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15 Apr 2017 06:46:47
Kloppometor, see you took quite a nice dig at Karius saying we lost points because of Karius? You obviously did not watch our League games when he was playing.

With Karius in Goal for 10 EPL games we won 6 matches, drew 3 and lost only 1.

That is a very healthy 2.1 points per game.

Chelsea went on a run of 9 wins out of ten and if you have not noticed by now, they are 7 points ahead of Spurs.

The most comical part of your post is that you say we were 8 points behind when Karius was dropped. We are now 12 points behind since Mignolet came back.

Since Mignolet came back we are scoring at 1.88 point per game so nice try with your dig at Karius.

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15 Apr 2017 09:47:36
Stats aside, he made mistakes that resulted in goals. Don't like to say it, but he did.

15 Apr 2017 10:31:39
And then we decided to bench him coz some people expressed their vents on social media.

15 Apr 2017 10:32:52
We win, lose or draw as a team. Whilst it's a cliché to say that goalkeepers' mistakes are highlighted more because they often lead to conceding a goal, it is also true. Migs has improved a fair amount this year, part of the reason for that might be that Karius is pushing him.

15 Apr 2017 10:43:41
Fencey to be fair though, he only actually made 1 error which led to a goal (which stood) and that was when he dropped a shot onto Ake's foot in the 4-3 defeat at Bournemouth.

Aside from that, despite looking shaky on crosses and a couple of bad kicks he was actually okay. At least as good as Mignolet has been since.

The disgusting hate campaigns really weren't necessary and now the fans will pay the price because our goal keeper situation is in disarray. Why the LFC fans listened to rat face is beyond me. The guy hasn't got a clue about the game, he was just good at playing it.

15 Apr 2017 11:19:31
The payet free kick comes to mind too.

15 Apr 2017 11:21:22
Migs has been an improvement though, but I still want Karius to be our number one, klopps took him out the headlines, hopefully he will come back stronger and better, he's still very young for a goalkeeper. If anyone would take mignolet, wouldn't be sad to see him go, and sign an experienced stopper to help Karius and cover if needed - not manniger I'm afraid.

15 Apr 2017 12:08:07
Taking him out of the headlines is only temporary though.
If/ when he starts next season as our number 1, the scrutiny will be just as bad, if not worse.
It was a ridiculous error to either buy him, make him our number 1 or take him out the side.
The whole goalkeeping saga has been handled terribly.

15 Apr 2017 15:16:11
Kloppometer, don't know why you use Klopp as your username as all you do is bash him or his signings. Karius was actually decent and our defensive record was quite good in the games he played in. Also, we're still conceding stupid goals for fun even with him out of the team so your argument that he cost usgoals falls flat cos our defence is still leaking them as they leave our GK's exposed.

Karius was dropped to protect him from the hate campaign against him on social media, propagated by vile, mindless comments of "supporters" probably like you who decided to take sides with a failed manc manager instead of growing a backbone and supporting our own player at his lowest point. Some LFC supporter, you are. I guess you ignored Karius' brilliant perf vs Saints in the Cup tie cos w/ o him, we would have been dead and buried in the first leg.

Karius will be no. 1 next season so he needs support and a better defence in front of him cos this may come as a shocker to many, a good defence is not down to the GK alone. It's down to the whole system.

15 Apr 2017 18:47:23

I was not actually taking a dig at Karius, more at supporters like yourself who keep bigging up Karius, when he has done nothing yet to deserve it.

You can quote stats all you like but our position at the top was lost during the period between Karius coming in and being dropped. Virtually every shot at him went in. He was responsible for a lot more goals than you are admitting to and, if you're honest, his kicking wasn't that good either. Have you forgotten him kicking a goalkick out for a corner? The fact we are 12 points behind now is not related to the goalkeeping situation, more to a disastrous Mane-less January.

The best thing he has done has been putting pressure on Mignolet, who has upped his game since.

If Klopp wants to put unwanted pressure on himself in his third season, the best way he can do it will be by starting with Karius as number 1.

Karius will get next season but I predict he won't be at the club by the start of the season after. I'm prepared to wait for all your apologies until then.

15 Apr 2017 18:48:07
Karius was hopeless in the games he played and will be gone by the start of the season after next.

Open your eyes and ask yourselves what has he done to justify your blind faith.

I'm not shagging Klopp off either, he is great for Liverpool. He obviously had to give Karius game time after naming him as his number 1, but quickly realised what you have all failed to see, and took him out pronto, albeit 4 games too late.

15 Apr 2017 18:52:11
Karius should not have been dropped, klopp put him in a position to fail and did not give him the chance to show what he was made of. By leaving him out he has probably done more damage to the lads confidence than by dropping him. Mignolet was never the long term solution despite what some people on here might now think but because of funds and prioritise elsewhere i do not see us making a change this summer.

15 Apr 2017 21:53:45
Klopp0meter I find it absolutely disgusting that you would root for one of our players to fail in order for your point to be proved. There is a difference voicing your opioin and secretly rooting for our failure . I don't professional to be liverpool number one supporters but at least I go into every match with hope it my heart . My advice to you is to support Real Madrid and Barcelona, you seem like the type that enjoy certainties. We are liverpool walking through a storm means something to us that you will Never understand , leave now brother success is just one the horizon for you and your glory seeking mates.

15 Apr 2017 23:37:32
Kloppometer, stop spinning. You took a dig at Karius so own and stop deflecting. I never bigged Karius up. I posted an opinion based on what I saw cos unlike you, I actually watch the games and if you did, you would know the kid is talented BUT needed our support and a good defence to help him. But clearly, you are only interested in being right hence, you took sides with a manc who went on the internet and on TV to bully a kid who is low on confidence and still learning the game. You chose to stick the boot in when one of our own was dow. You are NO LFC supporter, my friend. Go support bara or Real where life is always great with no storms on the horizon.

Coming, I don't blame Klopp for dropping him cos the vile, hateful comments he was getting from the perrenial moaners on social media was getting out of hand.

Piaray, it's the modern day LFC fan, I'm afraid. They are only interested in being right even if that means slashing one of our own players to pieces and hoping he fails or the manager who brought him in fails so they can say, "I told you so". as if us failing will cause them no harm at all. If it does not then get out of our club cos you are NO LFC supporter and you have no opinion, just an agenda. Again, if you are one of those fans as described above, GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.

{Ed025's Note - Nred you have to give it up mate your like a dog with a bone, stop trying to convince everyone that you are right and kloppometer is wrong, you have different views on the karius issue so just leave it at that and who the hell do you think you are to tell anyone to get out of a club?!!!, you contribute some good posts but on this one you are going well over the top, i will leave it at that for the moment and hope you look back on what you have said and realize that you have overstepped the mark my friend..

16 Apr 2017 11:21:16
Ed25, I don't mind you chose the wrong club, you're great at this editing malarkey.



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