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02 Jul 2017 10:02:59
Arsenal fan here, Sunday Times are reporting Oxlade-Chamberlain has turned down a new contract at Arsenal. Arsenal more likely to sell now than risk leaving on a free so the move to Liverpool is looking likely despite their other transfer activity. Deciding factor was likely to be a decision based on Liverpool offering him a starting spot at CM (we all know how that turned out with Milner. ) .

Personal thoughts are that he's got promise, but nowhere near good enough to be demanding a starting spot at a top 6 club yet, much less in a position he's hit and miss in. Good luck to him if he goes (with the obligatory not-against-his-old-club-though)

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02 Jul 2017 10:25:53
If we stick him in centre midfield, prepare for the sort of humpings that Arsenal got by Bayern or England against France.

02 Jul 2017 10:54:05
Hanson, I understand your constant repeating of the same lines, but I have to say Arsenal usually play 2 midfielders and a CAM. We play one deep lying midfielder and 2 pushing on. It's a completely different midfield outlook. Remember when we realised Hendo is more than capable in a midfield 3, but in a midfield 2 he struggled. And the exact same thing with Gigi, in holland he played in a 3 and was excellent, but not many thought he could for us due to his Newcastle days. I believe Klopp thinks the same for the Ox, and I think in a midfield 3 the way we set up will help him flourish. He also played in a midfield 2 for England. So personally, I don't think your argument against his capabilities in midfield are relevant UNLESS we plan to play him in a 2, then it's a fair point.

02 Jul 2017 12:01:47
Our midfield plays very differently. If you listen to Klopp his system has a holding midfielder and then forward of that is quite fluid and just requires pace and energy.
In defense he focusses in closing down in groups and only allowing small passing channels to increase the chance of a mistake, tackle or interception.
He soke about it at length in an interview on Friday night football or something earlier in the season. He explained how his team pivots on his #6, a DM and the rest is pretty fluid.
In a system like that Oxlade-Chamberlains weaknesses aren't really exposed. Lallana isn't known for his defensive abilities but is one if our best at Geggen Pressing. I think OX could be used in a similar fashion if it does happen.
Have faith in Klopp, he can do what he wants going forward for me. Its LB I'm concerned about.

02 Jul 2017 12:02:16
Ox is not being garunteed a starting cm spot. Ox is being offered a squad role with a fair amount of games.

Naby keita is the target for a first 11 cm role. Talks are going well.

02 Jul 2017 12:10:11
TIA there is absolutely nothing to suggest he has the skills, intelligence of ability to play in the middle. Either as three or a two man midfield. Against Bayern he was part of a three man central midfield. So the argument that he would somehow flourish is weak given the facts. This is just a case of his ego and opinion of his own ability being greater than the sum of his limited ability, in the same way Beckham wanted to play in the middle yet failed when played there, they simply lack the intelligence and skills to play there. His best position is on the bench as an impact player at best.

02 Jul 2017 12:13:27
Andy, the system relies upon midfielders having intelligence about their game, something that Ox is severely lacking.

02 Jul 2017 12:24:56
11 cm role? Jeez didn't realise he was that small!

02 Jul 2017 13:13:47
Arsenal plays with a stopper and he is still crap! Liverpool don't play with a stopper in the first place. He is positinally woeful to play in the middle especially for a team who will push both CM high up and down. Just coz he runs faster than light doesn't make him a good footballer.
I agree with Hansens. He is not good enough or looked up by Wenger to play in the middle in the long absence of Carzola. He is not even wanted at Arsenal now. They will sell him and add a few to bring one top class CM.
Why would we need him? A failed English winger who wants to play CM, not in million years he would pick a pass!

02 Jul 2017 13:15:43
He's tint masrshy.

02 Jul 2017 13:22:46
Hanson I completely agree he's best as an impact sub, I said that a few weeks back. But I also think you're underestimating klopps coaching skills. He may have struggled in a midfield 3 against Bayern Munich playing in an arsene wenger system that they rarely play, but that does not mean Klopp isn't capable of helping him to flourish in that role, and stats from Klopps past coaching backs that up (Adam lallana to name one) so it is not a weak argument given the facts, I've just considered more factors. And that wasn't me comparing lallana as I know he's much more intelligent and technically gifted but it's more that Klopp arguably transformed him last season from a silky, 'slow the game down' winger to a gegen pressing, fast thinking midfielder. He also did a similar transormation of Gigi, who most labelled lazy at Newcastle, ended up being one of our most hard working midfielders.

02 Jul 2017 13:38:54

Exactly He is Ward working infact our entire midfield is hard working. We lack Quality and Why we rely on Coutinho so much! Klopp like him coz he has pace and is physically strong. Let's not even talk about Quality.
Working hard is not a skill set, it's a mandatory. Picking someone's movement between the lines or launching a 30 yard pass to pick your Mendy's or Robertson is your SKILLSET. That's what you want from your Center Mid rest all are secondary!

02 Jul 2017 13:59:45
I didn't mention the Oxs workrate once then, I was explaining how Klopp transformed Gigi from a perceived lazy midfielder to a very hard working one. We don't know what Klopp sees in him yet, to my knowledge he hasn't spoke about it. I actually think the Ox has good vision, he tends to know the runs his teammates make, and feeds them more often than not, he needs to do it more consistently yes but I think Klopps the ideal coach to help achieve that. while he may be no Coutinho, I think his game can be worked on by Klopp and I believe it's possible for it to work successfully. Especially if he is to be used as an impact or replacement due to a first 11s injury/ loss of form. Just my views I guess.

02 Jul 2017 14:00:44
Really Harry, picking someone's movement from 30yards is all you need from your centre midfielder? Can we get Charlie Adam back please. Not saying Ox is a good CM but your judgement of a good CM is baffling most times. Can you not judge a player until he actually plays because no one knows it all, its all a guessing game.

02 Jul 2017 16:09:18
The first 11cm are often the most important.

That initial burst of speed can make or break a player.

02 Jul 2017 16:30:34
Akinwalexykopite I've seen Oxlade play centre midfield and he looks utterly out of his depth. So why blow a substantial amount of money on someone who not only has delusions of playing a position he doesn't have the skills for (his positional sense is awful, his passing range and vision is poor, he can't tackle and play passes him by), I seriously do not get why people are getting excited about a player Arsenal aren't particularly fussed about keeping.

02 Jul 2017 17:07:50
Akin, if an LFC midfielder does not play like David Silva, Moussa Dembele or Santi Carzola, the he's not good enough. Ox is a failed winger who wants to play at CM. Is that a joke? At LFC where he will be going against Couts, Hendo, Can, Lallana and Grujic? If he wants to be an impact sub or if Klopp can fix him then great. If he really thinks he can start ahead of those guys then he is seriously losing it.

TIA, you are wrong about Wiji. Wiji has more ability in his left toe than Ox has in his whole body. Wiji was never lazy. That is patently false. Wiji's role changed when he came to LFC as he played the Allen role but with better quality and end product. His only knock was that he lacked the fight needed to avoid relegation with Newcastle and so did a lot of Newcastle players as well. Ox wants to start at CM as well. There is no way he starts ahead of the guys mentioned above as he is frankly not better than them in any shape or form, Klopp magic or not.

03 Jul 2017 01:21:37
I think that if you look at the kind of players the club have been linked to, Klopp wants a faster transition. Our attack almost always dies when the midfield passes wide to a fullback. A mobile midfielder like Keita or Ox drives with the ball. So rather than the opposition resetting as we pass sideways, a midfielder of this kind will commit defenders. I'm hopeful that we will be more efficient in the coming season.

03 Jul 2017 01:23:20
I am sorry mate we have see Ox playing for Arsenal and my judgment muck like half of the site is pretty much the same. He he simply not good enough to play as a CM.

Charlie Adam couldn't pick a pony let alone a player. Xabi Alonso, Paul scholes, Xavi, Steven Gerrard, Michel Carrick.

If it was very easy to pick someone's run with an inch perfect pass then everyone would have been a Center midfielder by now. A CM typically dictates the game and that is where he judged at. Not by the distance covered!

Csec Fabregas had more impact from the subs than Ox. Fact!

03 Jul 2017 01:27:28
Klopps midfielders along with the rest of the team defend as a unit, pressing the opposition to force an error.
The day of the quarter back midfielder at LFC went with Stevie.

New exciting times.

Ps. I brought my family on the Anfield tour yesterday and was absolutely blown away by the new stand and improvements around rhe ground.
I can't praise the staff and club enough for their efforts.

A brilliant experience and great value at 50 Quid for a family of five. Well worth the money

My wallet took a bigger hit afterwards in the shop, 2 junior new home shirts and 1 junior new away shirt @ 42 quid each.

But my kids delighted faces wearing the new clobber bought at Anfield to me is priceless.

The club has a lovely area for the 96 ; to me it shows what LFC is still all about.

In our tour group of about 20 people there were people from around the world. Swedish. Malaysian. English
Irish. Austrailian and Japenese. And some I can't remember.

It just shows you the global reach of the club.



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