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15 Apr 2017 14:28:55
The more I see spurs playing well the more confused I am how we're so far off them despite dominating them twice.

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15 Apr 2017 14:45:34
For starters, they have defenders and a GK that will lay waste to ours. And their full backs can actually provide width and put in some decent crosses to stretch play. Just see how much space Alli, Son and Kane had to play in even in Bournemouth's penalty area.

15 Apr 2017 15:00:09
Consistency, turning up against 'weaker' sides and grinding out wins when you have to - that's the difference.

15 Apr 2017 15:59:14
Not that hard to figure out, really. They are far ahead in their development under Poch than we have under Klopp as this is Poch's third season and they are no pushovers anymore. They are improving every season and that should be our goal every season. This has allowed them to aim higher. This is what we must learn from them especially that killer mentality when they play lesser teams. Their no-nonsense mindset (a feature of Poch's mentality as a no-nonsense CB) is what I find remarkable in their uptick and we must strive for that both in the way we play (attack and defend), train and recruit players.

15 Apr 2017 16:48:31
You all make me laugh, get over urselfs will you lot. Stop thinking your all manger of the year and yous could do a better job, the truth is you couldn't.
How are they so supiorer to us? or even so far ahead? We beat them and drew with them, like the rest of the top half of the table have failed to beat us. We have players that think they have beat the so-called lesser teams by just turning up that is our (liverpools) problem this season.
We cannot win with u lot if we was winning games 1-0 u lot would say we are boring but coz we scoring loads but conceding a few aswell while entertaining most of the time you still winge like bitches.
Truth is ad hate to be an ed having to put up with this dribble time and time agen.
Eds u have my backing you must have the most mentally draining job there is out there respect.

15 Apr 2017 17:17:31
OK Knuckles (or should that be knuckle-dragger? ) if we, the posters, are not at the level of a professional Premier League manager we have no right to voice an opinion? Obviously we couldn't do better job otherwise we would, ourselves, be managers wouldn't we? But this is a website for fans to voice opinions and discuss all things football - why don't you stop acting like your the voice of reason and sensibility and allow others, on what is a website desgined for supporters to share opinions, share their opinions instead of condescending them and acting like your opinion is any more valid than anyone elses.

15 Apr 2017 17:51:42
Seano voice your opinion mate no probs but saying the same stuff time and time agen is boring. U need to stop making stuff up aswell lad a never once said my opinion was right and everybody else was wrong did i, stop waffling your gums for the sake of it lad.
One thing is for certain the results tell the truth and like a said nobody in the top half has beat us, so u tell me how they are so far ahead of us then? We all no the problems and its struggling agenst the so called lesser teams and not what u are suggesting, that we are so far behind the top teams.

15 Apr 2017 18:17:49
No you didn't explicitly say your opinion was right and everyone elses was wrong but you basically called everyone else out saying 'they couldn't do better than the manager', 'we cannot win with you lot' and 'i'd hate to put up with this dribble time and time again' - your response implied you were somehow right and everyone else was wrong - wind your neck in and engage with the opinions instead of just slagging people off for expressing one.

15 Apr 2017 18:29:29
In a funny way, I agree with Knuckles completely. However, I think his response, is to a debate/ conversation that no one is having. This conversation is about how Spurs are doing against lesser teams and how they look as a whole compared to us. No one is criticizing the manager nor calling Klopp incompetent as my post already suggests why Spurs are doing so well and no one has slated Klopp. So I think Knuckles should save this response for a debate that requires it cos THIS ONE does not.

15 Apr 2017 18:40:58
Go back and read what asaid lad, i asked 2 questions but agen u rattle your gums without reading what was wrote. But like always u jump on the bandwagon and rattle your gums with no reason.
And ave never slagged anyone of u really need to grow up and stop blaming other people for your mistakes kid! All a was saying, that its the same stuff. I also asked how we were so far behind and so much worse than the so called better teams. different isn't right or wrong so u need to adjust the nature of your replys before making urself to be a right tool fella.
Ur twisting the way a said things to suit urself, or suit your mind to make u look clever. No if the other posters would like to say how we are so for behind or why the so called top teams are so much better than liverpool i'd like to know why they believe that cheers.

15 Apr 2017 19:43:17
N red i totally agree with what u said mate in that in football terms there isn't really that much between us and spurs or the other yop 4 either, like u said its probally mentally they are a lot stronger than us witch like you say is down to poch he has them well drilled. Like u say its his 3rd season there and we need to follow, and get better each season then am sure this time next season or the season after we may well be talking about our chance of winning the title.

15 Apr 2017 19:59:26
Coz they've got flexibility which klopp lacks . we are great when teams attack us where we can counter them with pace but its completely different game where teams defend deep and deny us any space to exploit or counter where we badly struggle. its more to do w/ our system then players.

15 Apr 2017 21:49:57
Simply they have more quality across the team. Lloris, Alderweirald and Vertonghen would all be certain starters at LFC and would improve on current quality.

15 Apr 2017 22:17:00
Kopite good answer mate that's probs more like it. Those are things that hopfully klopp can sort out in the future.
Freshst that's like saying couts firmino and henderson or sturridge would be starters for spurs isn't it? Totally disagree with that like every can inprove players wise and there's players on all teams that would get in other teams.

15 Apr 2017 22:56:33
Knuckles, I agree with what you are saying as well. There is not much btw us, Spurs and the rest of the top 6. In fact, I can remember many on here saying that the best we could hope for was 5th as our rivals had better squads than us (bar Spurs cos they lack depth after the first 13/ 14 players) . Suddenly these fans prolly thought we would win the PL with the same squad they thought would be lucky to come 5th. How that makes sense with any one with a brain cell is beyond me.

The fact that Klopp has got us to where we are in a season that has been ravaged with injuries and poor form since Jan, is credit to his coaching and managerial ability. Has he made mistakes? Yes and who hasn't. Can he improve? Of course. We must recruit not only good players BUT mentally-tough players who don't back down from a challenge.

As Klopp once said, "It is not your fear to lose that makes you a winner. It is your will to win". That has to permeate through the club and onto the way we recruit players, train them and prepare them for games. This is where Spurs are doing well and why it seems they are ruthless on the pitch. They are mentally tougher than most of their opponents especially BAR us ironically.

16 Apr 2017 01:27:15
Good to see people like to discuss this topic. I was just wondering people's thoughts, and Ed001 in particular if you're about, on Kyle Walker. Someone earlier praised their fullbacks compared to ours, but I personally don't think that much of Kyle Walker, he loses the ball a lot and doesn't seem to have too much end product. He's just very quick. Granted he might be a bit better than Clyne but I'd say they're quite similar. Would you disagree?

{Ed001's Note - he is a bigger, stronger, faster Clyne in a lot of ways. Technically he is much better, his lack of end product is very similar to that of other speedsters - he just runs too quick when trying to deliver. He is actually technically very good and can deliver really well when not on the run, so it is clearly an issue with that. I remember Ryan Giggs had a very similar issue when he first broke through.

Oh and Walker is also very good in the air, while Clyne is awful. He is one of the best right backs in Europe, but there are not a lot of very good right backs these days. For all his weaknesses, he does have a lot more strengths.}

16 Apr 2017 02:51:26
Tottenham have put together a very good side - especially at the back with arguably the best defense in the league. I'd happily take any of their GK, CBs or FBs. Dembele has been outstanding in midfield, Dele Ali looks like he might develop into a future Gerard, Son has been excellent and Kane is one of he best strikers around.

The big difference between us and them though is consistency as Poch has kept the side building gradually year after year (a message in that) and that defense keeps it all together when things get tough.

16 Apr 2017 06:48:25
The main reason being premier league sides hate Liverpool with a passion. They would happy change their style of play to do one over on us, than to face us in a contest, although WBA naturally play this way so they get a pass. But Southampton for one, a team I once thought highly of for having a ball playing identity. That 2-2 draw where all they did was park the limo across their box, until a couple route one's and poor defending on our part gave them something to sniff at. They are all against us which is why we have to go out and play our brand as a f u gesture.

16 Apr 2017 07:36:09
Knuckles not entirely sure all 4 woukd start for Spurs. When you look at the likes of Alli, Ericksen, Dier, Son and Kane i only see one of those they'd definitely drop. Not saying they're better but as good is likely and more consistent. I hate Spurs and would love to see them fail so pains me to admit it but they have a more consistent level of ability and performance plus several significantly better players. I'd take Kane and Eriksen as big improvements to our current and probably both full backs.

{Ed025's Note - how many liverpool players would get in the spurs side though freshst?, for me its 2 couts and mane possibly lallana as well i suppose but thats it, i doubt that any liverpool defenders would even make the bench to be honest but thats subjective i suppose mate..

16 Apr 2017 07:58:53
Ed025 that would be my thinking as well. Nit great to say or hear but the quality of player AND performace isn't there. And as in many previous years it is the performance v lower teams that shows it.

{Ed025's Note - its a mentality thing for me freshst, i think liverpool need a leader in the mould of a souness or jimmy case who can drag other players up by their boots when standards drop, hendo tries his best but is not vocal enough for me and the lesser teams see the reds as a bit of a soft touch at times for me mate..

16 Apr 2017 15:56:15
Yeah agree with most what's been said and with ed025, a think ed 01 has said the same about leadership on the pitch we don't really have any. Hopfully our keeper situation gets sorted then for me a leader at the back and maybe someone in midfield that's got leadership qualitys then the rest of the team picks its self,
then hopfully next yr we can challange, but a lot of posters on here suggest we need 6 or 7 players when that is far from what we need.



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