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11 Apr 2017 03:49:39
there Is no need for Liverpool to waste money buying gray or zaha, players I don't rate anyway when we have woodburn, Wilson and ojo already at the club, Wilson has had a brilliant season for the under 23's and I would love to see him make his 1st team debut before the season is out, woodburn and ojo have great potential and have looked comfortable playing for the 1st team, shame for ojo he suffered that back injury as before that he looked good, we should use the signing of mane as a example of buying top quality game changers and as far as im concerned demari gray and wilfried zaha will not improve Liverpool fc one bit, we have been bitten far to often by motd fever type players we need top quality going forward whilst not ignoring the youngsters we already have, sometimes the answer to your problems are staring you in the face, as for sesoggon if he is good enough he is old enough and let's face it he would walk straight into our 1st team should we win the race to sign him.

{Ed001's Note - didn't Wilson get a debut in the cup?}

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11 Apr 2017 04:29:42
im not sure ed001, I meant the premier league though mate.

{Ed001's Note - ah ok, I am pretty sure he came on as a sub in the cup. I would like to see him get a shot in the league too.}

11 Apr 2017 08:30:27
So what happens to the 18 year old Juanma if you are bringing a 16 year old kid to start games. You talk about using the youngsters and then quickly change your tone on Sessengon. Oh well it's after all Klopp's choice and he wouldn't do any wrong. Ohk so the club should invite Juanma and focus on Woodburn and Co.

11 Apr 2017 08:55:49
This is a tricky situation at the moment. I know people are saying to give some of the youngsters " a shot", but we are within touching distance of top 4, and is now the time to find out if they are good enough. I would suggest we stick with the experienced and wait until next season to blood more youngsters.

11 Apr 2017 09:50:40
"we are in within touching distance of the top 4"
You do realise we're third in the league?

11 Apr 2017 10:38:39
my point harry is that I don't rate gray or zaha, sessengon is one of the most highly rated left backs in the game and we desperately need a left back, if you read my post I am praising players we have already got and who I have seen play, I have not seen or know much about juanma apart from the fact he is injured, we will be buying a left back in the summer that is a fact.

11 Apr 2017 11:55:08
I would be happy buying Zaha or Gray but that would be it for me - that would give us sufficient first team cover with plenty of opportunities for young players to come in and play (assuming the sale of Sturridge and a slow return, if at all, of Ings) . Zaha has taken a huge step up this season and has greatly improved his finishing - Gray is still a prospect and I'd be less keen on him. Then again, Zaha was a United player.

11 Apr 2017 14:33:54
What's all this sudden love-in for Zaha. The guy has 6 good games in a row in THREE years and suddenly he's the flavor of the month? The guy is pants, period. He's lazy, inconsistent, doesn't press, no off the ball hardwork, very little end product overall. Gray? Not seen enough of him and is a bench warmer at LC. None of these players are in Mane's class so why people suddenly wanting them here? Have you not learned from our past of buying average players for stupid money? Good Grief!

Are these the "top" players many on here (and they know who they are) have been crowing about? If that is the case, I hope the club ignores such calls. We can do better than these players and I trust Klopp to do the job well.

11 Apr 2017 15:22:33
Whilst I agree with you N Red, the fact is that we will look for players with development potential as per FSG strategy . Whilst I suspect Klop will look for proven quality in some positions we will also need to look at potential.

Zaha has had a documented bad attitude throughout his career, his quality in my opinion was never in question.

I remember we were right in for him before he joined UTD. Although we dodged a bullet then, his attitude by all accounts is significantly better.

I would say that he would be a player that many 'top' sides may take a punt on as he does have the potential to be a huge player.

Not my first choice by a long shot but if Klopp feels there is something there he may be the man to bring him on.

11 Apr 2017 16:38:00
Wilson seems have fallen surprisingly under the radar given how many goals he's scored in u23.him, Ben and Ojo will all be competing hard for starts next year, tough to see them all getting enough game time, might need a well place loan for one of them?

11 Apr 2017 17:11:35
Harry, I honestly have never seen sessegnon play, but if he is good enough to deserve to play for the first team, then he will play over Juanma.

Messi played when he was 17, im sure there were older youth players in Barcelona when he played. Dele Alli? Played when he was 19 for Spurs. Did they regret it? i don't think so. Not saying Sessegnon should be purchased, or deserves to play over Juanma, im just saying there are other angles to look at.

11 Apr 2017 17:12:39
I more or less agree, more no. However the young players mentioned are among the resources available to Klopp, and, as at Stoke, I believe he's right to use them where the fitness of the first choice players needs managing.

11 Apr 2017 17:14:45
We desperately need a left back - YES! But I would want us to sign an experienced player and allow the youngster who is actually rated very very high on the same page to be his under study.

11 Apr 2017 17:23:17
If Klopp had any interest in Zaha this pager would have labeled him the next Ricardo Queresma. 🙏.

11 Apr 2017 17:51:36
N Red - You are not giving Zaha nearly enough credit for what he has been doing this season. He has been consistently good this season with a number of excellent performances, has been keeping up his pace all game which he never used to do and 6 goals, 9 assists in 27 starts is a very good return, especially in a team where attacking support has been inconsistent at best this year. If any of the top teams were looking at the second tier of PL clubs for attacking support, based of this entire season so far he'd have to be high on the list.

11 Apr 2017 18:42:16
Zaha possibly but Gray absolutely not.

11 Apr 2017 19:07:58
Quaresma was just as lazy and inconsistent as Zaha so you are right there, Harry.

Hijkle, you might be right however, I just don't rate him and he has only been good of late this season. What about the seasons before this? Consistency is key over a period of time and he simply lacks it and this half season of good play does not change that. If the top clubs are looking at him then he must be good? Wrong. That means nothing and we should not be signing players just cos other teams are interested. No wonder we have been signing average dross over the years.



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