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03 Jun 2017 20:34:44
Why do fans think salah would be a good signing? 40 million to compete with Mane? He's a right winger. I'm reading comments online of people drooling over his potential signing saying him and mane will light up the wings. Salah will be playing out of position then if he's playing on the left which is absurd . He's nowhere near as effective playing on the left because he loves to cut in and shoot with his left foot.

Also he's been playing well in a slow below average Italian league. He struggled In England before to settle in I believe?

It's a strange potential signing. We have positions that need serious improvement. I didn't believe we needed any attackers in with reguards to who was available.
A left winger if possible but brandt doesn't look like happening so signing Salah makes little sense to me.

Our wing play will improve to no ends regardless of manes absence if we address right and left back. Defenders who can defend and get forward and exploit the space. Milner needs seriously competition and Clyne needs replaced with the replacement fighting with young Arnold for game time.

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03 Jun 2017 20:41:09
Hmm but you were against Wijnaldum and Mane signing last summer too Big Al so.? 😉.

03 Jun 2017 20:49:25
Mané can play on the left, so if salah were to move I reckon klopp wants to play salah on right. Winger needed because we were ineffective against low block teams, so we need pace to penetrate. We will probably drop coutinho in midfield because he is an excellent distributer. Just my opinion but think a great signing.

03 Jun 2017 20:58:41
Personally I'm fed up of right wingers and I'm hoping the rest of the country is too. Make June the end of May! Oh what you mean a footballer? Fairly sure salah could swap sides and be atleast as effective. Plus the thought might be the play mane as a striker to get him more central? No idea personally but klopp knows better than me and big al. Strong and stable my arse.

03 Jun 2017 21:04:36
Salah will be a great addition to the squad. Plenty of games next season so he is a good but expensive buy. If mane is unavailable it does make sense.
I assumed sturridge was staying. That's looking unlikely atm.
I was NEVER against mane signing. I said he had an attitude that worried me and thought he was expensive. His price looks like nothing now with today's market.
I'm still unconvinced with wijnaldim. Though he hasn't been anything special he had a solid season as a whole.

03 Jun 2017 21:19:48
Lallana played left forward when we signed him. Milner played right wing. Wijnaldum played left midfield. Mane played left wing. Firmino played attacking midfield. Sturridge (barely) played right forward. Henderson played right midfield. Can played left back. Origi played left forward. Coutinho played attacking midfield.

So please explain why you believe a players position at their previous club has any bearing on how we will use them?

Maybe Salah will be used on the left, just like how Mane was switched by Klopp to the right. Or maybe Mane will go back to his overall career preferred position on the left to make room for Salah on the right? Who knows.

Their really is no point in worrying over how we will line up. Klopp picks the players to fit how he wants to play. If you think we will break our transfer record and with the intention of putting Salah on the bench, then you are beyond saving!

03 Jun 2017 21:22:49
Full of cheer big al.

03 Jun 2017 21:26:55
thinking about how we played last season, i think its going to be a fluid front 3, or front 2 really Al.

atleast that's how i see it, i would think either mane or salah would be able to play on either side.

03 Jun 2017 21:37:45
I agree with Tadders on this one.

Mane has had success playing on the left side at times in seasons gone by, in the same way you're saying Salah is effective cutting in from the right. Who knows what Klopp's thinking.

Yes he was here with Chelsea a couple of seasons back, but just bear in mind his age. he's still only 24 now, its not that unbelievable that a player that didn't settle well and, at only 21/ 22 at the time, didn't set the league alight. I think you're being overly critical if those are your expectations. You're making the Italian league out to be far poorer than it is. Plenty of decent defences in the Serie A.

Al, you were definitely super negative with Wijnaldum at the time, as were a lot of us, not sure about Mane but if puzzled's right that wouldn't be an odd thing either, plenty of us were unsure of that too. You have to argue in this regard that we've got to give Klopp the benefit of the doubt i reckon. I know he made a couple of stinkers, mainly with Caulker and potentially Klavan. but the majority of the bigger signings he's got them right and its not like he's had bad success previously in the transfer market. He's made some remarkably astute buys and he's shown he's clearly a good coach in terms of development.

In terms of the fullbacks let's just wait until we've got some rock solid proof/ bids in place before panicking. Still early days yet surely.

03 Jun 2017 21:39:40
I think mendy, keita and van dijk are top drawer players squizza who we've shown interest in. Van dijk looking the only one likely from them. Mendy is a massive disappointment. He should have been ours.
Salahs a good player.
Robertsons a poor player, ox is a waste of any amount of money.

03 Jun 2017 21:40:50
Do you watch us play l? Left wing right wing centre forward whatever they're just starting positions the players rotates all over the place.

03 Jun 2017 21:46:15
No problem with big al expressing his concern, its what these pages are for. But i disagree, he can he a very good addition to the squad. I also agree with mk, i can see mane playing on the left with is having two inverted wingers. Just have to wait and see what klopp plans for him really, if he signs.

03 Jun 2017 21:49:53
Salah on the right and mane on the left. Different games, different opposition, different options ay lad.

03 Jun 2017 22:11:38
Anyone notice how poor we were without any pace when Mane was out through injury or AFCON? Because it stuck out a mile.

03 Jun 2017 22:35:11
We need to sign Kieta!

03 Jun 2017 22:51:11
I feel having the 2 mane and salah a left and right footed they can switch it up all the time and be a nightmare to defend against wether they cut in to shoot sting foot or take it outside and cross whilst on other side it's exiting prospect to our already top scoring front line.

03 Jun 2017 22:53:16
Everyone does realise Salah is Left footed don't they?



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