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24 May 2017 13:10:31
The Clyne bashing on this site is reaching absurd levels, somebody posted today that he's been stealing a career. Not only is that ridiculous but it's downright insulting to a guy who's given nothing less than 100% in his three years with the club.

I respect the view that right back is a position we could improve on but Clyne is not a terrible player. The way people on here talk about him makes it sound like he trips over his feet every time the ball comes near him.

Clyne is one of, if not, the best athletes I've seen at the club. He's solid defensively, composed on the ball and tidy in possession. His weakness is in the final third but seeing how he's a defender that's not the biggest sin. We might have a new right back next season but don't set your expectations too high. There are few managers in the world who ask as much from their fullbacks as Klopp so anyone we bring in is going to find the going tough.

{Ed002's Note - He is a Liverpool player - what do you expect here.}

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24 May 2017 13:23:44
1 assist all year, no goals- stats don't lie
Need an improvement
Supporters are entitled to air their opinions about any player
Criticism doesn't equate to bashing.
I'm sure if he stays on we will continue to support him but if a player has weaknesses and areas where he needs improving we shall continue to point this out.

24 May 2017 13:30:39
I think with some players it gets to the point that no matter what they do that is right, certain fans' opinions have been set. Also many have, unknowingly, a herd mentality. Once criticism of a player becomes the norm it's easy for anyone with a criticism to post and harder for anyone with a positive view to go aginst the flow and express it.

24 May 2017 13:31:09
Spot on, Putney. But Mingnolet has improved now, Moreno has been benched and Can scored a wonder goal. If Clyne moves on in the summer it could be Woodburns turn next.

24 May 2017 13:34:49

He is a left back not a winger. There are plenty of other full backs who haven't scored at all this season.

{Ed001's Note - but he also can't defend. Solid defensively would mean he was not targeted by every opposition manager as a weak link. Unfortunately Clyne is deficient defensively. He is a good athlete but he can't leap, which creates another issue as long crosses towards his side of the pitch are a danger. His positioning is poor, which doesn't help, as he always gets drawn in too narrow and so is having to backpedal to try and get to a deep header.

He is a good athlete, he does give his all, but he is simply not good enough and has to be replaced. We can't keep carrying players that have to be pushed out of the box on set pieces as they are utterly unable to do anything other than get in the way when we are defending them.

The guys you want outside the box are attackers who can burst forward and threaten an opposing team, meaning they have to keep players back to cover against a break. We have to put Clyne there, meaning teams are able to put an extra body in the box.}

24 May 2017 14:32:17

As it's my post that has clearly got you riled, I'll expand a little.

Clyne is technically poor, has very little in the way of a footballing brain and is lacking in positional sense. His speed/ athleticism gets him out of jail on occasions, which leads a lot of people into believing that he is defensively sound.

He offers absolutely nothing in terms of an outlet, repetitively taking the easy option and passing the ball back inside to Matip/ Can, instead of trying to exploit the space afforded to us in wide areas, particularly by the lesser teams who generally sit deep and narrow.

Anything played forward is usually a hopeful clip down the line into space. Having played to a fairly decent standard, you know when you're a little bit out of your depth, and it's probably affecting his confidence on the ball.

He also disrupts our tempo at times, as his technical deficiencies aren't conducive to one touch interchanges around the edge of the box or swift counter attacking football, often slowing down the play while he takes a couple of touches to control the ball or deciding what he's going to do next.

I won't dwell on his crossing or movement in the oppositions half, as it's not even a debate.

Defensively, Ed001 has already touched on his aerial weaknesses and questionable positioning, but in my opinion, he also lacks a bit of bravery. He completely bottled several challenges against Middleborough, particularly in the first half, and that, especially as a 'defender' and in such an important game, isn't on.

I have nothing against the guy, and I agree that he gives his all, but unfortunately his 'all' isn't good enough.

The "stealing a living" remark was below the belt and likely fueled by the frustration of watching him play.

It'd be easier to encourage him if he didn't insist on that silly haircut :-)

Onward and upwards.

24 May 2017 16:12:37
I like him and think he does his best which is all we can ever ask for from a player. I have never seen him him as much (if any at all) of an upgrade on Glen Johnson.

As a few people have said he doesn't suit the system JK wants to play so we should try and replace him. Wish him all the best if he moves on too.

Did you know he has a tattoo of himself?! Weird, no?

24 May 2017 18:01:57
He's bashed because he's been poor this season and needs replacing. Poor defensively and generally clueless in the final third. Get rid move on. Stoke should buy him ✊🏼.

{Ed025's Note - thats a terrible thing to wish on stoke reaper.. :)

24 May 2017 18:57:18
Id say its more important to get a partner for Matip then replacing Clyne.

24 May 2017 19:25:20
Clyne is poor, end of story. If you think he is being unfairly slated then you need to watch the games and se what others like myself, have seen which shows that Clyne is poor in all facets of the game, period.

Being a good athlete and giving your all is nonsense cos any individual can do that if you paid him half of what Clyne is on, regardless of his skill set. It was this type of warped thinking that kept a hapless CB like Skrtel in the team for almost a decade.

Clyne is not good enough and the fact that he has to be moved out of the box in set piece situations, shows that he is a liability defensively. The guy needs to go and Klopp doesn't care how much of your all you give. if you can't hack it, you'll be gone, no exceptions.

24 May 2017 19:59:25
He has tried his best and it should be appreciated, as should his ability to be constantly available, much the same as we have appreciated Lucas's attempts over his time with the club. But the fact is his position is one where vast improvement can be made quite easily. Nothing against him as a person, his effort is outstanding, but can we, SHOULD we, as a team aiming for consistent CL qualification, trophies and building towards consistent title challenges, have a full back that is limited in both defence and attack. The ruthless, honest and business answer I'm afraid is no. No-one would argue if we replaced coutinho with Neymar. Same difference. As Ed says, players are transitional members of staff. If they don't improve they get replaced. Simple, harsh but true. We should be thankful for he effort and say goodbye With mutual respect and no hard feelings.

24 May 2017 20:45:50
N Red, no one's saying you can't decide if a player's good enough or not, it's the snide petty digs which are unacceptable. Fans shouldn't talk about their players that way.

25 May 2017 00:09:38

Get off the fence, fella.

Ultimately, we all want Liverpool to succeed but we haven't won a trophy for five years.

I'd love to pretend everything is rosey and constantly massage the players ego's, but we haven't been good enough, although I do feel like we're getting there.

This is a 'banter' site/ open forum, people's opinions are going to be divided, get over it.

25 May 2017 07:16:39
Lacey, it's not banter when you're mocking someone who can't answer back, it's abuse.

{Ed001's Note - it depends on how it is meant. Banter and abuse always has a fine line between it. I mean what is banter between my mates in real life would be abuse if you and I said those things to each other, but between mates it is banter. Best not to get too stressed about it as some people just do not understand the fine lines.}

25 May 2017 07:53:07
Got it Ed, just had my buttons pushed is all.

{Ed001's Note - I know mate, but sometimes you have to give the benefit of the doubt and assume it is tongue in cheek or you will just get wound up. It is really not worth getting wound up over words on a screen.}



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