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08 Apr 2017 16:56:53
Klopp has no clue? I believe his vitriol fans have been shut up today.

Plastic fans we have.

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08 Apr 2017 16:59:25
The live chat was nothing short of disgusting today. People were even bashing the eds for God knows what reason. Fickle to say the least. I know some of them were wind up trolls but some of them call themselves Liverpool fans.

08 Apr 2017 17:01:06
Tbf think he made a mistake with the starting XI, only got to catch the first half commentary and from that gathered our attack was absolutely useless the first half. Then when he brought on couts and firmino our attack completely shifted. don't get me wrong made up as didn't expect 3 points but we got away with that one a bit, having to have couts and firmino start a goal down doesn't help!

08 Apr 2017 17:11:27
Klopp did well with the substitution but take the rose tinted glasses off. That first half was shocking but kudos to Klopp for changing it. Although he was going to bring on Coutinho ad Firmino at some point.

08 Apr 2017 17:26:55
I haven't bothered with the live thread for months. Those things are hopeless becauseut just engages (enrages) the amygdala and there is no chance for reason on there.

08 Apr 2017 18:07:46
Bringing on Firmino and Coutinho makes him a genius and papers over the flaws in his management does it? Give me a break. My 3 year old nephew would of made them subs.

08 Apr 2017 18:30:57
Stand United mate all that matters is the result and that he did rectify his mistake. I am sure that moving forward he won't be taking a gamble, almost blew up in his face today.

08 Apr 2017 18:40:59
A united fan questioning OUR flawed manager! What next? Yikes.

08 Apr 2017 18:50:03
I have to agree with the others, hindsight is an incredible thing isn't it. He made an error in judgement just like against Bournemouth and today we managed to get the points. I agree that there was some that questioned klopps position and that's stupid but some fans make it out as if he can't be criticised at all, as if we're all supposed to be yes men. As long as it's constructive and has a point then why can't fans have different opinions. We do it with every manager, why should it be different with Klopp just because some people like him more than just because he's our manager. You're just as bad as the people that come out and say Klopp out every time something goes wrong.

As for the people saying fans wanted Klopp to take risks and that's what he did etc, people wanted Klopp to take risks when players where missing, when certain players where playing badly, not at the expense of our most important players. People wanted TAA given a go because clyne was playing badly, people wanted Stewart or grujic to be given a go because can was playing badly, people wanted ojo to have a go because he was our only other genuine winger when mane was at afcon etc. This was in January, when we couldn't buy a win and things needed to change, not now when we have to do everything to win to scrape top 4 and play our best players consistently. There's a time and a place for risks or changes and today away at stoke was evidently not the time or the place. As soon as those important players got subbed on (which is what all the so called whiners wanted in the first place) what happened? We might have had a much easier afternoon had we started them and brought them off. Either way 3 points is the most important thing hook or by crook but stop acting as if Klopp can do no wrong.

{Ed001's Note - erm Coutinho was not fit to start. He was barely fit for 45 min as he showed when his legs went as he was running at their defence with options either side of him.}

08 Apr 2017 19:02:00
The Utd fan should focus on his own team and perpetually-moaning manager before talking about others. Now, I will take a stab at Klopp 's thinking before the game.

He knew Firmino (fatigue) and Couts (illness) could only play 45 mins while Studge could only play 25 mins due to his return from injury. Therefore, there is NO point starting them as they can't play the whole 90. What does he do? He puts out a team to contain Stoke for the first half, stay in the game (a draw or win or loosing by one goal) and then put the boys on to go and win the game. Managers do that all the time cos if they could play the whole 90, it would be a sackable offence not to start them.

It's a gamble but more than understandable. Thank heavens, it worked out unlike vs B'mouth when his tactics got messed up by Klavan's mistake leading to the draw.

08 Apr 2017 19:26:09
Kman, no one said he can do no wrong as he has admitted that he's not a genius and that he too, makes mistakes. Also, Klopp did NOTHING wrong so stop with your constant hindsight and blame games. Couts was so ill he didn't rain before the game. The word is that he arrived at the team's hotel this morning hence he barely had 45 mins in him as Ed has confirmed. Firmino is tired and needed a blow so Klopp gave him 45 mins as well and Studge only had 25 mins in him due to return from injury. Therefore, what would you have done? Play both Brazilians in the first half, they get nackered ion the second half, get subbed off for Woodburn and TAA and we don't win? If your answer is yes then there's a reason Klopp is the manager and you are not, thank heavens. If Klopp had done what you propose and then we wilt and concede and don't win, you'll prolly be here with hindsight saying Klopp should have not started them and bla, bla, bla. The guy can't seem to catch a break with you, can he?

Klopp put a team out to contain Stoke, stay in the game in the first 45 which we did and then bring on the boys, all fresh to go win the game which we did. This is a gamble real managers (not FIFA not hindsight geniuses) do all the time as they are forced to through injuries and fitness issues, something even a blind man can see we have. His decision was right and we finished the game stronger. If you think there was NO thinking behind the lineup decisions wehe made then, you are gravely mistaken.

08 Apr 2017 19:29:27
I know things aren't perfect and I'm sure Klopp knows he's made mistakes and I'm sure Klopp knows that too but we're third with 6 games to play. We've already bettered last year's points total I believe.

08 Apr 2017 21:35:05
There's a difference between questioning team selection and saying things like "Klopp has no clue". "Klopp is average at best". "Klopp has deceived us all" "I'd go and beg ed002 to be our manager" etc etc.
The time to question selection is at the end of the game, not at half time. The ridiculous sniping at Klopp at half time was embarrassing. We have so many fans who think they know better than Klopp. My answer to them - put up or shut up. If you're that good, prove it and become a manager of a top 3 premier league team.
Questioning decisions and selection is fine, calling him clueless and all the other nonsense is not acceptable.

09 Apr 2017 19:06:56
Spot on, Ron. But they won't shut up tho. They'll be back running their traps even if we win the next game.



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