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18 May 2017 22:18:48
What about Iheanacho as striker? He's a striker that scores goals, when given a chance. With the amount of chances we create, he could bang them in for us. Any thoughts.?

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18 May 2017 22:35:08
He is no better than Origi in my opinion.

{Ed025's Note - he would have to be a very poor player to be worse than origi MK, hes like bambi on ice mate.. :)

18 May 2017 22:54:46
Decent player but I'd personally go for Batshuayi if available.

Liked him before he joined Chelsea, surely he'd jump at the chance if he's made available?

I do hope we keep sturridge but we need someone else just in case he breaks a toe nail 😂.

18 May 2017 23:16:49
Batshuayi will have the same problem as Origi. I do not see why anyone would want a player who is still learning his trade when Origi has to do the same?

What exactly has Batshuayi done at Chelsea to show that he is any better than Origi?

18 May 2017 23:33:45
Put it this way, if Man City or Chelsea are happy for us to have either player on the cheap, we should take it as a sign they're not good enough. There are far better strikers around than Batshuayi and Iheanacho. I'd like to see us aim a little higher.

19 May 2017 00:02:15
TQ - like when we got Sturridge on the cheap? Cop on mate.

19 May 2017 00:10:31
Max, he's hardly been given a run of games like origi has he? For the record I'm not saying origi should be sold but he has a long way to go to prove himself.

Batshuayi was a sought after player by many teams due to his former, he's big and powerful, very fast and is a natural goalscorer, always looking at getting into a dangerous area like sturridge.

Like I said I'd keep origi for now but in my OPINION, Batshuayi is the better and most natural of the 2.

19 May 2017 00:15:37
They wouldn't be available on the cheap though! Both are good players, both are ahead of origi in terms of ability (in my opinion) and either of them would fit right in.

Give me names of these better quality players that we could sign who would choose us over the top teams in Europe.

19 May 2017 00:22:19
Different situation mate. And having seen quite a bit of both players, I don't think either is good enough. Iheanacho might come good in time, but we need players that are good now and not in two or three seasons. As I said, there are better strikers around.

19 May 2017 01:08:45
Origi is 22 and playing in a team without width.
I think he has done well in most games
in the other games eg Southampton he was harshly criticised for holding up the ball for too long, to be surrounded by deep sitting Southampton defenders and midfielders.

The reason he was caught so often used there was none of our team making runs to give him an angle to pass to. and draw defenders away.

19 May 2017 01:20:35
What is it with fans wanting to sign our rivals weaker players? he isn't good enough to play regularly for City so why would he be good enough for us? we need first team level players not more potential pushing our youngsters further down the pecking order.

19 May 2017 02:41:54
Just as a matter of interest, I thought I'd grab the stats to compare Origi and Iheanacho -

Origi -

Played 2718 total minutes for Liverpool (appx 30 games totalled up)

Goals - 14 (almost 1 in 2)
Assists - 5 (1 in 6)

Iheanacho -

Played 1438 total minutes for City (appx 16 games)

Goals - 14 (almost 1 per game)
Assists - (1 in 4)

So, while "better" is subjective, on the surface Iheanacho appears to be more effective. Take into account the fact that he would generally come on at the end of games, when they'd already been won, whereas Origi has started a fair few games.

{Ed001's Note - and they play different roles, get different amounts of chances created for them etc. Stats are meaningless. Origi has played on the wing as often as up front, Iheanacho has always been a sub to come on against tiring legs up front. These kind of stat misuse is why stats should be banned from being used at all. This is complete crap and all it has done is put a bunch of random numbers out with no context to use to judge them by.}

18 May 2017 23:06:28
Now now 25. Just because he made Robles look silly the other week ;)

{Ed025's Note - thats not really hard now is it MK, imo origi is a half decent player but is he going to win you anything?

19 May 2017 07:18:30
We need defenders.

19 May 2017 07:38:03
I think Origi gets an unfair amount of stick. His form is so so but who's wouldn't be after being in an out of the team like he has. Whenever he has a run he seems to score, although I do see him more effective on the left side of a three, something I believe he himself has said. I didn't see many people slating Couts or bobby when they had dips earlier this year. Origi has everything physically to be a very good player, just needs to mature a little. Yes I know player like Ali, Mbappe, and Rashford and more advanced in their games, but players grow at different rates so it's not really an argument for me.

19 May 2017 09:04:03
When will we learn to give players time? Lucas, Henderson and most recently Can! Have patience, we say give players game time but when we do and don't get instant results it's off with their head.

19 May 2017 10:23:26
Ed, got to call you on this one, whilst I agree that stats need context to back them up the scoring record is relevant here. Given his situation Origi's scoring rate is OK, given Iheanacho's situation his scoring rate is sensational.

If you ask which one is the better prospect then one is currently head and shoulders over the other.

{Ed001's Note - how are they relevant on that alone? Iheanacho comes on for a dominant team against tired legs purely to score goals. Origi often plays wide, when played up front he is usually tasked with holding up the ball and bringing others into play. Origi is the better current player, which is why he has been able to get a run of games while Iheanacho couldn't even when Aguero was injured. Yes one is currently head and shoulders over the other, Origi. That is why Origi has been an established international striker for a country with numerous striker options for a few years now, while Iheanacho has struggled to break into a weak national team.

I really hate this fetish everyone has for lauding other club's prospects as so much better than our own, for no reason other than they don't play for us. It is like the site is populated with Harrys.}

19 May 2017 11:13:38
Love it 001.

19 May 2017 11:27:35
i'd rather put faith in woodburn and wilson.

19 May 2017 12:48:56
Given that Woody and Wilson are already in the squad and Klipperty can choose whoever he wants as forward options, why not trust him when he sees that often Origi is a good option.

It is clear that Klopp will give players a chance. If Woody is "better" or Wilson is "better", or if he feels in the long term it is better to trust the 2 youngsters, he will give them game time.

19 May 2017 13:04:12
It’s got nothing to do with lording other players above our own, it’s to do with making an honest assessment of two players. Iheanacho is two years younger than Origi, he’s a starter and serial scorer for his country and he’s delivered the goods for City when he’s played. Origi can’t get off the bench for Belgium and is fourth choice (at best) behind Lukaku and Benteke, two players you’ve regularly disparaged. He’s been given ample opportunity at Liverpool and has yet to do demonstrate that he’s an effective option leading the line, coming off the bench, playing as a striker or any other role. Origi’s had plenty of opportunity at Liverpool but sooner or later he has to start delivering, not just with goals but his all round game because he’s not at the level we need and, right now, it doesn’t look like he’ll ever get there.

19 May 2017 13:32:18
I'm calling it now Origi hat trick against Boro 😂.

19 May 2017 13:55:14
Wouldn't doubt it ;-)

{Ed001's Note - and how is 8 caps a starter and serial scorer for a country? Crap utter and complete crap. People just make up bollox to keep an argument going. I am done with this idiotic bull Harry style crap. Your post is laughable. Origi has 23 caps for Belgium, not bad for 4th choice is it at his age when most players can't get in the Belgian squad? While the lad you are making up nonsense to support has barely got into a Nigeria squad that has not had a decent striker in years! Maybe you should try supporting our young striker? No wonder we struggle so badly, our own 'supporters' are so quick to jump on the back of youngsters every time they play. And yes you are just like Harry in this argument, this is exactly what he does, makes rash judgements based on a couple of sub appearances and then decide our players need to be replaced based on a five minute sub appearance by another player. All the while conveniently forgetting that our young player also looked fantastic when making those sub appearances.}

19 May 2017 14:24:51
I do agree with ed whole-heartedly with this notion of some of our fans always slating our own players and lauding other players (esp. their rejects or bench warmers) as if they are not on the bench at other teams for a reason.

I'm a Nigerian and it will be easy to pick Iheanacho over Origi by country bias BUT that would b a full rejection of truth. Origi is head and shoulders above Iheanacho and that is a fact. No amount of stats will erode that. Origi is being asked to do a lot more than Iheanacho does, altho he is very talented. Origi is also more experienced having played in a WC, the Euros and a European final.

The kid has all the tools you need to be a great CF as many see him as a blend of Drogba (power and aerial ability) and Therry Henry (pace, footwork and dribbling ability) . Even Rashford is not better than him. Let's just support our own players instead of looking at other team's duds with the warped thinking that they must be better than ours cos they don't play for us.

19 May 2017 16:16:23
Ed, I’m fine with you disagreeing with my opinion but don’t try to undermine my point with chaff about coveting other team's players or not being supportive. Origi has my support, I will cheer him on the pitch, wish him well in all he does and be grateful for the goals he’s scored in the last two years, I will be delighted if I’m wrong in my assessment of him. But if you think his performances for Liverpool or Belgium mark him as a player of high quality then your radar is off.

As for Iheanacho I've been following his progress for a year or so. I even asked ed2 about him a couple of months back. This isn't a knee jerk, I think he may be a special player and if City don't recognize that then I'd be delighted to give him a home.

{Ed001's Note - you are making your assessment of him on sub appearances, yet you forget that Origi was just as good in sub cameo appearances.

Oh and I will say what I like, if you don't like it try showing some support instead of constantly bitching about him with no reason for it. The lad played well last week, yet all you want to do is replace him. If that is support then I give up on football!

Oh and you might want to actually try learning about a player whose progress you claim to have followed for a year or two, then you won't come out with guff about him being a regular for his country after 8 games!

I am happy to give Origi time, it is this knee jerk reaction to young players who don't shine after an initial good start that sees them get consigned to the dustbin far too early. Every young player goes through a tough time, no matter who they are, as the opposition learns their game. The key is to support them and give them time to gain experience so they can improve and become the player they first showed glimpses of.

How long would it be after we signed someone like Iheanacho before you would be after the next youngster to catch your eye when Iheanacho hits a bad patch? Youth development is about showing patience, not discarding them after a bad season. If only United had done that with their youngsters way back when Giggs was struggling and Sharpe was keeping him out of the team! Or when Beckham was going through a tough patch etc. Even great players like Ronaldo and Messi didn't just emerge fully formed and play great from the moment they appeared. Good job you have no role to play in youth development or no players would ever make it as they would all be on the scrapheap in their second season for the next young wunderkind!}

20 May 2017 10:38:43
Putney, I like your posts normally but you are wrong here. Origi is a very promising prospect. Support our players and youngsters cos they are not the finished article for a reason. They a young and will make mistakes and have bad patches. Discarding them just cos they are struggling and fawning over other team's youngsters 9who aren't even better than ours in this case) is pointless.

Please, support Origi cos he's our player (Iheanacho is not) and cos he is going to be here as long as Klopp wants him and you're going to have to deal with that. If you give up on Origi no or any young player now, you do not deserve the player you want him to be.



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