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08 Jan 2017 11:39:11
Just watched a montage of David de Gea since he's been at united. His countless howlers were embarrassing, flapping more than that bird game.
An that's the point of this post really, with karius returning today. I hope he earns his spot back, he just needs that one good save, or that one ball claimed in the air, to get his confidence going.
Begrudgingly, SAF nailed it. "You see the talent in that boy, we've got to trust that talent. He will be a veteran in 3/ 4 years time"
Now, for me, he's not just a veteran, I believe he's been the best goalkeeper in the world for the last two years.
People say we shouldn't draw comparisons, an I get that, there's no guarantee he can replicate de gea. However, he certainly won't if the team, supporters and Klopp don't support him.
Are we really fans who write of a 23 year old, in a new country away from everything he knows, after 5 bloody games?! Those at the game, get behind the lad, Chant his name, because I promise you, as a keeper, it's 80% confidence 💪🏼

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08 Jan 2017 12:01:42
He can't earn his spot back in 2 cup games. Migs hasn't done anything to be dropped.

Facts remain the best goalkeeper this season has been migs. Therefore migs stays in goal.

08 Jan 2017 12:03:57
There was never a doubt on DDG ability when UTD splashed then record £25 mill on him. It was always about the time till the lad shows his quality.
Karius has been making basic errors which has nothing to do with New league, New country excuses.
We will give him time coz we don't have a choice as Migs is worse than my grandmother.

08 Jan 2017 12:28:19
There was no doubt about Karius either Harry, until he played a few games for us after injury and got hammered by so called "fans"

08 Jan 2017 12:46:52

I don't know about Karius before he moved to Liverpool. I just replied Benny on DDG claims and how we shouldn't use this example every time we loose a match.
Y is if bothering people when it's clear Karius will remain the No.1 at Liverpool at least till summer!

08 Jan 2017 12:48:50
Go watch the goal we conceeded against Stoke and tell me Mingolet has done 'nothing' to deserved being dropped. In the last 4 games he's made one good stop against Sunderland, and let in one easy save vs Stoke. Hardly a stellar record - he's mostly looking good because our defense got their act together and we've barely faced any shots!

08 Jan 2017 14:01:45
hjikle, tell me one good save that Karius has made. I'm not knocking the lad, but I can't remember one outstanding save he has made. In my opinion Migs did nothing wrong when Karius was injured and didn't deserve to be dropped

08 Jan 2017 17:07:08
Liverpool fans have a habit of making unnecessary comparisons of their players with utd players, for all the howlers ddg made in the first season he also in the same season showed from time to time why we paid the money we paid for him with his saves, also when we bought ddg he was first choice for atletico at 19 and considered to be heir apparent to casillas with potential to be one of the best in world, while i am not as familiar with karius prior to liverpool, so please tell me whether he was as highly rated, i don't follow german football much but from what little i know other than neuer 2 keepers who were really thought as potentially very good were leno and ter stegan. I am not questioning karius but would like to know if he is actually that highly rated or is he being rated because klopp knows him and you trust klopp.

08 Jan 2017 18:06:17
"or is he being rated because klopp knows him and you trust klopp. "

I think you just nailed it there, common_sense moyes.
And most on here would be hardpressed to argue otherwise, being honest with themselves.

I myself didn't know much about Karius and indeed, I trust in Jurgen's judgement.
My own judgment on Karius I'll reserve till the end of the season.

For now I support him and the team.

08 Jan 2017 18:22:08
Hey moyes. Good post.
As for how he was rated, he became the youngest capt goalkeeper in bundesliga history, and cemented being #1 the following year. He's played for every level of germanys youth, but mainly behind stegen ( according to wiki )
He was awesome last year and was on the bench of the bundesliga team of the year, behind neur obviously.
Unfortunatly he broke his hand in the summer an maybe that's what's taking him a while to get the confidence back ( not to mention how it doesn't help with fans on his back )
Klopp should stick with him imo, like saf did with ddg. I mean, we know mignolet inside out, his mistakes, how he can't kick, concedes soft shots, flaps at the ball etc where as to Liverpool fans Karius is an unknown, let's be honest, not one of us watched Mainz last year on the regular. I want to see what he can offer, even if it means the odd mistakes, like how you said moyes, ddg was still making some decent saves. LK won't do that from the bench or against Plymouth.

08 Jan 2017 20:22:58
I might be wrong on this one, but wasnt Oliver Baumann bundesliga GK of the year last season?

08 Jan 2017 21:12:43
I think Karius can make it but we've exaggerated his potential, he wasn't a DDG, he's more like a Butland or Pickford, a good talent but not fated for stardom like DDG was. He should be treated as a lad with potential not a future legend.

08 Jan 2017 22:04:55
There's a few categories stoupid, players votes, germanys fa team and bundesliga team of the year. Germanys certainly bringing out some top keepers ATM

08 Jan 2017 23:30:03
Honestly, I haven't seen a reason to drop mignolet since he has come back as opposed to Karius who was making a catelog of errors and some of those mistakes came in games in which we won therefore they were forgotten. It has proven to be a good move by Klopp even if some fans are quick to pick out any error migs makes and run with it, a Miss kick and apparently mignolet has had a bad game lol. Don't get me wrong, he's not the answer in the long term as I don't think he'll improve in certain areas of his game but Karius has yet to prove he would be the answer as well. Obviously, I want him to get his chances and I'll back him but I'm not having all these excuses and comparisons, it's double standards for me. It's exactly as moyes said above, because it was a Klopp signing we trusted him and certain fans will do everything to deflect attention yet didn't do the same for migs in his first season. I thought Karius would come back for the Sunderland game, I expect him to start against Southampton or Utd and then we'll see who the better option is for the near future. At the moment, in my opinion, migs does the basics better.

09 Jan 2017 00:29:02
The lad had a rough start. Mistakes happen but when they happen to a defender or goalkeeper the result is usually a goal.
The lads confidence was shot and it was the correct decision to take him out of the firing line.
He will be a better keeper for the experience in the long run.
It's how he reacts in training that's important.
He should be angry and determined to prove himself and in doing this should make Migs keep looking over his shoulder and not in a comfort zone.

09 Jan 2017 03:35:32
Great posts by all on this thread. Regarding Karius, the talent is definitely there and was indeed highly rated when he came to us from Germany. Migs is a known quantity and his faults (which overshadow his very few qualities) are there for all to see so I`m open to give him a chance to show his stuff.

I think our fans have been so desperate for a top GK to come in and do the business immediately w/ o really considering the pitfalls that happen with new players especially GK`s in the merciless PL. We see DDG at Utd, Lloris at Spurs, and Courtois at Chelsea and cos they are very good GK`s, many may have wanted Karius to be like them from the jump w/ o really considering the work that had to be done by these GK`s and the systems and players built around them to help them grow.

DDG had good defences at Utd and so did Lloris and especially Courtois at Athletico and Chelsea. Our defence is still a work in progress and Karius breaking his hand and missing most of the preseason did not help him bed in well.

He made a couple of mistakes and that to me should be expected BUT the way our some of own fans scapegoated and targeted him for the reasons for all our troubles as a club, was diabolical and disgusting. And with Carra and the Chuckle Bros. sticking the boot in and bullying him cos he had the "unmitigated gaul" to speak for himself after being bullied, definitely did not help and I`m glad Klopp and some others in the media like Oliver Holt, Didi Hammann, Chris Sutton and Ian Ladyman came to his defence. That was the shameful part of this for me. We should support him and support Klopp cos he signed him and should be allowed to make the spot his own.

09 Jan 2017 04:49:58
To be fair to Migs, it does seem like he has worked hard on some of his weaknesses. For example, he is doing a much better job of knowing when to come out for through balls whereas previously he would panic. His communication also sounds like it has improved. Also his distribution is calmer (still not brilliant mind you) . I think we should give credit where its due. Im not saying he has suddenly become undroppable but he does seem to have improved.

09 Jan 2017 06:01:26
The other thing liverpool fans are twrrible good at is evidencing their argument based on absolute statements. "I can't remember one outstanding save he has made". of course if that is your mindset then you will never see anything good that the lad does. And Karius had made a number of quality saves in his short time. But clearly he needed a break from people and so-called fans who would only foster an atmosphere that would do his confidence no good

09 Jan 2017 08:08:46
If Migs keeps playing at his current standard I can't see Karius getting back into the team this season, it's simply too disruptive to keep swapping. Karius has to hope Migs goes through a bad spell otherwise he'll have to be satisfied being just the cup goalie.

09 Jan 2017 08:57:35
More No - i was only responding to the comments made that Mingolet had done nothing to warrant being dropped. The fact is that Mingolet has faced two challenging shots (penalties excluded) and let one in (the easier one by far) . Simply guarding against the crowd of people who don't actually watch games but see clean sheet on the scores and think that must mean something

09 Jan 2017 13:35:34
Damn i should have checked before i posted, i was so sure :D Yes they have a lot of very good GK, and i think its great we now have one of them in our team. Give Karius some time to adapt and he will be great.

09 Jan 2017 16:49:07
Spot on, Faith. It is this expression in absolutism when judging players, that do my head in. "Can`t remember the last time he made a great save". well, I can and can prove it. We only conceded 5 goals in 7 games with him in the team or does that no longer count. he made two brilliant saves vs Sunderland with the game at 0-0 and 1-0 BUT cos we won, no one cares to mention any of that.

And to those who say Migs didn`t warrant getting dropped as he had been playing well. Really? Have these people been in a come for the past 3 plus years with him constantly costing us goals, points and even cost us arguably the EFL Cup by getting beat at his near post by Fernandihno? Oh they can`t remember any of that BUT can "conveniently" remember Karius not ever making a save. See how uselessly dishonest that thinking is? Exactly,

In no way will he be a Cup goalie for the long term. Karius is the future and will get his opportunities cos if Migs was so good for three years, what is Karius doing here? Migs was written off 12 months ago which is why Karius is here and had he not broken his hand, he would have started the season so your point Puttney, has little basis. Karius is the future as Migs will be gione cos he won`t be first choice as he shouldn`t be cos he`s had 3 years to be that GK and failed woefully at it.

09 Jan 2017 17:14:04
Absolutism, is that even a word? Karius vs mignolet, karius has done himself no favours especially after bournemouth and then mouthing off to the press. Klopp made it untenable for him staying in goal when he mouthed off to the press about neville and turned it into a faesis storm.

He just has to bide his time, train hard, do well in the cup games and eventually mignolet will drop a clanger and he will be replaced.

09 Jan 2017 20:31:42
Coming, your post is very incoherent. None of what you posted is true. Karius said and did nothing in the interview to warrant the bullying and scapegoating he received from the Brothers in Failure and the serial own goalscorer in Carra. He was asked a question and the boy answered it honestly. He gave his opinion on a criticism he received. So what? Do you have a problem with people speaking up for themselves? Go read the interview before posting falsehoods cos I did.

You may not know this but outside England, players are intelligent enough to speak their minds and having open debates with pundits. German players do that a lot and so do athletes in the States. For Neville in response, to tell a grown man to shut up and do his job is not criticism, it`s a personal attack, scapegoating and bullying. So when is he supposed to speak in your opinion? Who gets to decide that? The Bros. in Failure? Utter nonsense. Joe Hart has been dropping clangers for 2 years BUT there is always an excuse for him, even from Carra. But when Karius does it and just speaks up, he`s told to shut up. Think that`s fair?

The Nevilles were wrong for bullying him and even Oliver Holt, Chris Sutton, Didi Hamman (who slated Carra on twitter) and even Ian Ladyman (who conducted the interview) came to Karius` defense. again, I have no problems with him being criticized for his errors but to start ganging up on him (Oliver Holt`s words exactly) was unfair and Klopp came out and shut it down as a result, which he was right to do and defend his player. Mou and Pep have made a career out of doing the same thing for much worse but when Klopp does it, he`s mouthing off to the media. See the double standards?

I do agree with you that karius is the future and will get his chances cos really, Migs is not the answer and if he was, Karius wouldn`t be here.

10 Jan 2017 15:46:37
Nothing incoherent about my post hamilton, that's fairly patronising tbh. If karius responded on the pitch nothing more would have been said. If klopp didn't respond in kind there would have been no pressure on him to then drop karius because of the hoohaa. It has nothing to do with him having the right to respond or not but his reaction caused further reaction etc. Karius then compounded it with his terrible gaffe for the payet goal, you may wish to absolve people from their actions because you perceive it as criticsm, for me it is a series of events which they will both have hopefully learned a lesson from.

10 Jan 2017 17:09:11
Coming, again, you are making the obvious point which is NOT the point I`m making. Criticism is one thing and that is fine cos he made his errors and he too, admitted to them. However, Bullying and scapegoating by telling someone to shut up and do their job cos they spoke up, is not warranted nor should it ever be allowed and people apart from Klopp backed Karius up so my point is made for me whether you disagree or not. You lose the moral argument the moment you start attacking people personally and I hope one day you get that. You may not see my point BUT I see yours so Fair enough.

11 Jan 2017 00:38:47
Karius is not 5 yrs old and doesn't need daddy klopp sticking up for him because big bad neville told him to shut up. Fact is klopp escalated the issue and it forced his hand when karius didn't deliver on the pitch. I get your point perfectly well hamilton but it could have been negated. karius might have turned a corner after the west ham game but by then the focus and pressure had intensified so much that he had to pull him because of the unnecessary attention he put on the situation. I get klopp may have felt morally obligated to chime in but i believe it was misguided and i don't care what mourinho or fat scam or whoever would have said, it was not necessarily the right response and it kept the spotlight on our misfiring keeper.

I reiterate karius is still a better option than migs long term but i agree with carra, he has to prove it on the pitch, not off it talking to the press whether it was a scheduled interview or not. They are all media trained these days he could have skirted or dismissed the issue and concentrated on positives. He may still be in the team now if he had.



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