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04 Jan 2017 21:42:41
So the Sunderland game looks like it gained us a point then ;-) Just saying

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04 Jan 2017 21:54:14
Really going to take that attitude? Absolute ridiculous. It was two points dropped, we SHOULD be sat 3 points behind Chelsea now. Tired of people making excuse after excuse for such a shocking performance.
On to the next game, stop worrying about others and just worry about our performances.

04 Jan 2017 22:03:34
Yeah because we have a god given right to win every game Benny and what the other team does on the pitch is irrelevant. No mate you're wrong. It was a point gained as we are now a point closer to the top than we were before this round of fixtures. I'll tell you what I'm sick of, people slagging the team off every time we don't produce champagne football and wipe the floor with the opposition. We are fortunate to support the club we support and they've given me more great days than I can remember. Let's just get behind the boys eh?

04 Jan 2017 22:08:16
There is no attitude benny, we drew away and we were dire, we didn't lose we drew, now for me that's not good enough for many reasons i won't go into again but the pure hard fact of the matter is we are now a point closer to them than we were, we can all sit with what ifs about how we should be 3 points behind but we're not we're 5, we were 6, so no not ideal on the whole but better and certainly better than 8 behind which it could have been quite easily had tonight not gone the way of Spurs.
Other teams will slip up against relegation battlers, they always do year in year out.
Onto the next game! YNWA.

04 Jan 2017 22:10:32
That being said Benny, once our result was done, today's result could have been worse. The simple fact is, we have reduced out points deficit. Could/ should it have been more? Maybe, but it wasn't and it could have stretched to 8. Probably a case of counting our blessing rather than celebrating our achievement but appreciate the reality.

04 Jan 2017 22:17:02
What world do you live in pip? you clearly didn't watch the game. Sunderland were awful, yet we were worse. We through away two leads. We were second to every ball, every third ball. Bottled many a challenge and our build with sturridge and can was as slow as chris biggins running in syrup. You want me to say "ah its okay because we beat city" "its okay because we are second"?
I support liverpool through thick and thin, tattoos all over my body dedicated to the club and the 96, don't tell me to get behind the boys.
I look at each game as they come and go, i praise, i criticise, but i live in the real world. We have a real shot at the title, because of the team and because of klopp, but if we are just going to keep making excuses i guess we can wait another 20+ years.
Seriously pip, do you think after that game klopp went into the changing rooms and "unlucky fellas, let's hope spurs win so we can be happy for todays point, not that we pised away 2"
of course he didnt, he tore them a new one.
Alas, this was monday, i now look forward to the next game in the hope sunderland performance was a blip.

04 Jan 2017 22:22:05
Fair response Richie and nail on the head there Andy, about counting the blessing rather than celebrating. I got a head full of steam as i think the OP is the latter.

04 Jan 2017 22:41:59
Agree with Andy, Ritchie and Pipps. 5 point gap, 18 games, GAME ON 🏆.

04 Jan 2017 23:11:41
Should be 3 point gap, opportunity lost.

04 Jan 2017 23:19:55
I don't think too many managers "tore them a new one" these days, not that many dinosaur managers about in the Premier League.

Reality is people had thrown away our chances after Monday, not sure if Benny was one but i do think he has a rather simple view of the Premier League teams, that the lower teams roll over a get their belly tickled. Sunderland got beat 4 by Bournemouth so we should be able to beat them 6. If only that was the case. There will be plenty of upsets before the end of the season, Arsenal nearly had one last night. Why? Because that's the league we watch, lower teams battle like hell to stay in the most competative league in the world.

Claiming Klopp got it wrong by playing certain players, especially after the match is over and not being in full view of the facts (in Milner's case) makes you come across as some sort of football expert, even better than Klopp and we all know that obviously isn't true. A bit more sense and reason is required instead of throwing the toys out of the pram and tearing the team a new one.

04 Jan 2017 23:49:49
Benny tattoos don't make you a good supporter. I'll give you an example of how support can take a team to a new level.

Wales in the Euros.

Clearly an inferior squad of players to most others in the competition with a few good players but the rest pretty average. They get beaten by England but their fans celebrate and thank them for their efforts.

England beat Wales but draw against Slovakia and get absolutely hammered by their fans. We all know which team went further in the competition.

We all need to come together as a club and support, good performance or bad and the team will do better I guarantee you. Saying how awful we were and picking out players for poor performances is not helping anyone other than the opposition.

For years we've been blaming players when a lot of time it's us as fans that have to take some responsibility for our lack of quality support. Yes we'll say we're red to the core and get tattoos all over the place but when it comes to it we jump on the first player that misplaces a pass! My point is if we all do this together although we still might not make it we will stand a much better chance.

And in answer to your question Benny I doubt very much that Klopp tore them a new one at all. I think Klopp knows enough about football to know that we could win the league by 1 point so all points are valuable. He will also know that there's no point dragging down team moral for one result when they've just played 2 games in less than 48 hours missing Christmas and new year with their families in the process.

05 Jan 2017 00:02:35
Could of, should of, would of zzzzzzz. Five points off the top, halfway through the season, still to play chelsea, some people are never happy. Some perspective wouldn't go a miss. For me personally i couldn't be happier with the way the season has gone so far.

05 Jan 2017 00:04:12
Your posts are pathetic, Chilean and Benny. If the PL was that easy, why did Arsenal not beat Bournmouth or Utd get trounced by Watford, or Saints draw at City or on and on? You think it's that easy to win games? We thumped Boro without breaking a sweat yet Arsenal should have lost to them at the Emirates. It's the EPL geniuses, not the Scottish league or La ligament. Every game is different and difficult and any team can win. We were not great BUT good enough to win that game but it didn't happen. You are no bigger fans of LFC than we are so stop bashing the rest of us cos we disagree with you. We are second, five points back and more than in the mix. Would you rather be Arsenal who are out of the top four? Utter nonsense! Get over the Sunderland game and get over yourselves or be left behind, the lot of you.

05 Jan 2017 01:22:47
Sure we could post all week about a draw away to a team battling relegation who, as Richie pointed out, habitually trip up title contenders nearly every season. How Klopp made an error on selection, which I do agree with, though it's clear to see why it was an option to start with nearly the same team.

Initially I was as frustrated as you Benny, looking at the bigger picture however, as mostly above, we're in a stronger position with regards to the title so it's not something worth pondering it. We didn't play well, but still created chances. Took the lead, sweet. Two lapses in concentration with a well worked goal and a harsh decision on Lucas in between and you've got yourself a turd sandwich, but we can't at this stage have caviar all the time. The performance certainly felt lethargic (Ed001 alluded to the sub conscious effect of the fixtures), but I didn't at any point think they were taking Sunderland lightly and that's the point. The players have improved mentally since Klopp has arrived, and you can see the team starting to mature as we find our identity. Jordan Henderson is a Phoenix, the amount of times the fans have written him off and then he goes up yet another level, Moreno and Sturridge both out of the team and not sulking but resolving to work hard and wait for their chance, the effect the latter eventually had on the Everton game alone speaks for itself.

This season we've found wins in games in which we've played badly more frequently than draws, which is a good sign imo. If our goal scoring continues on the same trend then we've only lost 10 goals on the 13/ 14 season with Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling but we feel (in my opinion) and are proving to be more solid defensively than they were, and we've still got Coutinho and Matip to come back. I'm more than happy with our shape this year, and I saw nothing in the Sunderland game that warrants the reaction.

Sorry for the long reply guys.

05 Jan 2017 03:26:26
Spot on, Fornax. All the knee jerk reactions and scapegoating of players each time we have a negative results still does my head in. The Sunderland game was a banana skin based on the obvious circumstances and if you didn`t know that before hand then, you must be deluded.

Were we great? No. Did we play well enough and create enough chances to score? Yes. For some reason, it didn`t happen for diverse reasons and that happens in every sport. By the way, cos we didn`t win, doesn`t mean you didn`t play well as that happens all the time. We got a point and that`s that.

But to start scapegoating a team an manager that have given us some of the best football (even better than 13/ 14 season) for decades just cos we got a point at Sunderland is where the line should be drawn and someone needs to say: "Enough"!

05 Jan 2017 08:40:24
We gained a point on Chelsea. FACT!

05 Jan 2017 09:10:19
Not at all hamilton, we really should have beaten Sunderland and made the gap 3 points, nothing ''pathetic'' about that just because YOU disagree that a draw was a good result.

05 Jan 2017 09:23:52
we gained a point on chelsea tat is a fact, we culd have gained 3,that too is a ''FACT! ''

05 Jan 2017 09:38:41
If my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle - that too is a FACT.

05 Jan 2017 09:59:41
Excellent posts Hamilton.

05 Jan 2017 23:22:45
Keep hearing the we are second nonsense. I'm here talking about the Sunderland game, you're talking perspective. If you want to thread like that, let's all come here on the first of every month and talk instead. Seeing as no one can offer up any intelligent debate, nor counter on the topic of the Sunderland game, not the overall season, I'll leave it there.

06 Jan 2017 08:34:29
We could have 57 points right now. FACT but in fact that hasn't happened.



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