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28 Apr 2017 16:53:45
Just want to put this out there.
Very much against the norm and I'm prepared for the barrage of abuse that will follow.
In Klopp I trust
I wish Henderson, our club captain a full and speedy recovery!
Danny Ings I cannot wait to see you perform under JK guidance.
Dejan Lovren. Congratulations on your new contract. (In Klopp I trust) and you of course
Good to read the news DS and AL are back in training.
Any associated person to Liverpool football club
You will never walk alone.

{Ed025's Note - lovren must think he has won the lottery gazza, the only reason he should be given a new contract is that when some mug of a team goes in for him that liverpool are not mugged off mate..

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28 Apr 2017 17:10:24
No way you can condon lovrens new contract simply madness, I thought we were about to leave the years of mediocrity sadly I seemed to hope for too much.

28 Apr 2017 17:19:31
Maybe if fans got behind the players instead of asking them to be replaced every year would help us leave behind this mediocrity?

28 Apr 2017 17:44:58
Ya Steph let's get behind the players, the likes of Lovren who have continued to be utterly appalling but ya let's support him and accept that he's the best that we could buy. wake up.

{Ed025's Note - tell me about it sakho mate..

28 Apr 2017 18:11:03
How is moaning about it going to help the team or the player Sakho? That's my point! I agree with ed025 above, boo them, show your displeasure and disappointment when they play crap, but you have to support them if they are to progress!

28 Apr 2017 18:22:38
Renewing Lovren's contract isn't madness at all. His previous contract was set to expire in 2019, so a new deal would have to have been addressed at some point in the next 12 months, and it makes sense to do it sooner rather than later. No one wants to see him leave for free. I don't think he deserves a pay rise, but such is the way in football.

Klopp addressed all the reasons for the new deal in his press conference this morning, and I tend to agree with him.

Of course, there are better defenders out there - and I hope we sign one of them. A new contract doesn't guarantee his place in the team every week.

28 Apr 2017 18:45:04
At the end of the day its klopp's decision. Of corse moaning isn't going to change anything but people here are quick to blame players ed2 owners etc saying how our squad lacks quality when our manager is the one pulling the strings and happy rewarding mediocrity 100k per week.

Once Ron said "klopp have got blind spot for keepers" seems defenders too or maybe he needs some help as he always worked under DOF who was the one helping him when it came to recruitment contract etc.

28 Apr 2017 18:19:27
Another sarcastic reply, maybe if you made a valid point we could have a mature conversation but I've hoped for too much c'mon ed025.

{Ed025's Note - excuse me sakho but that was not sarcasm mate, i was actually agreeing with your post but make of that what you will..

28 Apr 2017 20:09:53
It's all very well saying get behind the team (and I do agree we should) but getting behind them doesn't turn a poor or average player into a good one! Sure they may have the odd good day but I don't see why we should keep pretending everything's fine and all the players are great. For all the people saying we criticise our players too much, I don't see any of their teams queuing up to take them off our hands. I know sometimes we may go over the top and be unfair in our comments, but we have to draw the line somewhere and part of my frustration is that we continue to hold on to mediocre players hoping they will one day take us to the level of the top tier teams. You simply cannot consistently win without quality (I didn't say spending lots of money) and there are some in our squad that are not quality. If you disagree let's see at the end of the season what type of teams make an offer for them.

28 Apr 2017 22:33:40
It's up to Klopp at the end of the day and spending money does not guarantee you quality.

29 Apr 2017 03:05:43
Maybe we might go out and sign a new centre back or Gomez might get his chance next season. But with Lovern getting a new contract it keeps him happy and it becomes harder for him to get an easy move away if he doesn't like being stuck on the bench or just being used for cups games.

29 Apr 2017 06:48:52
The whole just shut up and get behind the team that is how they will improve argument is massively oversimplistic. Some players are impacted by this kind of site, but that cuts both ways. Some may get disheartened (but then far more you will hear players who that happens to quoting the response they got at matches) . Some however may take the view they'll prove us wrong. A lot depends upon their character and whether this is just a job etc. Equally just blindly supporting without constructuve criticism creates the view the fan base will accept any pile of excrement for a performance. I agree there has to be a balance and what is said should be constructive but saying all is rosey in the garden isn't going to improve the players, the coaches or the idea of what the fans and the club expect from them. Saying all isn't well may not change things but it is more realistic against the club owners and manger's stated ambitions and ultimately they are the audience as much as the players.

29 Apr 2017 09:50:02
Razor, it is very possible to disagree with a player getting a new contract and still getting behind the team during games. Two things can be right at the same time.

Spot on, Ron. VVD for example, plays in a defensive system that has two DM's protecting him so he is rarely exposed. No one knows how he will fare here where that protection will not be as strong. As Ed01 says, quality CB's like, GK's, are hard to find and those clubs who have them are NOT going to sell to you so might as well groom and coach up the ones you have like Lovren and Gomez hoping they can step up. I am interested in seeing how Gomez does next season.

29 Apr 2017 10:02:54
Ron, I have to disagree with you there. Spending money has made huge differences to Chelsea, Manchester City and Utd. Before Abromavich when was the last time Chelsea won the league? City hadn't won a trophy for almost 45 years before the Arabs came in, and Utd had been the richest club in the league for years and still spend bigger than most teams. Also the additional cash being pumped into football by Sky and BT have made all clubs richer which is why the PL is such a difficult league now. Spending money might not guarantee you quality, but spending huge amounts usually does.

29 apr 2017 14:39:26
kbl, i agree. we have spent money too under fsg but in the wrong way and on the wrong players, overall. money may not guarantee you trophies but money spent stupidly will definitely guarantee you nothing.

30 Apr 2017 23:05:31
NRed I think you've misunderstood me, that's the point I was trying to make.



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