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03 Apr 2017 11:08:43
ED 01

While watching the live and then re-watching the match, a question popped up in my head . What the hell is wrong with Clyne. I mean a person with little knowledge of football can feel his deterioration. His positional sense is so wayward, his clumsy-ness is getting way beyond the imagination. He gets so scared of the ball, when an opposition is closing down on him . Even when he tries to aimlessly hoof the ball up, somehow he manages to miscue that too. So a simple question, What the hell is wrong with the England International?

{Ed001's Note - he is just not very good. One of those players who has got through by virtue of being physically excellent, rather than having any real technical quality.}

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03 Apr 2017 11:37:37
There is nothing wrong with Clyne. He was never that good in the first place. This is his level, and I am glad the fans and the club have figured out we are not going to move forward with average players like him starting regularly. Really hope that this Periera guy we are looking at is an improvement.

03 Apr 2017 11:59:50
i don't think he is world class but his not terrible at all. kept Sane quiet at the Etihad. didn't cost us a Luke Shaw fee and is hardly injured. against Spurs at Anfield he had an excellent game. every player in every team around the world will always need to improve on something. Clyne needs to work on his choices when is close the opposition's 18 yard box. let's get behind our guys.

03 Apr 2017 12:43:38
Ffs had a great weekend and still have to have a go at our own players.

03 Apr 2017 14:10:14
I don't think he is a bad player, but he is very average. Not many players can go past him in a one on one situation because he is too fast and too aggressive.

However his marking/ tracking of his man is dreadful. The amount of times he just completely loses his man is appalling. Added to this, he lacks any form of intelligence; he charges forward when he would be better holding for a second, he runs infield when he should offer an option on the overlap, he runs across people to close up their space rather than making unselfish runs etc. That could arguably be coached if he wasn't so dreadful on the ball. His first touch, passing and crossing is all too bad for him to ever be coached to the level we need.

For a club like Crystal Palace where he could sit back in a simplified and compact defensive line, he wasn't too bad. As I said previously he is very hard to go past. You can't struggle to get past him though if he isn't even there! We play a far too difficult system for such an average player to cope with. He couldn't even handle the way Southampton played. I have no idea which one of our scouts watched him struggling there and thought he was worth £12-15m. They need to give their head a wobble though!

I love Clynes application and his attitude. Being fit every week only comes from training hard and looking after your body very well. In that respect he is a good role model. Sadly he just isn't good enough for where we want to go though. Being a great athlete and a hard worker doesn't make you good enough for the top of world football; which should be where we want to be!

03 Apr 2017 14:13:42
I get annoyed by these fads, most of our team has gone through it and now it's Clyne's turn. He's currently being targeted more because of people's desire to see an Academy graduate play than his actual performances. He's not perfect but there are three or four other positions that need more attention than right back. Barring injury Clowne will make the team for the first game of next season.

03 Apr 2017 14:35:59
He's being targeted because he's simply not good enough and we, as fans, want the best for our club. If you're happy with mediocrity, fair enough. Most of us want a bit more.

03 Apr 2017 15:15:57
PutneyRed, Clyne will not be there come next season. Probably will be TAA or Periera who start at RB. Clyne will have been sold by then.

03 Apr 2017 15:47:46
Putney, it is NOT a fad to say that a player who is genuinely poor, IS poor. That is a statement of fact that can be verified by using one's eyes to watch him play. The guy is poor on the ball, has no end product and is a ball watcher defensively. Those are verifiable facts of his game and with the way our fullbacks are expected to play, he simply is not good enough, end of. It took 7 years for us to figure out how atrocious Skrtel was individually and that should never happen again at this club. This is not a witch hunt nor an agenda against him nor Skrtel. It is the truth.

03 Apr 2017 16:17:11
Clyne is the only player who has not shown improvement under Klopp. Ok, him and Moreno who has hardly featured this season. Mignolet has improved slightly.

Clyne is the exact same player since he signed under Rodgers while Milner, Lovren, Can, Firmino, Lallana etc have all improved.

Clyne simply does not have the desire to become better. He has also had no competition for his place. If we want to get our defence sorted out he is one of the players that need to go.

03 Apr 2017 16:23:03
I agree with Reusch 100% 👏

03 Apr 2017 15:27:34
Completely disagree Putney. I have been saying since we signed him he is a weak link. As Harry says, Milner isn't much better as a left back, but Clyne for me is the standout weak link in our team now as even Mignolet has improved in the last few months. I am not going to spew hate at him or go overboard with criticism. He is not a terrible player overall because his physicality allows him to recover from a lot of his mistakes and even the mistakes of others. Going forward though he has to be improved on. I will not be angry, but I will be disappointed if he is still first choice next season.

03 Apr 2017 15:34:12
TQ, the treatment he's getting at the moment goes well beyond any reasonable assessment of his abilities, this is just people jumping on the band wagon. He's a reliable fullback who does what Klopp wants a fullback to do well. I stick by my comment, he'll be a starter next season.

03 Apr 2017 16:32:39
Putney, you do realise that the club was trying to move Clyne on last summer and I do not think it is going to change this coming summer.

If TAA was one year ahead of where he is now, Clyne would be on the bench. Clyne is not a disaster but he is not good enough to be first choice and reckon it was a case of Klopp sticking with selecting him in order to attract interest for the summer.

03 Apr 2017 17:47:50
Love the guy. 7/ 10 every game, all I want from a RB. Reminds me of another 7/ 10 player, Steve Finnan. Best RB for us the last 25 years.

What do you want, a van Aanholt type player? 9/ 10 one week, scoring a brace, 5/ 10 next week missing his marking twice?

Clyne has his weaknesses, for sure. Not that good in the air, below average final ball. But he is badly needed in a shaky back four like ours. What if all our defenders could do what he does week in week out- defend without glaring mistakes?

03 Apr 2017 17:57:33
milner takes brilliant penalties.

03 Apr 2017 18:28:27
Milner is not even a LB and quite honestly would have him over Clyne at RB any day of the week. At least Milner is more of an attacking threat than Clyne and not any worse defensively.

Clyne is supposed to be an attacking fullback, right?

03 Apr 2017 19:13:06
Harry, Milner is NOT a FB by trade and for that reason I excuse him for any subtle error he makes as he is playing there to help the team and not sulking all over the place. Also, we are talking about Clyne who IS a FB, not Milner.

Andy, Klopp wanted rid of Clyne so is he now useless and knows nothing about football as well? He knows that Clyne is average and may replace him this summer cos he can't defend nor attack and a shaky defender cannot make a defence less shaky. That makes no sense.

Also, the fact that you compare Clyne to Finnan shows either that you never saw Finnan play closely or you have forgotten how brilliant Finnan was cos if you did, you would know that Clyne is not fit to lace his boots in any shape or form.

{Ed001's Note - I am in shock that anyone thinks Clyne is 7 out of 10 each week, let alone comparable to Finnan! Clyne is not fit to lace Finnan's boots. Clyne is very consistent, but consistently 5.5 or 6 out of 10.}

03 Apr 2017 19:56:16
Steve Finnan and Rob Jones. Two of the best attacking fullbacks we have had in the Premier League era. I honestly wish people will wipe their eyes clean and see that Clyne is average and will never be good enough to be first choice at Liverpool.

{Ed002's Note - Clyne is first choice at Liverpool Max.}

03 Apr 2017 20:07:21
The clyne bashing is due to an agenda on this site the agenda being that flanno, Kelly, wisdom are all better than clyne and they should all be in the team and they're all only not playing for their clubs because of some far fetched excuse "his manager doesn't like small fullbacks" "in a relegation scrap and the manager does trust a loan player" are 2 of the excuses regularly used to explain why none of the 3 mentioned are starting for their respective poor sides yet are all so obviously better than clyne who starts every week for a team fighting for the top 3/ 4 and is a regular in the England squads. Clyne is not perfect. He's could be taller, he should have a better mindset (he's often obviously ruffled in big games/ England games) and his attacking quality is limited to the speed he can run at but with all that being said there's perhaps 3 better defensively in the league and only 5/ 6 better at attacking too and most of those players are better at one and worse at the other. Clyne is the medium ground in both aspects of the job and I doubt we could buy someone who could improve on clyne in both aspects of the game.

03 Apr 2017 19:56:05
I agree he isn't great, he is average, but the reality is he still isn't as detrimental to our team performance as other positions. We need two more centre back, a left back, a goalkeeper and a winger before we can even begin to think about clyne. Although he isn't great, he is far from the biggest problem, we can't change everything all at once. Rome was not built in a day.

03 Apr 2017 19:58:55
Clyne is the biggest reason why our defence is shaky. He is always so far out of position that Matip gets pulled out wide and gaps appear in the middle.

03 Apr 2017 20:01:04
For how long Ed002. It is not like he has had any competition.

{Ed002's Note - The point being that he is.}

03 Apr 2017 20:15:55
The club wanted rid of Clyne last summer Ed002. If he has no competition then of course he will be first choice.

It is the same situation with Skrtel who never had competition when Cara hung up his boots.

I am pretty sure Clyne is on borrowed time with the summer coming up.

{Ed002's Note - It is the manager you need rid of Max - he makes these decisions. Get rid of the manager, get a new guy in to get rid of all of the players - bunch of new players and a few years in transition. Klipperty made it clear to the owners that he can with the league with the players at the club (and that was the ones last season). He has made it clear to the fans that this is "his" team.}

03 Apr 2017 20:27:08
Just like every manager who has joined LFC, they will have had a chance to change the team considerably after 3 seasons, except for Hodgson. Rodgers said some ridiculous things himself in his time at LFC and pretty sure he promised the world to FSG with his 180 page dossier.

I will be very surprised to see Clyne start matches next season even if we are not able to find him a new home. Shop window especially when there is no competition for Clyne other than an academy graduate in TAA who is still learning his trade.

{Ed002's Note - This must be why Liverpool have been in transition. Klopp said both of thiose things - I guess he was lying. The "shop window" - another red herring.}

03 Apr 2017 20:42:13
Whatever Klopp said to FSG is his business. His job is to take Liverpool to success. I most definitely was not expecting Klopp to do that in his first season after taking over a team which was in dire straits.

If Klopp takes us to CL qualification then job done for me. Next season will be massive pressure on him to deliver silverware. At this point the signs are there that Klopp is moving the club forward. The improvement on our League status compared to last season is like chalk and cheese.

I am extremely happy with the progress Klopp is making and willing to give him as much time as I gave Houllier and Rafa. Why the club let go of Roy Evans so quickly is the reason why we find ourselves in the situation we are. Klopp has been a breath of fresh air.

{Ed002's Note - It seemed Klopp lied about it all then. Champions League qualification was never the target - FSG will have been failed by him.}

03 Apr 2017 20:49:46
How is a useless Clyne playing over TAA and Milner playing over an actual LB Moreno? If not the manager some people here are certainly wrong!

03 Apr 2017 20:56:28
The way we started the season up and until December last year was setting us up to win the League. Klopp obviously was confident he could cause an upset this season. We were playing like Champions.

Turn of the year it went sour. Doubt he was banking on injuries to key players etc, that is just the name of the game but the intention to take the League was there from the start of the season. So can you fault Klopp on that?

{Ed002's Note - If that is the case then Klopp is worse than I thought - you would think he would understand that footballers get injured - particularly with his record of training until injured. As I explained months back - you cannot win the league with players running as fast as they can at the opposition. Klopp has been found out before. Klopp has now plan B. Klopp has a worse winning percentage at Liverpool than Rodgers. Klopp gave you Caulker and Karius. Klopp has tapped players up yet again putting Liverpool in a difficult position. Klopp has won nothing for years. I guess you are overwhelmed by the smiling clown like approach to dealing with the fans - who are as we know easily led and gullible.}

03 Apr 2017 21:11:31
Well Ed002, give me Klopp any day over Mourinho who is going to spend further mountains of cash and probably do no better than Van Gaal.

Klopp at the very least will take the club to CL qualification this season. Something which has has not happened often in recent years. We will also have a manager in Klopp who is adept in Europe :-)

Klopp took Dortmund from mediocrity to one of the most stable clubs in Germany today. If he can do that at Liverpool then so be it. Not going to happen in under two years though but at least we have a manager who has shown that he has the ability to achieve things without having to buy his way to success.

{Ed002's Note - Mourinho has a history of doing very well - Klopp doesn't. Mourinho has taken a job he shouldn't have done - Klopp took the second best job for him and will keep an eye on the job he wants becoming available. I have no idea why you wish to bring Mourinho in to this. In recent years Rodgers (the man with a better win percentage than Klopp) took the team to CL qualification - perhaps you have forgotten that.

None of this celebration of failure you are looking forward to aligns with the targets of the club nor the other fans.

THis obsession with Mourinho is a joke - why not Wenger?}

03 Apr 2017 21:31:30
Just saying that it is unlikely that we will get a manager like Ancelotti, Guardiola or any other top manager at this point. Mourinho is a top manager but no chance of us getting him either. That is my point but would not want mourinho in any case. Klopp is the best fit for Liverpool and we are lucky to have a top quality manager like him who does not need to rely on a Suarez to gain CL qualification.

I was grateful that Rodgers took us close to winning our first title in over two decades but was completely show up in the CL that he should have never been given the job.

03 Apr 2017 22:18:42
A lot of strong views but a point of order to N Red, you are not making a statement of fact, you are stating your opinion, an opinion that I'm pleased to see is less widespread than I'd thought. Ultimately only one opinion matters and that's Klopp's and he seems to have no problem with Clyne.

03 Apr 2017 22:35:58
BR caught litning in a bottle and instead of staying humble, working hard and finishing the job, all the things Ranieri did, he believed in his own hype and his arrogance cost us the PL. Whatever Klopp has or hasn't achieved, I don't care really. He's our manager and if he takes us to CL this season, I'll be chuffed to bits REGARDLESS of what he told FSG. BR prolly ran his mouth to them as well and still got 300m and three years to achieve very little.

Klopp is ours worts and all, and he should be given time to do his job and see where it takes us. After all, Rafa got SIX years and still didn't win the PL so what's all this Klopp bashing about cos he won't win the PL in his first full season?

03 Apr 2017 23:42:47
Agree N Red. Klopp could have told FSG that he can win the EPL this season and has already shown signs that it is possible with a squad which has massively overachieved. Two finals in under two years. Our first Euro final in how long?

CL qualification will be a success this season. Not only financially but also when it comes to player negotiations in the transfer market. Failure to qualify for CL will make things that much more difficult but I believe Klopp has solutions irrespective of where we finish end of the season.

03 Apr 2017 23:52:27
Rafa got 6 yrs coz he was consistently finishing in top 4 and made us force in Europe from his 1st year. didn't need time or excuses of transition and the day he failed to finish in top 4 was sacked.

Klopp's honeymoon period at lfc is coming to an end now. Next season will be massive pressure on klopp to deliver by owners/ fans/ media etc.

04 Apr 2017 00:56:15
Jezza had it spot on in my opinion, Clyne does make the odd mistake (like everyone will) but broadly speaking is pretty sound defensively and rarely beaten one-on-one. I'm far happier with him in the team than the previous few options before he arrived. Where he falls down though is in his attacking play, with his delivery into the box pretty poor, even if his movement and runs are reasonable enough he just doesn't put it into a dangerous area often enough. Luckily he has a pure Winger in front of him who creates the width himself so it's less of an issue than it might otherwise be.

As for Klopp, he's also made some mistakes but overall I'd have him over any other manager for Liverpool. suits us down to the ground, and while anyone can promise the title, it's almost impossible to predict year on year given the competition and I'd be perfectly happy if he could get us in the top 4 regularly and challenging consistently enough to win it every 3-4 years given our recent poor history. That's no more than what City, Chelsea, Utd have done recently and I think the times of Man Utd being able to almost predict the title 50% of the time are passed.

04 Apr 2017 07:40:32
Whatever about people's agenda or the like one statement made earlier is very true, he is caught ball watching too much defensively.

04 Apr 2017 11:38:54
I can't believe how others have a better team than Liverpool. Only two teams sits above us one who spend peanuts last summer and the other who sacked their manager.

We lost the title coz we couldn't beat certain teams over and over again courtesy of our manager how simply had no answer against such teams. How much more are people going to pretend on this fact!

What is this polite way of saying he made some mistake? He made some crucial important mistakes which took us from 1st to 10 points of Chelsea.
Keep buttering your post but facts remain facts!

04 Apr 2017 12:29:28
from bashing Clyne to bashing Klopp. what's happend? Clyne is not world class. point made. Klopp is no Ancelloti and co, point made. fact is, they are LFC. they belong to us. millions tune in to watch LFC. millions read articles about are team to show support. yes, we must not be oblivious to bad players whom we bought in the past like Paul Konchesky. Clyne is no Konchesky. the man has pace. he has some skill about him. and this notion that Klopp has been found out. by who? he has the best record against teams who want to play football. most teams come to Anfield wanting to shut up shop and those who go toe-to-toe with us, fall short. have we lost a few, yes. who hasn’t? any coach and if not every coach has complained about teams who park the bus, why can't we complain? point I’m trying to make here is that a few years ago, we were on the point of administration. today, we in the EPL challenging for top 4 and have teams (with games in hand) secretly wishing they were us. keep Klopp and in 3 years, we will be competing with Bayern and the like.

04 Apr 2017 16:51:38
Spot on, Decepticon. Harry, you are not a Klopp fan and we get it. You aleways bash him even when we win cos he didn't play like Spurs or Chelsea or cos our players don't play like Carzola, Dembele, Kante and any other "insert player here" obsession that engulfs your mind periodically.

We were NEVER in the running for the title for obvious reasons (thin squad, injuries, loss of form of key players) BUT you punked yourself into believing (Leicester is a one off that may NEVER happen again) we were while at the same time, bashing Klopp for not having a deep squad, that is your problem and yours alone cos many of us were not fooled by our good start to the season.

You're all over the place and making no sense, unlike your idol Insigne who is clever in his movements. Rafa did NOT win the PL over his SIX year tenure here so what is your issue with Klopp not winning it in his first full season? I guess the rules you use to rate your god Rafa, do not apply to Klopp.



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