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11 Apr 2017 11:47:57
Just a little bit of fantasy football for Ed001 (and anyone else who fancies answering)

If you had a choice between Tierney and Sessegnon for left back, who would you sign and why?

Cheers in advance :)

{Ed001's Note - Sessegnon, because he should be a lot cheaper. Tierney looks a fantastic player too, but the price will be ridiculously high with all the interest. Though it would be good just to annoy Ed007 if we got Tierney!}

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11 Apr 2017 12:14:49
Sessegnon, nothing to do with cost just think he will be the better of the two.

11 Apr 2017 13:32:32
It looks like Sessegnon is the guy for LB then. I hope we get him cos based on reports and ED01, the kid is top class and is ready for the huge step up.

{Ed002's Note - Yep, no risk at all with a part time schoolboy playing LB for the first team.}

11 Apr 2017 14:17:33
For what it's worth I would go for Sessegnon too. He has looked excellent in a team which have faltered a fair few times in a very tough league which is just as fast paced and physical as the Premiership.

Tierney, whilst clearly a talent, has looked excellent for a team who could send out 9 players every week and still win the league at a canter.

For me Sessegnon would be much less of a risk.

11 Apr 2017 14:28:40
Not seen much of Sessegnon so can't really comment too much on him. Have seen a bit of Tierney though and he is a very good upcoming player, not sure if he will move anywhere at moment as he is in a good position playing in front of big crowds every 2nd week and gaining some european experience and I believe at his boyhood club. Celtic are a very well run club though and will have no need to sell so will take a fair amount for them to accept any bids.

11 Apr 2017 15:06:28
Unsurprising to see another facile comment from Ed002 to provoke the knuckledraggers and generate more traffic on the site. Why does he do it when at other times he gives us fascinating insights into hoe football is run?

{Ed002's Note - The problem with this site is the cretins like you who really don't undertand the game or the rules at all and seem to think the solution is taking a cheap shot at me. As I have explained, he is a schoolboy - he counts as a child in the eyes of the football authorities and he is required to ATTEND SCHOOL UNTIL HE IS 18. He is also LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT OF HOURS HE CAN SPEND TRAINING each week - so he won't be able to train full time with the first team but if you and Klopp don't see that as important, then it doesn't surprise me that Liverpool supporters are unconcerned are happy to still have him in the side as a starter from the off. Trying to explain the simple matters to people like you is a waste of my time - you don't understand, and you are clearly not bright enough to ever understand. You don't want the truth and have no interest in understanding the potential issues. Pathetic.}

11 Apr 2017 15:14:15
Difficult to tell .

I would say that Tierney has not had the same level of challenge week in week out as Sessegnon.

Although both players are attracting interest as good young players with bags of potential. I would say that Tierney may not move this year, and if he shines in Champions League his value will rocket with United reportedly tracking him along with others.

For me Sessegnon looks a bit closer to starting and seems to be available and keen on a move. A bonus for us will be the fact that of all the top 6 he has an opportunity to nail down a shirt with us due to a lack of quality in that area.


11 Apr 2017 15:20:47
fair enough with your comments ed. and I can understand where u r coming from but also understand why some people here don't like the things u say or mainly how you say it. my question to u then is? who would u sign for as lb then?

{Ed002's Note - They are brainless cretins RA, just ignore them. Sessegnon is a wonderful talent which is why there is som much interest in him - but he is not one to be throw in the the Premier League as a starter. Liverpool are very interested and would do better to come up with a proposal that sees him loaned back for a year or two. I had proposed that Liverpool looked to Ryan Bertrand previously but they didn't do it - he would have been a great long term solution. Pushing for Sead Kolasinac when Liverpool had the chance would have been another very good solution - Faouzi Ghoulam and Gaya are both likely to move this summer - but both could be beyond probably Liverpool. Ricardo Pereira is a player the club really likes and can play in either full back position - he would be a good solution now.}

11 Apr 2017 15:24:25
You just come across as rude with some of your comments Ed 002, you've obviously got a wealth of knowledge and I really enjoy your sharkopods too but it just seems you have an attitude towards posters sometimes. I agree that there are some cretins on here and it is annoying reading some posts but you can be rude to someone who has a reletively good question/ point of view. You haven't been rude to me but I've read many of your comments and thought it was a tad harsh.

{Ed002's Note - They are not harsh - they are honest and straightforward. The modern day football supporter is far from the brightest as you will no doubt be aware. I try not to use any long words as this tends to confuse them. We don't discuss money because few of them can even grasp the absolute basics. The Liverpool supporters are generally rather damp. And if you don't like it here, or are scared of me upsetting you, I am sure there are other sites you can visit.

The word "fan" derives from the word "fanatic" which would be someone who could be described as zealously keen on their team (e.g. Liverpool, Everton, Third Lanark), a particular player (e.g. Ronaldo and Messi will no doubt have "fan" clubs) or perhaps the singer from a beat music combo such as the Beatles, Cliff Richard or, favorites of mine, the Frumious Bandersnatch.

Supporters tend to be much more calm and cheerful people (not like the vein-popping, eye-bulging, tattooed, knuckle-dragging, bonehead fans whose ugly slobbering faces are pressed against the windows of the opposition coaches). They often have nice cream heavy-knit jumpers and own lilac-colored labradoodles that they are teaching to talk. They often carry very small combs that they use to groom their mustaches.}

11 Apr 2017 15:40:11
Not a LB but what a performance Kieran Trippier put in over the weekend. If memory serves me correct we were interested in signing him when before he moved to Spurs. Proper attacking fullback which is what we desperately need. We instead signed Clyne :-o.

11 Apr 2017 15:43:23
That's a better comment Ed, see you can do it when you try. A bit of humour thrown in there too. You won't upset me either, I enjoy the site and I enjoy football too but won't get upset over it. It doesn't mean enough to get upset over, I guessed I'm a supporter not a fan!

{Ed002's Note - Good, I am glad.}

11 Apr 2017 16:01:08
ed002 you are a .........

{Ed002's Note - Obviously I removed the abuse, this new account you have created and are now sending in abusive posts from, and all of your other accounts. But I would like you to think about (a) how humorous I find this absolutely pathetic activity, and (b) how embarrassing the decent Liverpool supporters will find it having another supporter create accounts simply to abuse an Editor who gives his time to worthless glifnards like you for nothing, and of course (c) supporters of other sides who see you making the Liverpool supporters a laughing stock.}

11 Apr 2017 16:33:38
Pls delete the abusive accounts Ed02 - we don't need them. you can be 'direct' sometimes but we love the knowledge you willfully share with us and it's always appreciated.

P. s does a Maltese poodle count even if I didn't have any say in choosing it? Tip no.1 pick your dog before your kids are old enough to speak.

{Ed002's Note - Labradoodle, lilac, bright enough to learn to speak, doesn't need to use the bathroom.}

11 Apr 2017 17:15:09
Sessengon won't come cheap. Fulham could play the hard ball and there are many cvkhbs howling around the player. i am guessing we will have to rely on Milner again!

11 Apr 2017 17:22:01
Sessegnon. Coz Klopp couldn't do any wrong lol.

11 Apr 2017 17:37:23
good question Red, only I don't think that we will sign either of them, one will stay were he is, and the other should stay were he is, for another season at least .

11 Apr 2017 18:57:53
Harry, if Sessegnon is not signed then we move on and I doubt Klopp will go with milner again. Remember, had the deal with Chilwell not fallen through, he would be here right now at LB and not Milner. In hindsight, Klopp was right cos Chilwell has not been great whenever I've seen him this season. Milner has been solid, not great BUT solid so Klopp gets credit for that.

However, a true LB is required and Perreira would be my choice as he is older and more experienced so glad we are really interested in him too. Sessegnon may be too young to make the step up and I believe Ed02. Why? He/ She said the same thing about Markovic not being ready when he came and we all know how that worked out.

11 Apr 2017 19:01:11
blimey. get the landing net out, someones got a bite! Calm down guys / girls.

11 Apr 2017 19:04:22
Idiots on this site take some serious cheap shots at ed2. I used to think that ed2 had it out for Liverpool fans and maybe he does have some unpleasant reservations on some of us but at times people attack his opinions just because he's not a Liverpool fan. If ed1 had made the same comment (and I'm not taking a shot at ed1 I'm merely stating that ed1 has made similar comments before about other players) no one would bat an eyelid because he's a Liverpool fan. I'm not saying ones right and ones wrong, I'm saying that it's the eds opinions and it is mainly ed2 opinions that gets attacked. So what if he's rude at times, that's the ed2 we've come to like, that's who he is and if it wasn't for him and the other eds we wouldn't have any of this type of information.

On this specific topic, ed2 in my opinion is right. Liverpool need an established long term solution which is easier said than done but how long has it been without a top quality left back? How come we've got it wrong so many times in these types of areas? The last thing we need to do is go for potential or 'building for the future' which as we have seen countless times before very rarely happens. sessegon looks a real prospect for his age and If we did go for him I would loan him back as ed said. For the positions that have been so weak for so long we need to finally find the solution instead of taking punts and risks like karius for example. This is the summer where we need to improve the first team without question, no more 'depth' or 'youth' we need to improve that first 11 as much as we can to compete, the players from the current first team that get replaced either become the depth or get moved on for the youth we've already got, otherwise it will be a repeat of 14-15 season especially with the possibility that our best player could be going.

11 Apr 2017 19:32:58
Disappointing to see World Cup winner Bernard Diomede resort to abusing ed002 🙄

Well handled ed 🤠.

11 Apr 2017 20:07:17
Diomede wow quite a few players I forget even played for us.

11 Apr 2017 17:02:20
It is pathetic.

11 Apr 2017 17:14:22
Got there in the end.

11 Apr 2017 18:14:43
Ed- did I read Kolisanic is likely to go elsewhere?
Sure I saw another top European team were in for him.

{Ed002's Note - I have no way of knowing what you read.}

11 Apr 2017 20:41:30
I saw deli alli at 16 and would have taken him then, Rooney made his debut at 16 and has done ok 😬 Ed2 you are the Adrian Durham of this site.

{Ed002's Note - Please don't taint me with her.}

11 Apr 2017 22:15:11
I genuinely believe that, like in some backward and inbred parts of the country where an asbo is seen as a badge of honour, there are some people on this site who hold being called a gilnard by Ed002 in similar esteem.

Just my two pence worth, now where did I leave my moustache comb.

11 Apr 2017 23:01:51
I would definitely go for Tierney. Probably because I'm Scottish, great attitude and game intelligence but he's in no hurry to move . Don't think he'll move on until Celtic have either done 10 in a row or if they blow it . He played right back in the last international and was Scotland's best player on the night and he's played in plenty big European games he wouldn't be fazed by a move to Liverpool.



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