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17 May 2017 12:09:58
I've seen in a few papers and online that were linked to Jordan pickford.
Do people really think he's better than karius? I really think karius will be a top keeper for us. His bad start for us I'm putting down to him think8ng our defence was better than it was.

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17 May 2017 13:11:38
Karius will be much better next season. The criticism belted at him at from all corners will make him a better player who can handle pressure. His distribution is pretty decent, just needs to be more dominating from set pieces and he will be fine.

17 May 2017 13:50:50
Problem is, does he play next season? He will probably be used in the European games and cup games if you ask me.

Mignolet has done nothing to deserve getting dropped. His improvement this year has been astonishing. After 5 games I thought it was just luck. After 10 games I thought it was a purple patch. Now though 25 games on without a glaring mistake and after a string of man of the match performances, I have to give him credit where it is due. He is (looks around and whispers) a good goal keeper.

17 May 2017 14:32:40
yep, MK, Migs has made a massive improvement, apart from that glaring mistake V Chelsea, were I may add, he saved a penalty, he should be first choice, Karius should be making progress too, and will get some game time .

17 May 2017 14:44:46
Know one can really make a judgement on Karius (apart from Klopp of course) He could be great he could be ok or he could equally be poor. Migs has improved but there will always be the potential for him to lose the plot in a game (s) . If we seriously want to compete for the league then we need a top top goalie, can't mess about. A solid defence starts with a solid goalie, Migs ain't the answer, Karius is currently a no.2.

17 May 2017 15:12:42
Mignolet's improvement has been quite incredible. It makes me wonder whether it's down to good coaching or to the fact that his position as number one is properly being challenged for the first time.

What do people thank? I'm inclined to go with the latter but I could easily be wrong. Maybe it's a combination of the two.

Whatever it is, I'm just glad it's working.

17 May 2017 15:19:06
I'm not sure I consider that Luiz free kick as a glaring error personally. You can argue he was caught out by quick thinking but sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say it was clever from the opposition. He was caught out whilst trying to organise his defence as well which is something he has been criticised for not doing in the past.

It certainly wasn't as embarrassing as his mistakes of previous seasons anyway!

17 May 2017 16:19:47
Karius was not ready for the premiership,

It was obvious in the previous season matches in America. He really struggled on any kind of cross from the wings.

Klopp was right to take him out of the firing line.

But it wasn't wise using him in cup games in a vastly inexperienced side with by far too many changes from the first team.

The lad who looked confident on signing looked shattered by the cup exits.

Hopefully he'll kick on this season and he must be doing something right as he seems to have shook Migs out of his stupor when he thought he was guaranteed to start.

We need to improve what's in front of them before they are properly judged.

{Ed002's Note - So was Klopp also right to (a) buy him, (b) tell him he was first choice, and (c) tell the world he would be Liverpool's first choice? Or did Klopp get it all horribly wrong?}

17 May 2017 16:54:51
i think the difference has to be accredited to the mentioned change in coahing and having the keepers knocked about while dealing with balls. Mignolet has clearly gotten stronger at not just coming for the ball but before any slight contact he would drop the ball and pray for a free now regardless he is holding onto the ball which is a huge improvement.

Personally I would have said this type of coaching should have been obvious for years but if karius has the same improvement as migs has had with the coaching he will be a fantastic keeper as he is much quicker off his line and also much better technically with the ball than mignolet.

17 May 2017 16:43:29
Yes klopp was right to buy him because buying him has got the best out of mignolet. No he wasn't right to tell him he'd be first choice (because he hasn't shown the faith in him) . And no about telling the world. Also no to getting it horribly wrong, it's worked out quite well we've bought a bargain bucket GK who's young and talented and he's pushed our very expensive GK onto higher levels than previously expected. By hook or by crook it's worked out well for LFC. Mignolet would now be far more valuable to sell and his potential replacement is waiting in the wings after a season of training and gaining some experience. Obviously Karius won't be happy with this season but he's a transient employee of the club and a cheap one at that if he wants to leave with Ward a free replacement as number 2.

17 May 2017 16:55:27

Personally I would say Klopp was right in the way he went about things but it was the idiots that call themselves fans that pushed for Karious to be dropped and wrongfully so. Was Klopp right to drop him due to fans pressure? Absolutely not but that's the joys of Liverpool and the certain cretans that call themselves supporters.

17 May 2017 18:35:15
Pickford seems like a younger mignolet. His distribution is still poor. The upside is he has a lot of time to improve on that. His positioning and shot saving ability are pretty good (maybe better than Mignolet already) . I personally don't think we need a keeper.

The main reason I don't like Pickford, however talented he may be, is that a young keeper like him would struggle to organize an already fragile backline. Lord knows we need as much organization as we can get at this point.

17 May 2017 18:05:31
Your right Ed Imo Klopp has got the Karius situation horribly wrong.

17 May 2017 18:24:29
A) It's too early to say if Klopp made a mistake bringing him to the club.

B) If he promised Karius that he would unconditionally be the first choice, then that's a mistake. No player should be told that and doubt that happened here. If Klopp told him he was being brought in with the intention of becoming first choice, then I don't see the problem. The guy made too many errors, Klopp was right to drop him and Mignolet's recent form vindicates the decision. Karius can't have too many complaints.

C) I'll gladly hold my hands up if you can find the quote, but I don't recall Klopp telling the world that Karius was going to be his automatic first choice. If that's what he said, then yeah it was probably a mistake. I do remember him saying something like "Karius is currently my first choice" in Oct/ Nov, which was true at the time but gave no assurances toward the future. I don't see a problem with that - he was starting then, after all.

So no, Klopp didn't get it all horribly wrong. The discussion requires more nuance than simply chastising Klopp for his decisions.

18 May 2017 00:29:48
at that time Klopp was wrong about Karius and proved it by taking the lad out of the firing line after bigging the lad up.
Did you see preseason when a cross came over and Karius came to punch and nearly took the head of Lovren breaking his hand in the process.

From Klopp's point to of view he saw in Karius all the main factors required for a top goalkeeper but you don't know really how they are until you throw them in the deep end and see if they sink or swim.

Klopp decided that for the lads own benefit that he could do with some more swimming lessons and hopefully for us and Karius that this year he will get a better run of games to build confidence.
I'd say that Klopp has learned more this last season as any of the young lads.

18 May 2017 18:33:33
Great post, Savvy. In addition, Karius was brought in cos Migs had been a dud for 3 full season here. That is a fact. if Migs was very good, what was Karius doing here then?

People seem to have forgotten how dreadful Migs was before this season so those saying he did not deserve to be dropped at the start of this season, are talking nonsense as many of us here were fed up with his pathetic mistakes.

Karius is a very talented GK, no doubts and his struggles is not new to any foreign GK or player to the PL as that happens and that has not stopped players from being PL legends either.

Karius was dropped cos a set of spineless moaners chose to take sides with a manc and a paranoid ex red who bullied Karius for making two mistakes (as if his De Gea was a saint when he fist arrived) instead of sticking up for our own player. With fans like these, who needs the mancs and bitters.

Migs is improving but he had already reached the floor due to his many prior mistakes so the only place he could go was up. Let's wait and see.

19 May 2017 01:22:10
A lot of the problem is the set pieces .

If you concede a goal from a great piece of play, fair enough.

Conceding goals from set pieces is really demoralising for the whole team as they have obviously worked on them all week in training.



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