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28 Apr 2017 17:06:46
The support our players and coaching staff get from our fans is simply overwhelming! They make me so proud to be a Liverpool fan! All a player has to do is to visit this site and read the comments made about them and it will make them proud to play for this club and make players want to join this club! We support them when they are playing good and we support them when they are playing bad! How anyone can call us fickle and embarrassing is beyond me! (wink wink ed002)

{Ed025's Note - i think thats pathetic to be honest steph, what ever happened to calling a spade a spade and telling it like it is!, if everton play well i will be the first to applaud them and sing their praises, even if the result is not the one i want but the players give 100% then im a happy bunny, but when they play poorly and there seems a lack of effort or a basic lack of skill then i want to know why, you need to grow a set mate..

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28 Apr 2017 17:40:41
I'm pretty sure that if he was given a contract extension after the Everton game where everyone was raving about his performance, people wouldn't be moaning as much! And a teams shortcomings are hardly down to one player! And what does growing a set have to do with it? What good will it do moaning about Lovren getting a new contract? Will the club see the error of its ways and cancel it, or sell him to the first interested party? This has nothing to do with what I think of the player but I do believe that the negativity of fans does have an effect on a team.

{Ed025's Note - the thing is steph is that if a team play crap and are applauded off the pitch then they will think they have done enough the hell out of them if they deserve it..

28 Apr 2017 18:37:27
Everything is hyperbole. Either a player is brilliant and if you think otherwise you're denigrating the club and the player and aren't a proper fan, or a player is terrible and if you think otherwise you're accepting mediocrity and aren't a proper fan. Nuance seems to be lost.

Lovren is unsuitable for Liverpool FC. He's actually quite capable of being a good defender, but if he's not under pressure for long periods in a game he switches off and makes mistakes - and he lacks the pace to recover from a mistake. If he was at Swansea and was constantly pushed back into his own third under pressure in games, he'd probably be brilliant, but he's not. He's at Liverpool where we have long spells of possession, play with a high line, and he is liable to stop concentrating and be caught out when the opposition counter.

I don't hate the guy, I don't think he's a poor footballer, but unless he learns to concentrate for a full 90 minutes he's unsuitable for the Liverpool first team and I'm not sure giving him a long contract was the best idea. See? Nuance.

28 Apr 2017 18:03:14
No arguments there ed025, but in lovrens case, maybe Klopp sees something we don't, maybe he believes in him, even if I don't! Let's say we didn't renew his contract, sold him in the summer, broke the bank and bought in Van dijk, like we did with Lovren, didn't perform well for the 1st month, got on his back and start moaning about wasting our money on crap, AGAIN! I just see it as a vicious cycle which doesn't help the cause.

{Ed025's Note - i see your point steph but how many chances do you give a guy who lets you down constantly?, if he was going through a bad patch then i agree with you, but when that bad patch lasts for 2 years then you have to ask yourself if he fits at this club, im not saying hes talent less mate but some players just fit and some dont and for me he just does.nt..

28 Apr 2017 18:18:20
I agree with ed25 here, some fans are ridiculous with the notion that we always have to wear rose tinted glasses regardless of the situation. The same people sounded a lot different during the Rodgers era, and unfortunantly it's a double standard that's started to rear its ugly head. I agree that if lovren was handed a contract after a game where he performed well, people wouldn't complain as much but there would still be some who frown upon it. All season fans have been saying we need a better centre back partner for Matip, even when lovren or klavan have played well, because some fans are actually educated football fans that think logically. Now with several of the eds saying we're not showing any interest in any centre backs at the moment coinciding with lovren getting a fat new contract, maybe some fans think we may stick with what we have or at least not get a CB that is a clear improvement on what we have. If that is the case then people are right to doubt. I'm tired of this beating around the bush, slating and needlessly bashing players and the management should stop, I agree, but when criticism is deserved and constructive then be quiet and get of your high horse. Lovren in particular has been a consistently error prone player for the entirety of his time here, which has costed us points. I'm interested to know your views on Moreno and mignolet, do you give your unwavering support then? Lovren is at best a 3rd choice centre back, I think that's where he should be, unlike others who want him sold.

In the live chat, I remember people where questioning klopps choice to leave out coutinho and firmino for the first half against stoke and play a completely new system with a few youngsters after a disappointing draw against Bournemouth, some voiced their frustrations and one troll said Klopp out (this was at 1-0, with the team performing awfully) . Then a few posters that didn't speak at all at 1-0 came on at 2-1 calling anyone that criticised the decision fake fans and bashed everyone lol. When we lost to palace, they where nowhere to be seen the whole time. These are the so called 'real fans'

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with any of that Kman..

28 Apr 2017 20:44:13
I don't like the fact that he was rewarded with a new improved contract the way he was performing, but What am i supposed to do now ed025? keep bashing the guy till 2021, or keep hoping to sell him? Its like the opposing team being awarded a penalty, which wasn't, you can shout and scream at the reff all you want, he won't change his decision. What matters is how you get on with it.

{Ed025's Note - i will have that steph but lets not be happy about it, its ok to have an opinion different to others you know...its not the stepford wives.. :)

28 Apr 2017 21:13:22
Trust me dude, I am not happy! And I get where people are coming from. I actually don't think I have the stomach to watch any more Liverpool game after the palace one! But what am I to do? I am a Liverpool fan! Masochism is in my blood!

{Ed025's Note - welcome to the club mate.. :)

28 Apr 2017 22:32:03
Kman - I was at Anfield for the Palace game so that's why I wasn't on live chat.
Personally I think it's pretty poor to be criticising the manager half way through the game. A football game is over 90 minutes, very rarely does a team play well for 90 minutes, the game fluctuates.
At the end of the game, if you've lost and played poorly you deserve criticism but not at half time. Give the manager a chance to turn it round before you throw him under a bus!
As for Lovren - good luck to him. It's not on the same scale as the Mignolet new contract so nothing surprises me. If we're not signing a new defender then it might mean Gomez gets a run which is a good thing ultimately.

28 Apr 2017 22:25:22
Personally i think the only fans that can affect a performance are the ones at the game. Certainly in the situation a team can be encouraged to do better or go into their shell if the fans start getting on the teams back, something that very rarely happens at Anfield may i add. I don't think a football forum will have much affect if im honest.

28 Apr 2017 23:16:44
This isn't actually in support of Lovren but the fact is that he is one of the last line of defence. The second goal could and should have been prevented by Firmino who was the nearest player to the cross. He could easily have put the ball into touch but for some reason he allowed it to pass him. The corner was so bad that it fell perfectly for Benteke to score. The first goal was caused by some poor inter-passing out on the left. One of the problems is that when Liverpool clear a ball it goes to an opposing player putting that side into a good attacking position. When Liverpool attempt to clear they don't because nine times out of ten the ball still goes to an opposition player. There are far too many missed passes played by Liverpool.

29 Apr 2017 06:26:37
To add my 2 pence, ed001 has been saying for a long time now Gomez is seen as the future at cb he looks an outstanding tallent, most are fairly happy with national too. Loveren if I'm right had about 1/ 2years on his current deal? So the plan as I see it is for Gomez and loveren to battle it out next season with maybe klavan happy as 3rd 4th Choice. Now the timing of the deal is essential, if in the next 6/ 12 months Gomez does push on and keep improving and takes loverens place then would he signs new deal? No, of course he wouldn't. We would then be in a situation of having a senior pro possibly unhappy and entering the last year of a deal. A situation where teams will low ball us into a cheap selling price as we have seen plenty of times recently. We will not be signing a 1st choice cb, if we do what about gomez? Do you expect him to sit about and waste that massive potential? No he would be out to a club that valued him! Luckily the club has people in place that think about the long term interests as some of these posts recently are a joke.

29 Apr 2017 06:38:00
My concern is the quoted wages (and I'm assuming that is flat without the extras) . If that is what we are openly paying a decent but not top grade performer, what are expectations going to be for anyone already at the club whose agent reckons they're as or more valuable than DL and significantly what will a definite upgrade from that level now cost in terms of wages.

Or am I being unfair and actually the level (s) above are going to cost huge money anyway?

29 Apr 2017 07:44:52
Who would people realistically sign to replace Lovren?
There is no guaranteed quality who wants to sign for us and bear in mind we might not actually get champions league next season. The club has to be sensible.

29 Apr 2017 09:43:50
Spot on, Kman and Ron. Perspective is always needed. Per Lovren, I would not have given him a new contract BUT I'm not the manager so I trust that Klopp sees something in him and things that he can fix his rough edges. But if he has a poor game, then he should be criticized for having that type of game and that should stop there. The problem is that it doesn't stop there. It goes on and on and even the manager gets dragged into it. As for fans slating the manager during the game, that is just childish, petulant nonsense. People just trying to have it all their way without any nuance and level-headedness. They act as if there is no half time or in-game changes that a manager can make to turn things around. Patience is now extinct in the modern day supporter. we need more fans who are critical of the team when appropriate BUT know where the water's edge is.

29 Apr 2017 16:11:57
Ron I don't disagree about being realistic but why not be realistic in a few weeks time, his contract doesn't end any time soon enough to justify doing it now.

29 Apr 2017 19:37:13
I don't know Fresht, maybe his agent is agitating?
At the end of the day, contracts work both ways. If Lovren has a storming 12 months and is player of the year, the new contract protects the club too.



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