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04 Jan 2017 22:08:26
Although it's not the normal to get good signings in January., Arguably our best last 3 signings occurred in the January window. Sturridge, Suarez and Coutinho all signed then.
Don't think we need a signing this window particularly but you never know and it is possible to get value.

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04 Jan 2017 23:18:18
Watch the hyenas on here don't rip you to bits for suggesting improving our squad. Clearly they're right I mean we finished 8th last season.

04 Jan 2017 23:32:04
I listened to the sharkopod again and decided to look at the you tube clips of the attacking players we have been linked with. So maxime lopez, moussa merega, sardar azmoun and one not mentioned by ed2 but recently in the press quincy promes.

Then i watched a clip that showed them all up and thought he would definately do well in the team, especially the way its playing now.

Do you want to know who that is, sheyi ojo, don't believe me, have a look at all their clips and compare his. Now im not saying they are a judge of a player, we know its a pastiche, a best of highlight reel that doesn't tell you if they regularly go missing in games or lose a ball and make no effort to retrieve etc. But we have a player who with games and more experience could be the lynch pin of our team for a decade and he is already aclimatised to the English game and klopps way of working.

So why put a barrier in his way to stop him realising his potential. Obviously if as ed2 said coutinho decides to go in the summer, i expect to milk as much out of psg as we can and then go out for a big player. But until then i think we do not need to get anyone in.

We also have an excellent player in gomez who is slowly regaining fitness who we also do not want to block. I too worry about not having deep enough cover for injuries etc but why have a youth system if your not going to use it. I suspect we will see some of them in the fa and league cup but i think they will also start getting chances to show what they are made of in the league too. Give them a chance and we will benefit, much like manchester utd did in the nineties and look what happened with that generation!

04 Jan 2017 23:43:17
If an improvement can be made I don't mind it, it looks possible 2 of our centrebacks may be on the way in January (Lucasand Sakho) we currently only have about 18 senior squad members discouting youngsters if they do go)
I mentioned previously Lovren and Klavan don't fill me with confidence. I don't think they fill Klopp with it either. Matip needs a better partner, If our scouts identified one, I would be happy with that. Gomez is coming back to fitness but I would rather not rely on an inexperienced 19 year old CB for a title push.

As an indulgence purchas in January, I wouldn't mind Thomas Muller I do feel he's undervalued at Munich and has real world class potential in the striker role underutilised in favour of Lewa, with Sturridge struggling t stay fitand Ings out, we for me, are missing a natural striker, Origi is young and seems more suited to the right wing atm, and I don't really want to rely on Bobby too much for goals, I just feel tat though he offers a igh work rate, his finishing at times lacks quality and compoure.

04 Jan 2017 23:54:28
What on earth are you on about, Lerchy? No one has ever said that we don't need to improve the squad. What we are saying is that we need to stop overspending on poor players or signing players for the sake of it and that's not Klopp's style so I guess you'll have to live with that if indeed you are a true LFC fan. We should focus on said players like Matip and Mane, who have improved us immensely. And if you are bent on seeing hyenas, I suggest you watch the National Geographic channel.

05 Jan 2017 00:07:04
World class potential? . muller. He is world class.

Thats all.

05 Jan 2017 00:19:12
We all know why youth system was not utilise as back up, to put it crudely Klopp hasn't the balls. Look at Pochettino, he been playing Winks in league games. And we have youngsters better than winks. Klopp plays them only in fa cup or efl.

05 Jan 2017 02:28:07
Hamilton i posted here saying gabby barbosa woukd be a good young potential and frankly the replies I received jusr make me not want to post and i ain't the only one to bring this up lately. Most on here, obvious Ed's Ron mk etc are sound and will have a valid debate but others are as I quote hyenas and always have to be right. It weren't like tgis years ago.

05 Jan 2017 03:16:45
Leek, are you an LFC fan cos if you were, you wouldn`t be mentioning other managers in a way to bash Klopp. Also, were you under a rock last season where Klopp gave extensive decent playing time to Ojo, Branagan, Brad Smith, Kevin Stewart? Or this season where players like Ejaria, TAA, Woodburn and Grujic? "Klopp doesn`t have the balls". Utter nonsense and your overall post is an embarassment.

05 Jan 2017 04:41:21
Whenever we lost or drew, they will be some who will have digs on certain players, the manager, the selection, the tactics, and maybe more.

Now, it's Klopp who doesn't have the balls to play the youngsters? What if he chose the youngsters, and we lost?

Maybe your point is not directly towards the Sunderland game, Leek, but using Pochettino as a comparison. hmmm. I'm out of words already. Nevermind.

05 Jan 2017 07:06:54
I just think that there are other ways to improve the squad than new signings and new signings do not always improve the squad.
I'm happy with Klopp in charge that recruitment has improved and seems less scatter-gun and more focused.
If Klopp thinks a new signing will improve the squad, I'll back him obviously. I'd like to see our youth utilised more effectively, but some are still very raw. It's a fine balance to be struck, which is where he earns his money I suppose.

05 Jan 2017 10:49:40
Super mane, I meant in the striker role, he's beens tuck out on the right for the last few years, I can't say he's a world class striker without having seen him there. He's been a great wideplayer for them with robben missing, but he's not making the 11 and isn't playing centrally as a striker.
Maybe you didn't read the post correctly or think Muller has been playing the role of centre forward for the last few years?

05 Jan 2017 18:07:38
Wow most seemed to have missed my point which was debating that there may be value to be had in January and not to dismiss it out of hand that we wouldn't sign someone. Not convinced we need to, but we will see.



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