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14 May 2017 19:01:49
We have to do everything possible to keep Coutinho at the club. Accepting a massive pay rise, making him our highest earner and hopefully CL football should give him enough reason to stay.

It will be a massive blow to rebuilding our squad if he leaves as the likes of Firmino will likely follow.

Time for the club to take proper action and show some intelligence in the transfer market by keeping players who belong here and getting rid of players who have no place here. That is the only way we are going to achieve success again.

This summer will define Klopp's tenure at the club. Get it wrong = more transition. Sad but true.

Two game changing fullbacks please. One for the left side and another for the right. The missing pieces in the puzzle.

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14 May 2017 19:11:17
Spot on, Max. All those saying Couts can leae and we'll take the money, must be talking bollocks. The amount of money you get will never replace the quality that Couts brings to the team cos he's been here for 4 seasons, grown as a player in a system where the manager trusts him and so do his teammates.

No amount of money can can buy that type of cohesion and continuity. We should be buying players to play with him, and not to replace him. That is just stupid. The first thing to do in the TW next season (with CL hopefully), is secure Couts for the near future by any means necessary. The rest? We can handle.

14 May 2017 21:15:12
N RED, r u for real, have you been watching the whole season, I'll say it again COUTINHO is a cameo player, even in today's game they we 2 cameo pieces, you look at CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN at spurs who is always on the front foot, always taking part in the game, COUTINHO is nowhere near his level, and when he goes to Barcelona he will be found out there. overated player, take the money, he's not as good as he thinks he his.

14 May 2017 21:54:41
@Wembley good windup mate.

2 cameo pieces? What, 2 goals? Haha! If that's what cameos are I'll take those all day long, no bother.

Odd that you'd try and bash a player after a Liverpool win and a brace from the lad. kind of sad really.

14 May 2017 21:59:48
Coutinho a cameo player?

In 30 appearance this season in the PL, he has 12 goals and 7 assists; that is a direct contribution of 19 goals in 30 appearance, despite being out of form since coming back from his injury for about 10 games.

14 May 2017 22:33:51
The real AG,
Stats can make a player look anything, I'm judging COUTINHO over 90mins in games, if he's such a world class player were has he been against C PALACE, BOURNEMOUTH, HULL away, SWANSEA, etc, he goes missing in far to many games to be called WORLD CLASS, trust me go and look back at those games and come back and tell me he was outstanding.

14 May 2017 23:04:48

I can bring up games from this season where Eriksen has looked decidedly average as well; in fact, why don't you go have a look at the 2 games you played against us this season, and come back and tell me how he did?

Where did I call Coutinho world class? He has been very good this season despite having an longish injury layoff and a string of games where he was off colour.

No player is perfect, and even then, the best players go through plenty of games where they struggle over a course of the season.

14 May 2017 23:32:44
Sorry The real AG,
But ERICKSEN has been giving KANE and ALLI the bullets to fire all season, he may have had his off days but they were few and far between, hence the reason why they finished 2nd. my problem is he is not consistent enough to were we want go, you have to be 7,8,or 9 out of 10 every week.

15 May 2017 00:55:00
Whether we want him to stay or not, ultimately it's up to the player and his agent.

14 May 2017 23:49:24
Spot on, AG. Couts is a cameo player? You clearly watched only the highlights of today's game cos none of what you posted is true. Go ask Arsenal, WB, Everton, Watford, Chelsea, Hull, your Spurs (where Eriksen got outplayed by him and got hooked cos he was that awful at Anfield) and the list goes on, if Couts is just a cameo player. You are simply talking bullocks.

Comparing him to Eriksen is a false narrative as Eriksen now plays as a wide attacker beside Alli with Kane up top while Couts real position is the one he played and flourished in today, even tho, he plays wide left for us, something Klopp may be looking to change ext season. Is he world class? No and neither is Eriksen who wouldn't make Brazil's bench whereas The whole team is built around Couts, his manager's exact words cos they play the high press exactly the way Klopp plays it. Can he be world class? Absolutely and if he stays with us, Klopp will make him world class like he did with Mario Gotze.

14 May 2017 23:50:28
The entire team went missing in particular games. he can't do it on his own. he is world class and will prove it again next season in a liverpool shirt. Little genius.

15 May 2017 16:27:14
N RED, your missing my point, COUTINHO is not consistent enough, big players perform when it really matters, in the 2 cup finals last year he went missing, when your moment arrives you have to take it, isn't that what big players do.



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