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14 Mar 2017 07:42:48
Question for ed01 if he's around.

Can is someone who's been in for a lot of stick on these pages this season. I personally think whilst he can be very frustrating, he's has undoubted talent.

What do you make of klopp and his claims he's been playing through the pain barrier for quite some time? Do you know anything about this and do you think therefore it's a large part of his poor performances this season? I can't help but feel if it is true then Klopp should have taken him out of limelight and given Stewart some more opportunities?

Can also claimed the contract stall isn't about money - can you shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance for your time and insight!

{Ed001's Note - are you suggesting Klopp was lying? He has had an injury he has been carrying, but only he will be able to tell you how much it affected his performances. Personally I feel the stop start nature of his season has hindered him far more. He is still learning the role and has been in and out of the side and in slightly different roles. It is not easy for him. Carrying a knock will certainly not help.

As for his contract, he wants games more than big money.}

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14 Mar 2017 08:54:10
Ed01, do you think he will get game time in the future considering the interest in Brandt and Coutinho likely to move to midfield? Or do you expect to see Coutinho still playing as a forward?

I still think Klopp judgement in signing Wijnaldum was questionable, considering the numbers of players we have that can play in the midfield.


{Ed001's Note - if Can fails to sign his contract, I expect him to move on. If he signs it, it will be because he is going to be given game time.}

14 Mar 2017 11:30:12
It's refreshing to hear that that is the reason Can has been stalling. That's the sort of attitude you want in a player, that was one of the reasons he came to us rather than return to Bayern isn't it ed, thought he would get more game time with us?

{Ed001's Note - yes, it was the pretty much the only reason.}

14 Mar 2017 12:19:06
hi ed,

definitely not saying klopp is lying - I actually found it good to know his poor performances could be down to injury troubles.

I was more asking the question if it is the case, why not take him out of the team. a lot of fans have got on his back as a result.

{Ed001's Note - because he was seen as the best available option. Sometimes a player needs to play through an injury to get used to it and pick up their performance.}

14 Mar 2017 12:29:30
With that said then ed and if he is going to be given more game time then Klopp must rate him and have faith in him that he can improve his game. I just don't see who misses out when Hendo is fit? Also there is no way we can buy anymore CM's without some leaving.

{Ed001's Note - Klopp is trying to build a squad to win some trophies, rather than just a team to win somematches.}

14 Mar 2017 12:46:09
ok fair enough, thanks for the responses Ed.

I hope it works out for Can, I think he could be awesome in a few years and hope some of the fans have more patience with him.

{Ed001's Note - thank you, hopefully we see a special player in time. Either way he deserves our patience for playing out of position for long periods of his time with us without moaning.}

14 Mar 2017 14:46:04
Can is average at best.

If we wish to move up, we need to look for better than CAN.

He has got decent/ plenty amount of opportunities and his best is avg. There must have been a reason Bayern M did not exercise their option of taking him when they had it.

If we are fine with 8 to 6 or 5 th place finishes, we can carry more of his types.


{Ed001's Note - actually Bayern wanted to take him back but he chose to come to us instead. Must be a reason though hey? So we can ignore your comments as the ridiculous knee jerk reaction they are.}

14 Mar 2017 15:38:49
We need to agree to disagree on Can, Ed01.

This is not at all knee jerk at all.

I believe he has got enough opportunities to justify/ show his potential/ talent and he hasn't made great use of it.

Not sure if he can improve further as we still don't know his best position/ attributes.

Yes, he is young, has good stamina to burn and can play different positions ( BR and German national side used him as a right back on most occasions) .

But skill wise he is very limited. He looks good while running with the ball but most of the time has 0 end product.

I strongly believe if others like Tex or Grujic get the same chances as him, they could also show what they have got.

So in effect keeping him will not improve us greatly from where we are now. So him leaving will not make much difference either.


{Ed001's Note - let's just all be grateful you are not involved if you are judging players so quickly. He is still young and learning, his passing and vision can be excellent at times. Rodgers never used him mostly as a right back, so clearly you are not even watching him, so pointless having this discussion with someone who has never watched the lad.}

14 Mar 2017 16:36:05
Coutinho moving into midfield has nothing to do with Can. Can is deployed as a DM or Deepest midfielder. If anything Lallana would be sacrificed for Brandt and that's rightly the case in my opinion.

Can is not a DM and I doubt he will ever be one, That leaves his place in theam a big doubt. He is never going to to replace Henderson and even in his absence I would prefer Paredes or someone who has played that position previously. Precisely Can is surplus and Klopp is struggling to fit him in the team.

14 Mar 2017 17:02:08
Aparrently Klopp said that is Why Joe Allen moved on because he needed more regular game time to reach the next level of performance.

Does this make sense?
Surely it has to be the clubs aim to get every player signed playing at his highest level for our club.

And not to move somewhere else and start playing out of their skins.

14 Mar 2017 18:35:41
Not slagging Can off as I really like him as a player, I just think he as the ability to score a lot more goals as he as a cracking shot on him.

14 Mar 2017 22:14:35
I am 100% sure BR played Can as a defender. Whether it is a right sided defender or Right back. we can always argue.

Also Joachim Low brought on CAN as sub couple of times in friendlies / whenever he was selected. I am 100% sure of this also.

How ED01 says it is not correct is beyond my imagination.

German fans here can confirm if this is correct or if I am talking BS.

Looks like he is Can is the flavour of this week because of his goal and suddenly we have supporters praising him and saying he has good shot on him. If he really had that he would have showed it already with so many appearances.

Also I remember one of the Ed's saying/ writing here that he has turning radius big vehicle recently when he was not doing well.

Aslo also his contract situation when he is demanding more game time makes me feel he is not really that good.

Why would anyone was assurance if they are really good?


{Ed001's Note - hardly an argument, he played as a centre back most of the time, there is nothing to argue, you were wrong. He played more often in midfield under Rodgers than he did at right back. You may be 100% sure, but you are 100% wrong. He has 7 full caps under Loew, 3 at right back, 2 at left back and 2 in midfield. Hardly a lot to go on to decide what position he is for his country, as it is clear he is suffering from playing lots of positions for them too.

What the hell is some of this crap got to do with anything, other than proving your ignorance? Having a big turning circle has not stopped many players having a great career, and pointing out deficiencies does not mean he does not have qualities, which you seem to have missed.

What kind of world do you live in? You think someone wanting assurance of game time means they are no good? Perhaps you should tell that to Sanchez, who wanted assurances of game time when he signed for Arsenal. Is he not very good then? Arguably the best player in the Prem is suddenly not really good according to you then....}

15 Mar 2017 05:19:27
Nothing against Can, but Kloppo needs to watch his mouth when giving assurances of game time - I'm thinking Grujic and Karius.
Why do players insist on assurances anyway? They should prove themselves in training and on matchday. That is the only assurance they should ask for and receive - if you prove it in training you will start the majority of matches.

17 Mar 2017 10:56:55
Who does Karius and Mingolet have to prove themselves to in training?

Or Lovren when he is fit?

They are all barely bang average players with the possibility of Karius improving in time.

But until they have competition in training from higher quality players it's hard to see how they will improve.



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