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07 Jun 2017 12:21:26
Latest reports suggesting Saints now want £75m for VVD which LFC refuse to meet. They're hoping to trigger a bidding war, knowing that Citeh could quite easily afford that without making the slightest dent in their transfer fund. We could probably get Aubemeyang for that money with a bit of convincing from Klopp.

Do we think the VVD deal will fall through? I have nasty feeling we're going to be priced out of both Salah and Van Dyjk deals? Which given the press coverage of this would make us a laughing stock!

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07 Jun 2017 12:33:40
He rejected City and I don't know why would City come back to him again?

07 Jun 2017 13:17:55
This rumoured price originates with Th Mirror.

I'm saying nothing more.

07 Jun 2017 13:21:03
Heavy metal, so you are more concerned about other fans thinking we are a laughing stock, than getting the right players for the right price. Just let the club do their business before panic sets in.

07 Jun 2017 13:39:38
Heavy, I propose you stop caring about what other fans think or what other clubs are doing in the TW cos news flash: they don't care about what we are doing. Remember also that, VVD came to us via his agent. We did not go to him initially so the ball is in our court if this rumour is true which I doubt judging by its source. Just let the club do it's work. We will be fine.

07 Jun 2017 15:49:19
Great stuff! And I've never really worried about what other fans think, it was more a point I was makig which is mainly around our fans giving it the big'un on Twitter that we have our man over Citeh! But we could potentially lose out on two of Klopp's main targets! I have absolute faith that both Klopp and FSG will get the right players in for our wonderful club come close of transfer window! :) cheers guys!

07 Jun 2017 16:48:50
I remember Southampton putting silly transfer fees on all our previous signings from them, £40mil for Lovren, £35mil Lallana, £25mil Clyne. It's just what they do like they have a moan to the premier league, it's just to appease fans and try and get a few more quid in negotiations. We will likely end up getting VVD for between £45-55mil possibly £40mil ish with add ons up to £50mil odd. Transfers are complex, and clubs use every bargaining tool they can to get best deal for there club and appease fans. Suarez to Barcelona now was it £75 mil or £63 mil. sound familiar?

{Ed002's Note - You are an embarrassing idiot. If Liverpool has yet again broken the rules about tapping a player up it is LIVERPOOL AT FAULT AND LIVERPOOL THAT DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED. All of this trying to blame someone else is cretinous. The club has to change and start to behave responsibly.}

07 Jun 2017 18:36:03
Bit harsh Ed,

I wasn't saying Southampton are to blame, but also I'm not saying Liverpool are guilty or innocent either, we're yet to know what's gone on and when the news broke one of the Eds said there was no reason to believe anything has been done by us, if that's changed then I'm not defending us as we've been guilty in the of not conducting ourselves well in the past, hence the Fulham situation and the issues with the youth ban. I'd just hope that the club wouldn't be so stupid as to put themselves in that situation again.
My point I was trying to get across, and maybe poorly, was that selling teams often try to appease fans by upping the transfer price to when there in a difficult position to keep the player, as we did with Suarez. It was meant more of a go at all the doom and gloomers jumping on the "we've lost out again" bandwagon.

{Ed002's Note - The club and the manager both have a history of tapping up players.}

07 Jun 2017 18:52:37
I knew we'd had our problems in the past but admittedly I didn't know Klopp has. It just seems so ridiculous that a club our size is still tapping up players after it being publicly known in the past. Wouldn't someone who's been involved in it in the past be sacked and replaced? Sorry if that seems a silly question Ed but in a multi million pound business surely heads must roll if somebody within is causing damage to a business reputation.

{Ed025's Note - its a poor show john..

07 Jun 2017 19:05:29
"Liverpool Football Club would like to put on record our regret over recent media speculation regarding Southampton Football Club and player transfers between the two clubs. We apologise to the owner, board of directors and fans of Southampton for any misunderstanding regarding Virgil van Dijk. We respect Southampton’s position and can confirm we have ended any interest in the player. "

Oh well! Looks like we have lost out on VVD! Marvellous!

07 Jun 2017 19:14:08
So it seems Ed sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought it was generally just a ploy to appease fans as many teams have in the past. I've got to say now it's just broke that all interest in VVD has ended that's it's very disappointing that because past mistakes have not been learnt we've now had to pull out of a top target and a top player in my opinion by all accounts who wanted to play for us. I just hope this doesn't have a knock on effect on our plans this summer with other clubs.
Just a final question Ed as I know your going to get hammered not that news has broke, what would tapping up be classed as?, I know a secret meeting with player and agent would be, but say a chance meeting at a football event an the manager saying I'd love you in our team or for example an international team mate saying our Sanger rates you, come sign for us, would such comments like that class as tapping up? Sorry for the ignorance I just don't understand the ins and outs.

{Ed002's Note - Agents can and do talk to clubs all of the time about the players they represent and that is fine. A representative of a club making any approach to a player (either though an agent or not) is tapping up.}



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