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03 Mar 2017 16:33:26
With reference to the sturidge talk. I've said it before. and I'll continue saying it.
We would be fools to let him go.
I don't know what's going on behind the scenes or anything but the guy can put the ball in the net. Works well with Bobby in my opinion.
Offer a contract with play clauses in. Injury clauses. but keep him. Seriously, we moan about an out and out world class 30 a season striker. We got one.

{Ed025's Note - do you really think any top footballer would have a pay if you play clause in his contract viagression? your talking through your hat there mate, studge is a quality player but has no heart for me, so as good as he can be he lets himself down with his poor attitude general wimpiness when it comes to niggling injuries, so hes no good to liverpool sitting in the stands half the time..

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03 Mar 2017 17:11:28
Would rather replace him with lacazette and play firmino in his natural position.

03 Mar 2017 17:21:21
Studge needs to go he doesn't fit our style, He plays at best 1 in 3 games, His bet season came in a strike force of 2,that Klopp clearly won't be using, We're keeping a possible £2o million+ striker on the bench for th 80th minute as an impact sub, and half the time he won't make the bench through injury. He's no good t the squad for me, as I've said before we could get other players ho offer more in Klopps formation and tactics who won't b on the bench or injury table. If a decent offer comes in, I'd snatch the hand off. He was great but just CAN NOT get on the field atm.

03 Mar 2017 18:16:40
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee no injuries for any player, always a risk.

{Ed025's Note - it is a risk ak but some players like sturridge rule themselves out with a broken finger nail, as klopp asked him "how injured are you?" some players play with a bit of a knock but others like that prima donna just take the piss for me man up you big tart!.. :)

03 Mar 2017 19:33:05
The actual history of klopp and sturridge shows were he is at this moment.

Klopp takes over sturridge injured.

Sturridge back from injury end of november fans predicting title.

Sturridge plays 1 game. middle of the week news breaks sturridge out with hanstring injury

Klopp comes out and speaks about footballers and certain injuries being part and parcel of the game etc (3rd person about sturridgr)

Sturridge hamstring injury recovered wuthin a few days and back ready for selection

After next game sturridge talks after game about wabting to be 100% so he can be th3 best he can be etc.

Alongside all th8 gerrard has alluded to sturridge and his 'niggles' and the attitude of suarez helped sturridge play through abiy more stuff during title run in.

Sturridge now has never looked sharp since. Slways a yard off and im convinced personally he is saying to himself ill be fit for you then but i won't be as sharp as i can. people talk abiut working hard, do you not remember how great he was at tracking back in the diamond. Brendan use to have suarez and sturridge come. back and cover the wings out of posession and numerous times he was in our half talking lb/ rb etc.

I think maybe aswel he needs to do a lot less than the others to protect his muscles and maybe klopp doesn't like that.

Its my opinion but just look at the facts.

{Ed025's Note - he is a grown man who is treated with kid gloves and has a great medical team pampering to his every wish supermane, what he really needs is to grow a set of balls and run his arse off and start putting a shift in, but he wont because he is at his happiest sitting on the bench or convalescing next to a pool in florida with a cocktail in his hand, fans can make as many excuses as they want but in the end we all know the score, he is a big girls blouse who sees the game as a chore and is only worried about raking in the dosh and utilizing his celebrity lifestyle mate..

03 Mar 2017 19:45:06
I'm over the whole Studge nonsense and if he goes, I'm all for it cos he's of no use to us injured of when he does play. Those saying we would be fools to let him go are fooling themselves. What is he doing for us now to warrant being kept? Cos he used to be a good player 3 years ago with LS? News Flash: That player no longer exists hence, cut bait and get over it.

03 Mar 2017 20:01:02
Sturridge is Quality but also injury prone and always struck me as a bit of a mummys boy.

You can't argue with the lads ability but in any walk of life or any job where your available for only 15 % of the time then you have to expect criticism and accept changes have to be made.

It's obvious that he needs to play in a less physical league.
Maybe FIFA 17.

03 Mar 2017 20:18:39
Ed25 great response mate, that's class.

03 Mar 2017 20:41:36
I know it's not a true comparison but when I played amateur in France, I never missed a game nor training session for 3 years and played with bad ankles and weak knees.

Why? I loved the game so much and wanted to play every time hence, I made sure I stayed fit and never went out drinking or partying the day before a game so I could get myself and head right to play well.

This I think is why Studge is always injured or thinks he can't play. I football was that easy, everybody would do it. Players are not always injury free. In fact, No player is Hendo has played with pain killing injections numerous times.

Suarez never misses a game cos he just wants to play anytime and will do all he can to play. He played and beat England at the World Cup with one functional knee. Baggio played and almost won a World Cup with a bad hamstring.

Ronaldo won the World Cup in Japan with one surgically repaired knee at 75% fitness levels. Sanchez played for both Chile and Arsenal on two bad hamstrings. Do you see Studge doing any of these? If your answer is No, then you know the type of player you have on your hands.

03 Mar 2017 21:12:20
Ed025 mate you have come out and said what everyone on this site know's deep down in our hearts is the truth 👏.

{Ed025's Note - i just say it as i see it barry, im sure a lot wont agree with me but thats not my problem mate..

03 Mar 2017 20:51:07
klopp told Sturridge basically no footballer is ever 100% fit. Sturridge has taken it literal like right if you don't want me super sharp then ill just do the minimum.

Hes not someone fighting back. Someone whose devestated there injured or have been. Like i said before, if it was coming back from injury that was causing this then why isn't he trying all different things to get himself back to his best. Different specialists, techniques, programmes. Swimming and yoga. those sort of things.

Point is he isn't fighting to get back from injury because this isn't a problem from an injury its his attitude.

03 Mar 2017 21:25:40
I'm probably going to get lashed out of it as well for agreeing with you but you are right.

{Ed025's Note - there is nothing wrong with opinions barry mate..

04 Mar 2017 00:16:09
Last question are toy all still going on about sturridge only bwing avaliable for short periods.

Hes been avaliable all season.

Its not that, but the faxt that when he's played he's offeres nothing at all and looks a 10tj the player he was.

He can't get a game rather than not beint avaliable for one.

04 Mar 2017 07:57:43
I resisted the sell Sturridge line of thinking for ages. But now I think it's the only realistic option.
He's not looked the same player this season. He doesn't seem to want to try and use that explosive pace he has over the first 10 yards. This could be mental, as he's afraid of getting injured again. Or he physically isn't capable of it anymore.
Either way with the style we employ Sturridge just doesn't fit anymore. He needs chances handed to him on a plate otherwise it's like playing with 10 men as the few games I've seen him play he has offered nothing.
The constant niggles annoy me too. No player is ever 100% fit every match. Henderson has that foot problem that can't be cured only managed, yet is one of our most important players. If Sturridge isn't willing to play at 80 or 90% then sell up.

04 Mar 2017 11:53:49
Aren't we all missing the point that even when he does play he's absolutely shocking? Poor touch, poor finishing, poor work rate. Missed 2 sitters against Southampton at Anfield. I know anyone can miss but if he's missing those kinds of chances then there really is no point having him. It's a shame because he could've been amazing in our team but time to get rid I think.



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