday I think that's only an excuse if we feel hard done by the result and I don't think that was the case yesterday. I will concede that there's no guarantee that a different starting 11 would have done better but I was very surprised by Klopp's selection and feel he made an error making only one change. Regardless of how fit our players are there is no way you can be fresh playing two games in 48 hours.

Klopp's realistic options (beyond Sturridge) to come in were Moreno, Lucas, Origi, A-A, Ejaria and Stewart. Ed1 thinks Ojo isn't ready yet but he started 6 games for the u-23s in December so I'm surprised he's not even making the bench yet. Milner going off at half time suggests he shouldn't have started, we know Moreno's got too many flaws but he's experienced and his pace brings a weapon to our left flank, he should have come in. Hendo's absence could have seen Stewart or Lucas deputize and if there was ever a game to give one of them a start in their natural position this was it, I think Klopp's lost faith in the pair. Origi should feel most hard done by, over the last month or so he's shown his best form for Liverpool so not to start against either City or Sunderland must be hugely disappointing for him. A-A and Ejaria are very raw so I'm not surprised they weren't used, A-A is behind the only player who categorically is fit enough to manage the Christmas schedule and Ejaria is probably not ready to start in the league but the fact that neither came off the bench is, again, very surprising.

Personally I would have played Migs; Moreno, Klavan, Lovren, Clyne; Stewart, Can, Lallana; Mane, Origi, Studge. With the plan to bring on Firmino and Wiji if things were going badly and Ejaria and Lucas if they were going well. We may have still dropped points but what's the point in having a squad if you're not going to use it.

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03 Jan 2017 12:44:28
Didn't get to see the game yesterday, but all teams are in the same boat regarding games played over Christmas.

Other teams have managed to perform over the period.

How many changes did sunderland make from there game the other day?

03 Jan 2017 13:50:52
sunderland were fully fresh LAVERS as they did bugger all vs burnley whilst we were in combat with man city, I agree with other posters we should have freshened up our line up yesterday, having said all that the team we put out should have beat sunderland, we sadly pressed the self destruct button and paid the penalty ( no pun intended)

03 Jan 2017 13:52:17
Irrelevant Lavers. Tiring legs is an equalising factor. It will make the game more scrappy and affects players with quality more than the scrappers who take heavy touches and play lazy passes as a norm anyway. Besides Sunderland had a longer break than us in between all 3 festive fixtures.

03 Jan 2017 14:35:08
Putney, I agree with you on some part of your post. However, I disagree with some part of it. First off, it doesn`t matter what Klopp did per his selection cos if we didn`t win, the geniuses in hindsight (not you, of course) would second guess his choices till the cows come home so to me, that is already baked in and Klopp made the decision to play the same team and go for the win which I applaud so to me, there`s no point rehashing the whole selection theme.

Secondly judging by the circumstances, I think we played very well as we created chances, dominated possession in their final third, had 15 shots on target (Mannone was MOTM) and gave up 3 measly shots on target, all of which Migs comfortably saved so that perf was good enough for me with no rest and 44 hours of preparation after a mammoth effort 9physically and mentally) from the City game, before the game.

Thirdly, it`s not about not using the squad for me. He said he consulted the players and the medical team to see if the guys could start the game and they said that they felt good and then he trusted them (which is what he can do) and went with them. To me, it was not a mistake and it was always going to be a gamble regardless so you have to take the good with the bad cos hindsight reasoning solves nothing, in the end.

03 Jan 2017 13:13:11
Just checked, Sunderland made 3 changes. The other 12 teams who played Sat and Mon made at least 2 changes with most making 4 or more.

03 Jan 2017 13:14:52
There's a difference mate we played city they get hammered against burnley so the give up at 3-1 . We could not take it easy against city.

03 Jan 2017 13:15:25

Brilliant post. Makes so much sense.

03 Jan 2017 15:43:07
Hamilton, that last part I have a problem with. It's not the players responsibility to pick themselves, it's Klopp's. Saying that they told him they were OK sounds dangerously like an excuse.

03 Jan 2017 17:09:39

A manger is actually paid for his hindsight and nothing more. It's his team after all and he should take the blame / credit. Simple as.

03 Jan 2017 17:16:24
I actually agree with you on that last point, Putney. If you read my post, you would see that I said that he trusted them to get the job done. Trusting them was his decision as they had rarely failed him collectively and our record this season backs this up. My point was that you can`t know if a decision is a mistake until the outcome happens. That is the part NO manager on earth can control so one`s desire to use that as a stick to beat him with is what I deem unfair and dishonest.

There is a reason why the expression (It is what it is) exists as in, what`s done is done and using hindsight is pointless cos no one knows the outcome before it arrives hence, the reason why I never refer to it in any of my comments. Why? Cos had we earned the win, this conversation is non existent.

03 Jan 2017 18:58:41
"A manager is paid for his hindsight". Is he also paid to tell the future, in your opinion? You are indeed one of a kind.



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