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02 Jun 2017 13:12:07
Our targets are a lot more exciting than a few years back! Do remember a time existed when we were consistently linked with Carlton Cole.

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02 Jun 2017 13:46:10
Such as? Salah who failed in the prem already, Robertson who was relegated with Hull and Oxlade-Chamberlain who is mostly injured and can't get regular football at Arsenal. Maybe the prospect of £50m plus on VVD is one to excited about? BUT we all know he's neither exciting or worth £50m.

This reminds me when we won the CL and didn't bother to spring on. We should be looking at Mendy, Mbappe, Grizman and players that take us to the next level. We have money, a top coach and FINALLY CL football and i've listed the 'quality' we're aiming for.

{Ed025's Note - whoah back max, the players you want with addons, wages, agents fees tax and vat will exceed £ need to lay off that football manager game mate..

02 Jun 2017 14:08:39
I don't think even Football Manager allows such ridiculous dealings. Fifa maybe.
It's as if people think that qualifying for CL gave us this treasure box of gold and apparently we should now only be looking at 100 million players.
Really ridiculous. But then again the same people cried over Gini and Mane last season.

02 Jun 2017 14:20:18
I like our targets, would prefer keita over ox but beggars can't be choosers. People forget we already have a good team, we are adding quality for depth.

02 Jun 2017 14:41:48
I agree Carlton, the likes of VVD, Salah, Keita and Mendy are the calibre you want to be genuinely linked with. People bagging Salah really need to get a grip and look at his performance stats for Roma and watch some clips. He is an absolute weapon. Watch his goal for Fiorentina against Juventus. He failed at Chelsea because was only 21 and personally wasn't ready for the adjustment.

I agree the likes of Robertson are underwhelming, but he's not exactly a priority target.

02 Jun 2017 15:02:28
The point is ed.

Any of griezman, mbabbe, mendy, auba, laporte etc on there own make us bettee than a ton of.

Robertson, vvd, tymon, probably even salah.

So 400 mil on 6 players or 150 on one (all the fees that is)

Say 40 million mendy, wages addons.

He will make lovren better. Whoever plays on the lw better. Will add more crosses and danger. he's a top level player.

This is what we always do. Year after yesr.

Can i just ask does none remember the following

Ballo, lallana, markovic, can, lovren, moreno, lambert and manquillo.

There all ok players. Even lallana isn't world class. Great for us but one of at that time. sanchez, groezzman, mane etc would of taken uo a level.

Salah, robertson, tymon, vvd, oxlade.

Does noone see the resemblanc3.

Lovren was meant to change our entire defence. Vvd is coming from southampton wheres h3s been less than great. 50 million is time to walk away.

How mucb on a scale of 100 is he an upgrade on lovren. Unless its 100 then there's no point.

Mendy how much of an upgrade is he on milner or moreno. get my drift

Then what hapoens is you now have your squad lb in milner.

Should never buy under quality of what you have. always higher and the lesser player becomes the squad player.

02 Jun 2017 16:24:22
Super in the real world there are depts to manage and opex costs to consider. While you may feel we should be targeting those players we may simply not be able to afford it with current wage bill. Have to also consider whether those targets want to come and if they do what their wage expectations are agents fees, add ons etc. We are simply not in the same bracket as citeh or chelski and we can't offer the mega wages.

Maybe its best to lower you expectations especially as we have a rookie to football chief exec handling negotiations. Bound to have a few f@#k ups in his first few tries. Lol.

02 Jun 2017 17:08:06
The bit I'm confused about is the throwing the kitchen sink at Southampton to sign VVD, when CB is not a priority, but letting Mendy slip through our fingers when we were so desperate for a LB that we shoehorned a CM/ winger in there last season. I'll reserve judgement on the rest for now. I don't think spending £100+ million on a show pony ego like Greizmann is a good shout, not Klopps style, but I don't think we should be scrimping on priority positions like LB or LW.

02 Jun 2017 17:12:13
Honestly who is using numbers as letters in 2017? Weird.

02 Jun 2017 17:53:24
Fact is we bid for Mbappe, we showed real interest in Mendy. You buy cheap you buy twice. Why buy Robertson at £10m and Sessengnon (not ready) £15m when we could have the real deal ready and possibly the best in Mendy for £40m. We'd only need him. For years we'd be covered and have the best LB.
What do the actual top sides do? Buy top level quality in one or two positions elevate the squad, continue to compete and continue to have CL football so each window a top level player arrives. Money makes money. We either want to be back on top winning everything like we used to and take this opportunity or again miss it. Don't think Man. city, Utd Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal won't be buying top names. That's five into four already and Everton will have cash. None of these teams are buying Ox, Robertson and the like.

02 Jun 2017 18:57:11
Max and super are right.

We've done the same thing for years. When was the last time we had a quality left back? How many have we bought over the past 10 years at what cost?

You can make this point for a number of positions all through our first 11.

We'd be better off this summer buying a quality proven striker and nothing else as opposed to 3-4 players who may make our first 11.

I can see us heading into the league with firmino playing as a 9 again. I really like firmino but not as a 9 because he isn't a 9 and he isn't a 25-30 premier league goals a season player, and teams rarely win titles without one.

02 Jun 2017 20:16:48
How can people want a LB more than a CB? The centre back position is a much more important. No team wins the Prem without a top class CB, unless they have a world class DM in front, as Leicester had Kante. Van Dijk was arguably the best defender in the Prem before he got injured so will surely help a defence that has been leaking goals.

Sure, LB is important too since Milner is currently playing there, but there's a reason why CBs are generally more expensive. I'm sure we will buy a LB too, but if we have to settle for a mediocre one if it means bringing in Van Dijk, so be it.

And to people saying they'd rather have a striker than Van Dijk, did you not watch LFC play last season? We scored more than enough goals, and I'm sure Salah will add even more to that. Our biggest problem is conceding stupid goals, so it makes a lot of sense to make Van Dijk a priority. He might not be as exciting as Mbappe, but he's exactly what we need right now.

{Ed025's Note - no argument from me ryan mate..

02 Jun 2017 20:41:21
Wouldn't say Salah failed in the PL. He was 21 when he moved here, was only actually playing for Chelsea for 12 months, and the team was very competitive. People forget that players can get better.

02 Jun 2017 21:07:07
MAx and Mane are just moaners! VVD is just Paper talk too.

02 Jun 2017 22:28:04
Ok few things.

Man united won the league with evans and fletcher.

We couldn't win it with agger, carragher and alonso, also gerrard, macherano, torres, reina.

Vvd is not the league.

We were sailing last year start with matip and lovren they were solid with hendo in front. Are weaknesses as have been noted all over the f###$$%%%$$ park where at full back. Jisy beczuse someone throws a shiny spoon at you doesn't mean you need it.

Sign vvd and he will still have a crap lb and matip will still have a crap rb.

Cant polish a turd and all that.

We signes lovren instead of a top lb and thay worked out well, he was one of the too 3 cbs in the league when we got him. everyone was buzzing but put him next to a poor quality lb and he's not going to be good is he.

We have money, this is the real world. We are about to spend 50 million on a cb with a lot of questions marks over him, not to mention been out since jan with an ankle injury.

We are not imagining macca coming on and confirming mendy was a real option, also ed saying that another fullback deal (perieria) has been shifted because vvd has thrown himself at us.

Mendy was and always will be the beter option for us now. Lovren and matip with proper full backs will be better.

You think its clever to come on making out where all talking crap but you jist come across as a bit of a whopper.

Dont patronise us because we don't go with the flow and actually raise issues with things. i mean does your mum still do your washing, if so i apologise for coming across quite strongly. The real world isn't so straight forward that where just sheep who agree eith everything.

Liverpool in my opinion "am i still entitled to that? " Are making a serious mistake choosing vvd over mendy. Mendy should of been the priority and if we use all our budget then so be it.



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