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25 Feb 2017 12:40:05
It's clear to see Klopp would like to sign another winger in the summer.

I think it is slightly alarming for Wilson and Ojo. They are both 19 and yet when you look at where our interest lies you have Pulisic (18 years), Brandt (20 years) and Malcom (19 years) .

Woodburn at 17, it is safe to say has time on his side at the club. Hopefully we keep Wilson and Ojo to develop in the u23's though or even find them some well planned loans. All players develop at different rates. We don't want another Suso situation where we let a player go far too soon.

I think Brandt is probably the best of the 3, but Malcom may represent the best value for money. Strangely enough though, I have a feeling we will eventually go for Pulisic. Intrigued to see how things develop though on this front.

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25 Feb 2017 12:59:54
The other thing is what about young Ryan Kent?

Just turned 20 years old, and has been a great player for Barnsley this season, playing 35 times all on the left wing, scoring 2 and assisting 2. Could argue he deserves a chance before we effectively replace him.

Even Lazar Markovic may earn the right of re-consideration before the season is out.

Lots of thinking for Klopp to do!

25 Feb 2017 13:00:23
I would buy another winger but not someone of the same age or level as wilson and ojo, mane was 24 and more mature whennwe bought him, fed up of us replacing our own youngsters with other youngstwrs from other clubs, who are practically at the same level, but they got a chance!

25 Feb 2017 13:06:05
What if Klopp doesn't rate any of those names from academy? Well if he opts to buy a 19 year old then he must be absolute sure on the one's in the academy.
Brandt is a very special player and I would buy him regardless of age though.

25 Feb 2017 13:17:20
Some do not understand how much it is going to cost to sign Pulisic after just renewing his contract with Dortmund. I really doubt Pulisic is going to end up at Liverpool along with that, if he did the fans will not give him a chance if he does not hit the ground running and will instantly fail according to them.

Markovic is the best example of not taking a big money risk on a talented up and coming young player unless you have a plan on how you intend to make things work for the player. Luckily we have Klopp running the transfer decisions.

25 Feb 2017 13:48:23
I know maxlfc. Reckon he will go for no less than €40m. Factor in all the additional costs Ed002 tells us about and it is massive transfer. Probably breaking our record. I personally think that will be too much pressure for Pulisic. I would personally target Brandt if we do sign someone.

I reckon Klopp could do worse than this though; get Kent, Wilson and Ojo in a room together in May and basically tell them that the 3 of them are in direct competition with one another for the left wing spot in our team. This allows us to put Coutinho in midfield, but additionally if none of them step up, we can push Couts back into the left wing position and bring Lallana back into the midfield trio.

We could potentially make a huge saving. It is so clear we lack a proper, fast, out and out left winger. It would just be nice to solve the issue internally for a change. It is hardly like goals are something we struggle for though. For once I think we have the time and ability to show some patience.

Sadly it is the modern way to replace your own academy players with those of other clubs.

25 Feb 2017 14:10:21
So Coutinho goes into midfield and which of our current midfielders take the back seat knowing we still have Grujic who needs to be given playing time with his work permit requirements.

Klopp might go for Brandt but if it is on the expectations of fans wanting him to start scoring and creating assists straight away then he is destined to fail. Klopp is not going to go big on our attack unless Coutingi and or Firmino had to leave. If nobody can see that then get ready to be disappointed in the summer.

25 Feb 2017 14:42:39
I expect both Kent and Wilson to be moved on mk they ain't good enough ojo will stay though. I heard we might be after both Brandt and pulisic as pulisic is 18 and couts will be moved infield once Brandt arrives. Also Dortmund are keen to sell for the right price as they're short on funds.

{Ed001's Note - you heard wrong, Dortmund are not keen to sell.}

25 Feb 2017 14:52:54
Thanks Ed usual journo crap then hopefully we can get him signing new contracts means nothing anymore except you may have to pay 20 mil more for him in the summer. Let's see hey.

{Ed001's Note - I would not hold my breath on him coming mate.}

25 Feb 2017 15:05:30
Well max, if Coutinho dropped back into midfield it would obviously be Lallana or Gini who would drop to the bench. Possibly depending on the opposition. Against top half teams Gini stays in for extra cover, and against lesser sides Lallana comes in for extra creativity. What is wrong with having 4 top class midfielders for 3 positions?

The only issues with our current front line is that it lacks pace if Mane is missing or having an off day, and can easily be stifled due to the lack of width down the left. We have a left winger who always drifts into midfield, and a left back with no left foot who also gets sucked into midfield. You play two people out of position in the same area of the team and it will always create weak links.

I don't agree with signing players to be back ups, so the only logical solution is to bring in a left winger who is good enough that they force Coutinho back into his proper position. Why sign a reserve right winger to play a few games every time Mane goes to the AFCON or gets injured? We have an academy to help cope with those scenarios.

Our attack can look completely unbalanced at times, as when the games get tough Coutinho and Firmino both tend to drop into the number 10 role that they feel most comfortable in and then we rely too heavily on Mane to get the goals.

We have scored loads of goals (54 in 25 to be precise) but don't forget that is massively offset by us scoring 4 vs Arsenal, 4 vs Palace, 4 vs Leicester, 5 vs Hull, 6 vs Watford and 3 vs Middlesborough. Stats must be put into context. Sure it is great to win emphatically, but that is 26 of our 54 league goals scored in just 6 of our 25 league games. That means in the other 19 games, we have scored just 28 goals. That isn't awful, but it is far less than 2 goals a game which is no good when our defence averages conceding more than 1 a games. Hence lots of points dropped from draws or score defeats.

We do still struggle to score past certain teams and that shouldn't be denied based on a simple statistic which says we are the leagues top scorers. We cannot persevere long term with an attacking midfielder on the left wing. Not if we aspire to be a top team in Europe. We need more pace in behind, more width, and more balance in our team.

On your other point, if Grujic is good enough then he will earn his chances like Stewart has done the last 2 seasons. We should not settle for compromising the balance of the entire team just so that a 20 year old (yet to start a Premier League game since signing) has an easy stroll into the first team squad. Sure, don't sign a direct replacement for Grujic, but to leave Coutinho out of position on the off chance Grujic comes good next season is just silly in my opinion.

We do not need to 'go big'. We just need to get the right players in to play in their natural positions.

Quick glance at our team vs Spurs and we had a attacking midfielder on the left wing, a right midfielder at left back, and a centre midfielder at centre back. I think it is pretty obvious where we need to strengthen based on that observation alone.

25 Feb 2017 15:51:33
Spot on MK, Klopp has to make the right moves this summer transfer window, still think that there is a place in the squad for Ojo, giving more pace and balance on the left side, going to be interesting .

25 Feb 2017 16:30:56
Lallana and Couts will be rotated in the midfield which means we don't need Gotze at all. Wilson, Mane and Brandt should be rotated for the two wide positions. Firmino, New striker and Origi to play for the striker role next season.

25 Feb 2017 16:51:20
MK, Pulisic is not for sale, he's not willing to go anywhere and BVB won't sell so he will never be an option. Buying an 18 year old who is still learning the game for stupid money is pointless, IMO. As for Brandt, he is the one Klopp wants and I don't mind him at all.

The Malcom fellow, I have not seen so can't judge if he will be a better value. I have seen Brandt a lot and he is the real deal. He's way ahead of Pulisic tho he's only 20 and has been capped 4 times for Germany with good CL experience (all within the past 18 months) so on that level, Pulisic and the Malcom fellow, are not in his class.

I do agree that we need an LB and a CB to play next to Matip as Lovren and Klavan are simply squad players at best.

25 Feb 2017 16:53:07
There cannot be an argument about Grujic MK as if he does not meet the requirements of his work permit then the player as well as Liverpool are buggered.

And funny you mention Coutino's 'proper' position. How many times has Coutinho featured in our midfield 3 this season?

Klopp will decide where players feature and if Coutinho had to drop into midfield then there is absolutely no chance another CM would arrive even when Lucas leaves.

I am going based on what I have seen Klopp do this season with the squad. Firmino, Coutinho and mane is Klopp's preferred front three irrespective of what matches we have scored in and how many.

Brandt is not at the level to replace Coutinho out wide so if we are going to sign a player to fill the left wide position in order for Coutinho to drop into midfield then that player has to be better than Coutinho as we will be replacing him in his position.

It is all fair and well coming up with solutions but at the end of the day, Klopp decides what happens. So how much are we going to need to spend on a player on the same level as Coutinho to fill the left wide position? And to expect a player like Brandt to fill Coutinho's role quite honestly is premature.

We are stocked in midfield and do not see Klopp moving Coutinho into midfield next season.

25 Feb 2017 17:02:25
Completely agree Harry and red forever.

25 Feb 2017 17:15:21
Added to that MK, Klopp requires his fullbacks to deliver width. Milner has been a smart move by Klopp at LB but not a long term solution. Clyne just does not cut it. He should not be classified as an attacking fullback.

If anything, Klopp will sign one or maybe two new attacking fullbacks who can provide width. His system is reliant on attacking fullbacks to create width.

25 Feb 2017 20:15:04
Better than Coutinho? Couts is an actual midfielder who occupies the wide flank simply coz we don't have a genuine winger. How many times he played in the middle? Well how about how many times we have seen him dropping into the middle a early as 10 mts to dictate and switch the flanks from that position. It's god genius that he is sublime playing anywhere across the midfielder.

Coutinho is our visionary passing midfielder, who is at his best when the game happens infront of him and not behind him. Hence he is tipped as the successor of Inesta and not Neymar.

Play him like David Silva and he will assist a record for a season.

2 CM' plus Coutinho in the middle and 2 wide players either side of Firmino and that's the most balanced front line you will ever get.

26 Feb 2017 09:06:09
Mathematics, again, it is what Klopp decides, not the fans. Our attacking wide players do not hug the touchline anyway, they cut in. Fullbacks have to provide the width so I do not believe it is a situation of adding a winger, it is more a case of adding another player with Mane's ability when it comes to pace, trickery and adept with both feet.

Mathematics, can you explain to me what Klopp needs to do regarding Grujic's work permit requirements and then if Coutinho had to move into the midfield 3 then who out of Can, Wijnaldum, Lallana, Grujic, Henderson and Stewart will be afforded none or very little playing time. Remember, you can only pick two midfielders to play alongside Coutinho meaning 4 are going to take the back seat. Also take into account, that if Klopp brings in a new LB then what does Klopp do with Milner who will be a utility player at left back and midfield. If Klopp adds a new CM to the squad in the summer then it makes the idea of Coutinho in midfield even more unlikely. Just imagine if Klopp reverts to a midfield 2.

I understand you want Coutinho to play in midfield but as the scenario stands with our current squad options in midfield and pending a new CM being added in the summer it is unlikely that Coutinho will end up in midfield.

26 Feb 2017 11:23:11
You are talking about names while I am referring to positions. Coutinho is no Hazard or Sanchez in simple term. That is what Klopp is looking in his new Wide player or Winger.

Now Y we need him, Coz we lack that element of pace and trickery on the flanks. Coutinho could play anywhere coz he is quality but his best position is in midfield coz he is a superior passer of the ball than anyone in our squad. He will set up players what Ozil and Silva are doing at their clubs.

Full backs offering width doesn't mean they are a long train which runs up and down all evening.

I have no sympathy for Grujic and let me be very honest. He was not needed nor he was a Klopp's choice either. The club made another mistake like they always do in buying exciting young players without any plans at all. I honestly don't know what will happen with him ( A loan seems looming over his head atm )

The pending midfielder you are referring to will be a more disciplined player at the expense of Can. He wouldn't be an additional player. Except left winger, all players brought in will be replacing someone or the other including Sturridge and Moreno.

26 Feb 2017 11:36:23

3 first choice CM's for two positions. Hendo / Wiji / New CM

2 first choice players for advanced midfielder . Lallana / Coutinho

3 first choice wingers for two positions. Mane / Wilson / Brandt

2 LB. Milner, New LB
2 RB. Clyne, TAA.



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