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18 May 2017 13:11:06
A point needs to be made, our season doesn't rest on one game, winning on Sunday doesn't mean we've had a good season and losing doesn't mean it's been bad.

If you think we've made progress than be satisfied regardless of where we finish, if you thought we would be better then getting top 4 doesn't mean you're wrong.

Sunday's result is important for next season but it's just another game for this one.

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18 May 2017 13:53:20
Like the last mile of a marathon is just another mile? Sorry but if you don't run it, it still leaves a disappointing taste in the mouth that you didn't finish properly.

What I do agree with however is this squad is in good shape and we've forward substantially vs. a year and a half ago and that won't be lost even if we end up playing Europa League instead of CL. So long as we keep Coutinho and bring in 2-3 top signings we will be in very good shape and hopefully be challenging.

18 May 2017 14:05:13
Bull, we have got this far winning our last game is a must for us or this will be a major setback . The transfers this summer are dependant on qualification for CL . Fail at this hurdle and we have undone all the progress .

18 May 2017 14:06:29
I'd have to disagree strongly with you on this. I think being in and out of the Champions League competition has consequences on both the short and long term. Liverpool, needs, and deserves, to be in the Champions League because it is THE international stage for all ambitious and high level teams. You're someone if you're in there. You're a "was, or could have been" someone, if you're not. I'm aware many people don't care if LFC makes or doesn't make the European Leagues as long as they win some form of local English tile. But the implications of being in the UCL are tremendous from a PR, viewership and global awareness viewpoint. Not just revenues. We have to move away from the narrow, strictly focused, highly localized viewpoints and recognize that even a local competition like the EPL is actually an international one now, with all the foreign owners, foreign managers, foreign players and foreign viewers and supporters. EPL teams just "reside" in a city in the UK, and everything else (owners, managers, players, supporters) can be anything but local. Things have changed drastically and I believe, we have to move along with them if we want LFC to grow and develop to the prominence we had in the past, and which other teams have grown to now, after recognizing all these things.

18 May 2017 14:27:17
Just to clarify you're all talking about the future, I'm talking about the present. One game doesn't change the nature of the previous 37. Those games were either good, bad or average, Sunday can't change that.

It would be interesting if people were prepared to state today your thoughts about the season, before Sunday's game.

18 May 2017 14:51:46
PutneyRed - My opinion about this season, before Sunday's game is that the season has been a success in comparison to the previous season. Regardless of whether we end up in Champions League or Europa League, our final position in the EPL is better, the manager is settled down, there's far more support for the team and the manager than under Hodgson or Rodger's final days, and I see a lot of potential for future improvement.

18 May 2017 14:56:11
Ok Putney

I believe we have improved this season, and I think that shows in the fact that we can beat all the team's around us.

The only problem is breaking down the lower placed teams.

If we learn to do that next season then we push for the title.
Our problem has been squad depth and injuries this season.

This last game though means everything, we lose then we have nothing to show for the season regardless of the team improving or not.

18 May 2017 15:30:41
Everyone got their hopes up after a strong start to the season. We've done OK to rally after January and February and to get top 4 at this point would represent a significant victory for the side and will have given the players good experience regardless of the end result. It's still in our hands after all, all we have to do is win against Middlesbrough. I think we will learn a lot about the players mentality on Saturday, only they can win or lose this for the club at this point.

18 May 2017 17:39:56
Well said Putney.

What has disappointed me is that this team has no fight.

I've always supported my team and manager on here, but lately I'm depressed by the same thing every season.

The sooner that the manager gets to grip with the league the better.

18 May 2017 18:48:42
lavaers, the whole "not being able to beat lesser teams" is becoming a tedious and boring old narrative. I see why this keeps being mentioned because our losses have come against them. However, what no one is saying is that of our 21 wins, 14 have come vs teams below the top 7. Have we messed up at times and not shown belief, pragmatism (Bournemouth x2) or steel (vs Swansea and Palace)? Sure. But to continue harping on about not beating lesser teams is a tired narrative, IMO.

As for Sun, the boys need to use the parts of pressure that is "good", per Klopp as in, the part that motivates you to be the best, to fight, strive for excellence and win and if we do that, Boro will be no match for us. I also hope the Anfield crowd will bring it on Sun as well cos the atmosphere is getting dul.

18 May 2017 19:12:11
N Red

13 teams below 7th spot so that means 26 games.

So 14 wins from them games is nowhere near good enough IMO.

We need to be beating these teams to have a chance of winning the league.

18 May 2017 19:58:06
I think this team has plenty of spirit, it's not spirit we lack, it's focus and game intelligence at times, rightly or wrongly, the team has shown spirit numerous times, coming from behind in games to win, to play til the final whistle, no one doubts the spirit in games against the top 6 do they? I'd say our biggest weakness is our inability to show game intelligence, to do what's necessary to kill a game off, that doesn't happen over night unfortunately, those expecting a quick fix will be in for a shock, as well as the Spuds play at the moment, they have had a further year to develop together, their team didn't develop overnight.
For me as long as we are mainly competitive and continue to develop as a team and an upward curve is visible then it will come good, whether this further transpires with trophies and the one we'd all savour the league title is anyone's guess.

18 May 2017 22:00:44
Pitney I get what your trying to say, similarly each league game is only worth 3 points for a win, problem with your point is that, we have instigated in the Boro game being bigger than what in normal circumstances it would be, the rewards for winning against not qualifying (or at least to the playoffs for CL) are vast and reality dictates that a win against Boro could mean roughly 10s of millions (complete guestimate), plus helping us attract players that should in theory help us develop along quicker (no guarantees, mostly theoretical), the importance of the match can't be underestimated, over emphasised or underplayed, facts are we win the game we have a better than average opportunity to make CL group stages.
Whichever way it goes, the table doesn't lie, teams finish where they deserve to, reason for this is how do we judge which teams are deserving of what? That's what the points are for! I will believe we've a chance even if 2 nil down with 5 to play, it's a funny old game.

19 May 2017 14:21:35
Spot on, Unconditionally. Game intelligence comes with time and experience and that will come provided the team is being improved and they are learning. keep in mind that this group of players have achieved nothing together hence, have no history nor certainties to fall back on.

This is why achieving CL footie tho not a trophy, will help the boys mentally and solidify that belief that they actually can achieve things together esp. when many including our fans gave the next to no chance of success.

Lavers, that will come with time as this squad is still developing and being built so winning the PL will happen only as quick as we can improve, which is always the goal. Getting all worked up over such things is bad for your health cos I don't get worked up over them. This season has been a great season in comparison to the last two esp. if we finish 3rd or 4th. You then build from there to get to where you wanna get to. Keep the faith, my friend.



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