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13 May 2017 22:33:55
without Mane we are more like the Liverpool of last season. A win here, a draw there or sometimes a lose. Whether Klopp promised us a league title or not, tomorrow all we want is a win. But if we don't win, it won't be the end of the world. We are Liverpool.

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14 May 2017 04:22:47
Liverpool will keep going if we lose to West Ham but it is debatable whether Klopp should carry on. He has brought charisma, occasionally attractive football and a reconnection with the fans. But very little else.
I doubt whether FSG will make any hasty decisions, especially with such a long contract, but Top 4 should be bare minimum this season. If we fail to achieve it, i would suggest he is no better qualified to lead us to a league title and than Rogers was.
Hopefully, it is all just negative speculation and we will thrash the Hammers but, for now, my faith in Klopp is dependent on how he can use his famous man-management skills and galvanise a strong finish to the season.

{Ed001's Note - good to see the knee jerk reactionary fans are out in force who now base their thinking on one game in a season!}

14 May 2017 05:00:09
Its not the one game Ed001. Failure to get top4 will be a big failure on Klopp's part. He was brought in to win the league, not finish 5th. That is blatant failure to meet the targets given to you by your superiors. We had no European football to deal with and the whole world knew we needed a left back and a couple of wide players yet those issues were never addressed.
Yes, it takes time to build a squad but Klopp knew that time is not a luxury afforded to premier league managers when taking the job. Recently, he has been more reactive than proactive. And as earlier mentioned, if he has no faith in any of the squad players (the first 11 aside), then why are they still here? Why have those players not been replaced then? Sometimes you just got to throw some players in the deep end and see how they do.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but that is false. You are talking about signings, which is not his job. So saying he never got the players he wanted, as we know he wanted a left back, surely that is something you can't hold against him?

Secondly, it clearly is based on one game, as that post 100% states that his backing of Klopp comes down to this result. The ridiculous comparison with Rodgers is just even more reactionary. Rodgers destroyed the team, left it in a complete mess, Klopp is having ro rebuild that. It is far too early to judge him. What he has shown is a better idea of what he needs to sign during the transfer windows, but has been let down by the club. Rodgers just wanted to collect attacking midfielders with no idea how to use them. Klopp wants full backs, as he knows the ones we have are not good enough. He wants a left winger, as we are weak in that area. He has a plan of what he wants and is looking to build towards it. That is far more than we have had in recent years.

Typical though, fans have no patience. One full season, without the players he wanted, is now deemed enough to condemn a man. If this kind of stupidity continues, we will never win a thing again.}

14 May 2017 05:43:46
The problem with patience is that it is not afforded to managers in the premier league. Its about delivering when the time is ripe, which is the last two games now. Bottle it and we are back to another rebuilding phase. Man Utd and Arsenal (both with UCL) next season will strengthen considerably, while Spurs, Chelsea and Man city will be looking to consolidate on what they achieved this season.
And the OP is right when the entire season and the club's foreseeable future will rest on what happens in the next two games. The implications will be long lasting and failure sets us back a couple of seasons. Everyone knows that. With LFC's transfer record and lack of management capabilities, I really do not see us doing a Leicester or Spurs any time soon.

{Ed001's Note - it is not afforded to managers in the Prem because the fans turn on them far too easily.}

14 May 2017 06:48:32
He has had a whole season to achieve top 4. Unfortunately its now come to two must-win games. Im not turning on him but i am beginning to doubt him and question whether he is as good a manager as we all thought when he arrived. Ill admit im really not sure whether he's truely talented or not but the next couple of games might show whether he is capable of getting results when they're most needed.

{Ed001's Note - if this was next season, I would understand, but it is not and this is still largely the players he has inherited. We know they have a problem with bottle. We know they lack on pitch leadership. This is a problem that can only be fixed by changing most of the players. Personally I would say that the key is whether we have made progress from the shambles that was in place when he took over. Which it is clear to see, despite the completely idiotic stats people are putting out comparing him to Rodgers, we have. We missed out on Europe last season, so the fact that we are assured European football this season is a step forward.}

14 May 2017 07:52:25
Thanks for your common sence reply Ed1. We have definitely made progress as you say Europe already confirmed,70 points and the chance of champions league (71 points would have got second last season) plus I don't care what Ed2 says any team that losses their captain, along with couts, mane, Lallana, matip, can for large chunks of the season would affect any type rhythm we had at the start of the season.

14 May 2017 09:55:19
Ed, whilst I agree with most of what you say I disagree that Klopp needs to rebuild the team, Rodgers left a very solid platform for him. The only real gaps were a pacy forward and a left back. There are a number of other positions we can improve but we wern't deficient in any of them.

{Ed001's Note - centre backs, midfield, right back, goalkeeper, all needed when Klopp arrived, as well as the two you rmentioned. Are you sure you are really thinking this through? Rodgers left a mess through his utter incompetence as a manager.}

14 May 2017 13:09:48
Of course ed, those positions are all ones we could improve but they weren't a shambles. I think you're making excuses for Klopp by saying that. Klopp had a core six or seven players he could build on and another few to back them up.

{Ed001's Note - they weren's a shambles? Are you being funny? Did you not watch our defence with Skrtel in it? Have you not seen how bad Clyne is? Or the fact that Can had barely even had a game in midfield? Or how bad even the ones you can defend were playing when Klopp came in? It is not excuses, it is reality. It is ridiculous that people want to change history to suit their bias by pretending we had anything other than a poor side, in a complete mess, when Klopp came in. Most people wanted rid of the likes of Lallana etc. Klopp transformed him, now he has even got Mignolet looking less like the useless tit who flapped at everything and conceded every shot on target and more like an actual goalkeeper. However the knee jerks will still find lies to cover up their ridiculous childish immature reactions to every match.}

14 May 2017 16:11:55
That's my point ed, lallana etc aren't bad players. The team was underperforming but the squad had quality. It needed polishing but laying the problems Klopp's had on the inadequacy of the squad is wrong and shows your bias not the other way round.

{Ed001's Note - no it doesn't, we were a poor team that has been improved. Players like Lallana were not good enough, it wasn't that they were underperforming, he was playing as well or better than he ever had. What happened was that the coaching improved them, like it has Mignolet etc. They were not underperforming, that was the level those players were at. It needed more than polishing.}



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