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23 Apr 2017 07:56:18
question for ed001. If you have time could you please let us know your opinions as to who liverpool should bring in this summer and why?

thanks in advance. appreciate the work you guys do.!

{Ed001's Note - a left back, preferably Sessgnon or Tierney, as we need someone who can deliver a cross first time, on the run, from the left, on his strongest foot.

A right back, because Clyne is a weak link. Probably Pereira as he then provides extra cover on the left.

Then we need an all action central midfielder to push/replace Lallana, Wijnaldum and Can. Someone who provides a bit of extra protection in midfield for the defence, which needs it. Probably Obiang or Keita I would suggest as Kante is out of reach sadly.

I would not want to do much more than that, as you start to struggle when you make too many changes. It takes a while to bed in new players and that can cost you, like it always did Rafa. For me I think it would be better to give youngsters the chance to push for the other weak spots and give Gomez a chance to establish himself as a centre back, as he will get chances due to injuries.}

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23 Apr 2017 08:16:36
I would add a winger and a CB to that list as well Ed001. Matip is injury prone, Gomez is still inexperienced while Klavan needs to go in the summer. Lovren also seems to miss a lot of games so a qulaity CB is necessary this summer. Mane aside, we do not have genuine wide players in the team. Wilson and Woodburn are not ready yet. If Klopp cannot sign Brandt, the would like to see Markovic been given another chance. The quality is clearly there, its the application and effort that has been lacking and I want to see what Klopp can do with him rather that dumping him on the cheap.

{Ed001's Note - Gomez will not get experience if he isn't given the chance to play, so why buy a centre back? Give Gomez the chance to establish himself and buy in January or the following summer if need be. This summer is not a good time to buy centre backs, every top club is looking for at least one, some are looking for two, the market will be inflated.

Winger again we have young players who need a chance in Wilson, TAA, Woodburn and Ojo, plus the possibility that Markovic will end up staying. If we can not buy a top class winger, I would rather we just did not buy one.}

23 Apr 2017 08:50:23
Ed, do you not think we should be sorting out the goalkeeping situation this summer? Karius looked okay at times, but not great, and we're all well aware of Mignolet's issues. I'm hoping for a left and right back, one midfielder and a class goalie.

{Ed001's Note - and what goalkeeper could we get? There are no top class readymade ones around to buy.}

23 Apr 2017 08:55:25
No idea, nor whether the ones I'd like would be realistic. My main worry is going into next season with Mignolet in goal again. We will see more carbon copies of the silly goals from the last 4 seasons.

{Ed001's Note - that is the problem, but we are not the only ones facing that problem.}

23 Apr 2017 09:31:23
Agree with Ed001, we need quality at Left and right back. These are two key figures in Klopp's setup as they are the providers of width which Clyne is awful at and Milner although he has tried his best is not going to be able to fully deliver what is required. We also need these two players to support our CB's which both Milner and Clyne are not adept at.

Also read recently that LFC are unbeaten in 13 matches with the Matip/ Lovren partnership. Gomez deserves a chance and would rather give that to him than spending £60m on another Soton player who won't be better than Lovren. Would not surprise me if Klopp does bring in another CB though.

If Sturridge goes then another forward without a doubt will be signed and same with Lucas leaving another CM on the cards too.

Do not see our GK situation changing.

23 Apr 2017 09:42:20
I don't see us going for a keeper at all in the summer. Mignolet has done reasonable over lasted few games. However I think Karius will start next season in goal and will hopefully kick on from this season. I agree with the Eds on centre backs we don't need one we have a talented young one who desperately needs games and for that reason Gomez will need to be given a chance.

Too many signings will not be good. In term she of back five (including keeper) . I think the priority is left back more than any other position. We have Alexander Arnold for the right back slot. Gomez is a very talented youngster and if we brought in say Sessangon that would do me defence wise for next season.

I'd really like us to sign Brandt also a really good young wide player who has skill and would flourish hopefully under Klopp's guidance.

We obviously need a few other players but I'm not going to list preferences for the other positions. But for me I'd like us to get Sessangon and Brandt early on in summer and that's two quality youngsters into the squad that could in my opinion start games from the off for us.

23 Apr 2017 09:40:54
I feel ed001's pain. Fan bases just want to see loads of new signings every summer.
It's a policy that does not build consistency and good managers know this. I think you can have a maximum of 3 new first team players per summer before it becomes detrimental.

23 Apr 2017 10:46:56
I appreciate you all want to give Gomez game time which is great and something I really hope he gets too but if it comes at the expense of signing a CB then I can assure you we won't be winning the league any time soon. This shouldn't be our mentality when we the 6th best defensive record in the league and 8 clean sheets out of 33.

Matip is a constant injury concern, Lovren can be a real liability at times and Klavan is simply not good enough in my opinion, a shame as I liked him at first and Sakho looks to be leaving unfortunately. We need to move on Klavan and replace him with a guaranteed starter so we have 3 experienced CB's and Joe Gomez as our options who will get plenty of game time with additional European football next year.

This for me is the number 1 priority and whilst I agree that changing the core of the team too regularly is not a good idea, this is an essential addition if we are serious about our goals.

23 Apr 2017 13:20:47
We have conceded a massive 150 goals in past three seasons and just adding new two new full backs won't improve this stats. A team that want to play high line without a decent DM need at least top class CB's. Else you would look like a local in front a bullet train. We need a world class winger as well as it was clear when Mane was un-available. We need at least 6 players in the summer and I know what I am saying!

23 Apr 2017 15:03:15
"I know what I am saying! "

No you don't, you're Harry.

23 Apr 2017 15:40:07
The team that went unbeaten against the top 6 teams in the league needs 6 new players? Where do you get this from? 3 first teamers would make a huge positive difference. 6 would be another season of 'transition'!

23 Apr 2017 16:32:01
If LFC sign an all action midfielder whom would he replace of the 3 mentioned? For me Lallana and Wiji stay. Can goes to the bench. But if we do sign a MF, does that put hendos place in Jeopardy as well? His injury situation is tough.

Matt in FL.

{Ed001's Note - why would he have to replace one? There is a lot more games, hopefully, next season.}

23 Apr 2017 18:19:15
A league consist of 19 games! This is my guess the club will be bringing at least 6 new players ( First teamers of cover )

23 Apr 2017 19:59:50
Swish the problem is you don't win the league or finish top 4 by beating the top sides only. The problem has been more consistently the inability to kill off the lower teams.

I'd also say those thinking replacing full backs doesn't change things need to consider the situations where goals are being conceded. Back post finishes because the right back doesn't cover and being targetted with crosses that only get in because the ability to block them isn't there. Add in the fact that one FB can only deliver a final ball of any standard once in a blue moon and the other has to pull back inside always and you have another reason.

Having said that there is now a dilemma that there shouldn't be a huge change because it throws stability but equally too many, especially 2 of the CBs aren't top 4 standard. Then you get to injuries and drop off between the injured players and the ones who replace them.

24 Apr 2017 00:02:09
"I know what I'm saying". Even the Eds who are light year ahead of you in footie knowledge, have never made such a ridiculous statement. The fact that you thing you have to make that statement shows that you feel the need to convince us and frankly, you have NEVER convinced us about anything ever on this forum.



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