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11 May 2017 17:34:31
New topic for the eds and all.

Were realistically do you see Liverpool developing and competing over the next few years in relation to the rest of the top 6?

Several teams look to be in a strong position, spurs have developed well as a team under th guidance of pochettino Chelsea have returned to a strong unit under conte, city will spend funds to refresh the older legs within there squad and Manchester Utd will no doubt break the bank to secure some global stars. The only team with big question marks for me is arsenal who seem to have some big decisions to make.

I'm really relishing how competitive the EPL is becoming in terms of top 6.

But were/ how do people see Liverpool faring? .

{Ed025's Note - i think under klopp you will make progress triangle but will not be a league championship contender in the near future, you will be a force and be in the mix though and will always be feared, but i just dont see liverpool spending the huge amount of money required to go that extra mile, maybe if FSG are bought out by a multi billionaire then that will change..welcome to mediocrity mate.. :)

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11 May 2017 18:01:43
I think we will win the league within 3 years personally. We have a young squad and if we can keep the first team together and add quality each year we will certainly be up there.

{Ed025's Note - i like your optimism daredman, kudos mate..

11 May 2017 18:49:00
We'll storm the league next season and win it by March.

11 May 2017 19:10:49
No chance of winning the league under Fsg. Klopp would need to work a minor miracle, unearth a few hidden gems. Not going to happen.

11 May 2017 19:42:45
I think we will win the league under Klopp but we won't have sustained success as before.
We will struggle year on year to keep our top players as grass is greener and sun shines brighter elsewhere.

Like the Suarez situation.

I think that's why the academy and u23s will be more and more relevant trying to bring through a clutch of players who have an affinity with the club and will crave success here above all else.

Like the Stevie G situation.

That's why we should concentrate on developing young British and Irish talent and maybe sign the odd marquee foreigner if needed.

11 May 2017 19:57:39
Although it helps a lot, money is not everything. Leicester proved it very clearly last year. And I don't subscribe to the view that FSG have done nothing. I think they're a very ambitious bunch, but after the Comolli debacle they suddenly woke up and realized it wasn't just about throwing money at the team, and maybe they should learn the business too. And since then, they've come close to winning it in 2013/ 2014. A multi-billionaire owner does not guarantee a championship or more. Go and ask Paris St. Germain this question, this year.

I don't like some of his methods, but Klopp is the man to take this team forward and indeed to win many titles. No, I'm not taken in by his "persona". I see clearly that he is galvanized LFC to much higher levels than under the two previous managers. Not everything is about win-loss records. Some people on here have consistently tried to convince us that we are mediocre and we should get comfy with it. Others have gleefully repeated how we as supporters, are used to failure. Sorry, I'm not buying it. In the words of Pat Benatar, "why don't you hit me with your best shot? "

11 May 2017 20:36:36
Ed025 I would not trust us to spend 200 million in a transfer window. It's definitely not to do with spending big. More so we constantly wasting money. I'll never forget when king Kenny took charge and I was over the moon then I read a BBC headline. Liverpool offering 37 Million for Andy Carroll.

{Ed025's Note - every team buys the odd lemon AL, whats more defining is the players you dont buy like the extra £500,000 that would have got deli alli, but i suppose some players just dont fit at a certain club like lovren who looked very good at saints but not at liverpool and schneiderlin who looked good for saints and us but not for utd, sometimes it just down to luck i suppose mate..

11 May 2017 21:06:48
reckon that only three maybe four teams have a chance of winning the prem, not sure that we are ready yet for that leap, just the top four is were we are at now, and we are still struggling with that, but when it comes our way, we will party big time .

{Ed025's Note - i will have a bevvy with you when that happens the pub on the mars space station.. :)

11 May 2017 21:42:24
ha Ed25, if your buying .

{Ed025's Note - beer will be £1,600 a pint when liverpool win the league next RF but if im still around then i will gladly pay mate.. :)

11 May 2017 21:48:48
Haha ed25 great banter, i think we are not far off tbh and its not about money its about targeting the right people ala mane. We don't need superstars we need a mix of fighters and skilled players and a slice of luck to have them gel well. Klopp has his faults but is far from the worse on the prem and has as good a chance of any top manager in the prem of winning it. I remain hopeful we will lift the title again before i die. Lol.

{Ed025's Note - i think klopp is the key to you winning it IAC if anyone can get you there its him, i just think that its not likely any time soon...well hope more than think mate.. :)

11 May 2017 23:34:10
When Kenny was made manager the club had sold Torres to Chelsea virtually doubling the money they paid Athletico.
Commolli was appointed by F. S. G. at the same time as Kenny. Torres had been the fastest ever player to see ore 50 goals for the club and the only one since fowler to get 20 in a season.
Kenny used the 50 mill Torres money to try and replace them goals.
He bought Andy Carroll for 37 mill and Suarez for 22 mill 59 mill for the pair approx.

Carroll at zhe time was scoring goals for fun at Newcastle and Suarez was playing for Ayax. Suarez was sensational though flawed.

Although winning the League cup and getting to the Fa cup final Dalglish was sacked. Liverpool sold Carroll for 17.5 mill and Suarez for 70 mill.
That's a profit of nearly 30 million on the pair.

Rodgers came in and blew way more on players who the club evebtually took a loss on and walked away with 17mill pay off. After winning nothing.

Klopp has come in a a supposedly miracle worker but had won nothing either.

So please when your talking about Kenny and his record please don't mention him in the same sentence as Rodgers.

Who did Kenny take over from. Roy.
Remember the mess.

12 May 2017 00:10:49
Kenny didn't buy Suarez tho.

12 May 2017 02:27:39
All depends on how this transfer window goes. Buy more average players and we will be stuck in mediocrity and celebrating top4 finishes for the foreseeable future. Sign quality and we could actually make a run for the BPL next season. It could be the impetus to keeping the likes of Coutinho and Firmino at the club for many years to come. Anything less than that, and we will be 'rebuilding' again from the 2018/ 19 season onward, giving the manager more excuses to pull put of his hat.

12 May 2017 16:00:35
Dermot, I like your post but I will add a few more things. Kenny may have won a trophy but we were dire in the league (ended up in 8th with a measly 52 points) and he did not get us CL neither.

BR was nothing but a self-promoting, dishonorable imposter who managed to catch lightning in a bottle and we almost won the PL, a PL he himself bottled due to his inability to take responsibility and his abject arrogance. I will never compare his dire record to that of Kenny's nor Klopp's.

Klopp has only been here for 18 months and unlike BR, he got us in position to win trophies and tho it did not happen, we know we can get there again and win one. We are far better than we were when BR was rightfully shown the door (with a disgraceful 6-1 loss at Stoke, to boot) and hopefully, Klopp can finish the job and get us CL footie this season.

13 May 2017 02:39:58
I agree 100% with you NRed

But have to say that I still feel that Kenny was hard done by and a few things should be put into context that will hopefully explain what I didn't do very well before in the earlier post that you replied to.

Kenny took over a squad with the level of player such as paul Konchessay, Christian Poulson, David Ngog. Aquilani, Voronin and Joe Cole. There's many more as well but you see what I mean.

Hodgson had the team at probably it's lowest ebb that I remember in 50 years from a purely football point of view (96 RIP) we had been put out of cups by Northampton and utd and at the last 16 of Europa league.

Torres was leaving after too many broken promises.

Now I don't claim to be an expert but I reckon if you took all the best managers ever in the world and put them into manage that team it would have take them longer than a season and a bit to sort out.

Yes the league was disappointing but sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. Look at last season where we finished under Klopp
Who it seems will be given time to grow his squad.

Kenny got us silverware with great trips to Anfield south but in my opinion was not afforded the same time as the tool that followed him . and Klopp as well for that matter

But I feel I have to speak up when I read posts comparing Kenny with Rodgers.

Kenny Dalglish is for me the greatest ever red.

Sorry for the long reply. YNWA.

{Ed001's Note - well said Dermot.}



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