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26 Mar 2017 18:14:39
hi ed 001

I would like to know your opinion of coutinho
thanks again.

{Ed001's Note - he is a top quality player, which is why teams mark him so closely, which creates space for our other attacking players. He links especially well with Firmino. Defo one of our best players and we should be aiming to keep hold of him and add quality players around him.}

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26 Mar 2017 18:21:37
thank you very much sir.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

26 Mar 2017 19:49:19
Do you think we can keep him ed?

{Ed001's Note - for now at least, yes. Barca have a lot of their own problems to sort out. They are massively overspending already, they are breaking their own constitution, even after a rewrite allowed them to spend more. Barca need to sell first, then they can think about buying.}

26 Mar 2017 21:07:18
I have been saying to those fans slating him for his dip in form and want him sold as a result, that you cannot sell your best players and yet think you can attract good players just cos we have money in the bank. We of all clubs, know how bad that idea is having suffered by selling Suarez (replaced by Balotelli and Lambert) , Alonso (relpaced by Aquillani) and Masche (replaced by Poulsen) . You attract good players by keeping your best players cos it shows that you have ambition and will to compete. Selling him will be a huge mistake and we will regret it.

26 Mar 2017 21:25:26
I only think we'll sell him if he wants to go.

27 Mar 2017 15:06:58
No ones slated him far from it people me included suggest he is to inconsistent and if a big offer came in we should take it as the money could be used better for other positions. Counts best position and the position he prefers is num ten role behind the striker we don't play that way so he plays left side witch we need a left winger like mane witch would improve the team better then counts being there.

{Ed001's Note - where did you get it from about his 'best position'? How many times has he even played there in his career for you to decide it is his best position? Has he told you it is his preferred position?}

27 Mar 2017 16:00:59
His first season with us was in that role and if its not wat would counts say his best position is guaranteed he would say number ten central.

{Ed001's Note - his first season was not in that role. He played a number of positions for us, but mostly off the left. Have you asked Couts? Or are you just making that up by any chance? Because I have never heard him say that, nor have I ever seen a direct quote from him saying that.}

27 Mar 2017 16:03:09
Ill put it this way would you prefer another left sided mane like player or counts there? For me it would be another mane type player.

{Ed001's Note - we are the top scorers in the league with the system we have, why would you want to change it? It works with the combination we have. We only need another Mane when Mane is not available.}

27 Mar 2017 16:21:07
We play an interchanging front 3 so yes I believe a more forward thinking player to replace counts there would be better u say were top scorers buts someone in his position should be getting more. And of course i've not spoken to him but im sure he hasn't said he's a left sided mid either so wat would you say his best pos is? And im sure he played top of diamond and left side.

27 Mar 2017 16:34:08
I'm with ed001 on this.

{Ed001's Note - I have given up Ron. People just want a new forward to get excited about, rather than the top class player we already have who has been a big part of us racking up goals. There is little point even bothering any more in discussions, none of them want the issues we actually have fixed.}

27 Mar 2017 16:45:56
". We only need a Mane when Mane is away. "
Oh yes! Mane cost us £34 mill and is our top scorer. Consistent goal threat and one you could bank up on. So who is the next Mane? Academy?
We need a wide forward on the left who could score 10-15 goals a season.

27 Mar 2017 19:14:05
Edo1 your problem is u can't except that counts is inconsistent cause he us your fav and ron u just follow I have said repeatedly that if we got a decent offer I would except as I feel the money could be used to improve the areas needed if you two can't except that don't reply simple counts is not even in our top 3 players he's been the same for the last 3 seasons brilliant for ten games mediocre the other 30 one of the youngsters could play the same amount as him and I would back them to get the same amount of goals and assists as counts. So ed its nothing to do with wanting new forwards all the time far from it I said the same last year we had the same arguement the money would be best spent else were that's my opinion were all aloud oneand until he starts performing week in week out that won't change.

{Ed001's Note - you have no idea what I can or cannot accept. I would stop making up crap in your head if I was you. You are simply wrong and have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to this. As for you pathetic attempt to bully Ron for having a different viewpoint, grow up. I am done talking to you.}

27 Mar 2017 19:31:26
What about a swap deal? Would that be more beneficial for Barca. One recent article suggested that a deal using Rakitic could be on the cards. I know these are usually bull and rumours made up to to get readers but could a deal like this work?

27 Mar 2017 19:55:39
Listen Folks, We keep Coutinho and buy an actual winger and play Couts in the middle. Coutinho is not a winger, Never was and Never will be. Klopp playing him wide is mainly due the fact he doesn't have one and the club is scouting a few.
Coutinho has performed beyond expectations on the flank. How many goals has Lallana when played as a winger?

27 Mar 2017 21:00:12
ed001 often has a different view to me, but on this one I've been consistently saying the same thing.
In fact I said it last year about Mane but I was wrong. Last year I was all for giving Ojo more playing time but it didn't work out. Like I say, that time I was very wrong and ed001 rightly disagreed with me, but I'm fairly consistent in saying "don't block the path of our best youngsters".

27 Mar 2017 21:55:47
Coutinho is very effective on left wing, he's just not like Mane but instead drops slightly deeper to create, play people in, run at defences and score the occasional goal. I suspect he'd also be a lot more effective with a left footed FB to play in without them needing to cut onto the right for a cross (and back into Coutinhos space) . No disrespect to Milner who's been excellent overall, but Coutinho would create a lot more opportunities with a more natural attacking LB.

Also look at the start of the year and when he was on form, he was making brilliant late runs into the box to score, creating goals for others and scoring from distance too. That goal vs Utd was out of this world. Not a Mane, but a very very effective wide player nonetheless.

I would say however I though he was also brilliant at left midfield in 13/ 14 season and wouldn't mind him playing there again, with another pacy winger being an option from the bench for certain games (particularly where we need more width) .

27 Mar 2017 21:57:38
"Coutinho is not a winger, Never was and Never will be"

I think you'll find he played there in his last match. you really should pay more attention ;)

28 Mar 2017 03:33:41
Really? Coutinho not a winger, that maybe true, but the player himself has said he is very comfortable playing in the left forward position. So perhaps I will believe the player more than you, Harry.

Also, Liverpool don't play with wingers as such, in Klopp's system, you surely will have noticed by now that it is the central midfielders who help out the full backs more than the wide players in certain types of matches. Against the big boys, the wide forwards come back and help out more too.

{Ed001's Note - zimbo is, imo, spot on about the need for a left back with a left foot to play there. That is far more useful to us than replacing Couts.}

28 Mar 2017 10:45:35
Insigne, you are patently wrong. Couts has played on the left wing or left side of midfield since he arrived at Inter (under your god Rafa), at Espanyol with Poch and now at Pool with BR and Klopp. With Brazil, he plays on the right with Neymar on the left but with license to roam. He may not be an out and out winger BUT has always played wide left or right and still does till this day. Now is he better in the middle? Absolutely BUT his best games have been from the wing and roaming into midfield to find space for a shot or killer pass.



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