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06 Mar 2017 12:25:11
This is my opinion of our team, it's like an engine and if the piston is not working the rest doesn't work. The way Klopp plays he needs everyone top of their game if one player is not preforming the whole engine breaks down.

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06 Mar 2017 13:09:22
Sorry I disagree, if we where a one man team then if that one man (the piston) broke down then the rest of the team falls apart yeah, but we are not a one man team, we have a few players that are game changers (coutinho, firmino, mane, lallana etc) so if one or even two players (pistons) "break down" then the rest of the team (engine) should usually compensate and get us over the line.

If you want to compare our team to an engine then you could say that when a lower placed team turns up Klopp forgets to put petrol in the engine and the engine runs on fumes, then splutters, then stops.

06 Mar 2017 13:31:54
Its more of a system problem to be honest, we seem to get frustrated and run out of ideas against ultra defensive sides and we are usually so poor defensively that we get cut open on the counter.

He needs to fix this as we will actually be a top top side once we do and it all starts from the defence, once we have a solid foundation we can build from there, look at Chelsea and Spurs and Leicester last season.

06 Mar 2017 14:22:53
TBH agree. Think part of it is struggling against defensive teams but also if we lose one of our starting XI we do struggle.

If we lose firmino, mane, Henderson, Matip, Lallana, or continho is vastly changes how we play.

06 Mar 2017 15:18:13
Hes right in reference to the press.

If the cam is missing tje triggers foe the press or not workiny hard then the whole press can fall apart.

06 Mar 2017 21:39:03
So what do you suggest? We need a man to carry out team when others don't function? Or the car should work all 365 days?
Not sure Y people are over the moon with the results against Arsenal. A poor team without Ozil and Sanchez got what they deserved. Sanchez came in the second half and lifted the whole team above Liverpool for a good 20 mts. Didn't he?
If your inept midfielders ( Xhaka and Eleany ) gives space, Liverpool will hurt any team. Lallana had a stadium to run behind them.

06 Mar 2017 21:17:55
My service is due on the 18th. Thank god for this nonsense, you guys reminded me!

06 Mar 2017 21:44:06
Spot on, HX. The system to me is not the problem although tweaks can be made. It is the level of determination and invention in our play that has cost us in these types of games. Is it not the same system that thumped Hull, Stoke, Sunderland, CP, WB Watford, and Boro? So the system is not the problem, per se. The problem is that our players lack the desire and drive to prevail in such games YET have no problem with having the right attitude and mentality vs top teams. Vs parked buses, the question is, "how hard are you willing to work to get the victory? " and clearly of late, we seem to not be willing to work hard enuff to get the victory. That was not the problem when we thumped parked buses in the past. We were willing to work hard to win. That is what needs to be fixed and patience from all concerned (coaches, players and fans) is needed cos NOTHING will be given to us. We will have to TAKE it from our opponents.

07 Mar 2017 12:50:06
On that context, Noah What you think we should do against teams we lost this season? Shouldering everything on the players when you loose and running away from the actual problem, Sorry I don't bite that.
Do you think we have players on the pitch who former want to play for us?

If the system isn't the problem and players are we should be replacing them. Don't you?

How many players are the problems for this system that we continuously look out of dearth against a well organized team called X?

07 Mar 2017 20:09:17
Harry, clearly you did not read my post. Let me help you. I never mentioned the players' talent nor ability as the problem. I mentioned their mentality and psychological wherewithal to prevail in such difficult games, something they NEVER have a problem with vs big teams.

The system is not the problem per se as the same system has thumped parked buses earlier in the season. My point is that these same players seem to no longer have the stomach for a fight anymore. Check the Stoke game where we went a goal down and under the cosh. The players did NOT fold.

They kept going and thumped them 4-1. Where is that attitude cos I haven't seen it since then? That is what I am referring to when I say the player's attitude need to change. After Hull, even Klopp said he was embarrassed with the lack of effort and gave the players the business at half time. It is when you lack motivation and desire that you start making mistakes hence, many think the system is flawed. It is NOT.



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