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06 Jul 2017 09:54:53
Hi all fellow reds

Don't post much but thought I'd add a post regarding people's comments on our transfer activity.
Whilst like most other fans/ supporters I check daily on here and any other source I can for any news on transfers. Only natural for us to want the best possible squad to get back to where we used to be. However some people on here seem deluded or quite arrogant towards transfers. Yes we are a big club, yes we have an amazing history one of the best in football, yes we have a respected manager who players want to work with, but this doesn't translate to every footballer mentioned in my transfer gossip coming to us, wanting to come to us or us wanting them, there are better teams out there unfortunately who have more pulling power than us and also handle their transfer activity without tapping up, with out under bidding by tens of millions and who don't take the piss out of other teams.
We have become an embarrassment in transfers and are probably avoided by teams in business or the are quite right to add extra fees on so as not to report us to fifa.
I want the best squad available and I'd rather Liverpool fc went about their business so quietly and respectfully that no one had any gossip than have what we have now.
I've no doubt we will get players in, I've no doubt unless they are world class most people on here will slate them b4 they even kick a ball for us.
Every one needs to accept that as a club we have a lot to put right with transfers including klopps comments and obvious tapping up. Whilst a good manager we obviously haven't learned about keeping our manager quiet since brs attempts at speaking to the press.
Until we learn and change the way we do our business we risk paying over the odds or being avoided, in the meen time we all just need to sit back stop asking the same question over and over again about every player who gets transferred so the eds don't explode.
Hopefully we will get a couple of defensive targets in and leave it at that. Don't need anything else so why spend more debt for players we don't need.

Sorry for rant/ long post but why oh why ask about every player every day


{Ed025's Note - you need to post more mate..

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06 Jul 2017 10:04:24
Gordy and lifelong. two excellent posts today. Nice to see some fans with some sence. If im ohnest i believe fifa and fm put these dreams in peoples heads that just aren't reality. Oh yea and caughtoffside they had me going for a bit once!

06 Jul 2017 10:23:20
Solid post pal.

06 Jul 2017 10:32:01
Very good post mate, I couldn't agree more.

06 Jul 2017 10:36:47
I think we should not always be Kloppite like we do on here. He might get us the title but he is a clown. An adamant one at that. now i don't doubt that he will get us to the top, but i think it is more FSG pumping money into the club to buy more than decent players for every position that will get us there.
His style has been found out way too many times. His pressing leaves our defense horribly exposed. he yaps too much to too many people. he is breaking rules. he has told the world about our transfer targets. He is over friendly and not astute. he has lied to few players young ones at that. He does not consider rotation in squad much.
the only quality i see in him as a manager is he could be great motivator and a good friend to the players. he might have improved a few of them though that also speaks a lot about the player.
I think with the team form we had last season any manager could have got us top 4. if anything i didn't see anything from him when we had our January phase. no changes tactically or on team sheet. no particular chances to youth when we needed a new spark. ( To be very fair i understand he did not have options either)
I think a lot of fans just see Klopp with tinted glasses.

Our attack has improved because of the quality of players we have had in attack in last 4-5 seasons.
BR had us almost win the league and most people attribute it two quality of suarez and studger but last year we got top 4 because of klopp? bullsh*t*, it was again the quality of players in attack we had.

We have never really replaced RAFA. So RAFA back please.
On serious note our manager too has to pull his socks up to LFC level. This is not dortmund, this is not bundesliga. This is LFC and friendliness and clowning around, utter casusalness doesn't work here. He needs to be shrewd, commanding and he needs to dominate these press meets giving nothing away. He needs to get angry, very f****ng angry this season.

06 Jul 2017 11:29:17
So you suggest people not to post anything on the site? The site name is liverpool transfer rumors, what else should someone do here?

06 Jul 2017 12:01:45
Fantastic post Lifelongred.

06 Jul 2017 12:03:38
You don't remember Rafas reign that well if you think rotation is the way forward. He was a constant tinkerer with his first eleven and it drove a lot of the fans crazy. Player purchases were often dubious and, despite all the years he had with us, he never won the league either.
Ill always hold Rafa in high regard for winning the Champions League and for being big-hearted outside of the game but you are not going to find solutions by looking backwards. Time to move on from Rafa.

06 Jul 2017 12:27:29
Akshit, I disagree with parts of your post. The idea that our team improving under Klopp is due to the quality of the players he has, and not to him Or that we improved due to the players' quality and not to him, is patently false and dishonest. "Any manager could have gotten us top 4 last season" is simply wrong with no basis in reality. If that was the case, why did BR fail to do that with the very same core of players he had and got rightly sacked for it?

Let me remind you that before Klopp came to us, we were 11th and BR was putting out utter dross on the pitch with the very same players we have now (at least most of them) . The very same players that he was trashing in the media whenever he was under pressure to save his own ego.

Many thought that Can, Firmino, Lallana, Hendo, Lovren and Migs, were useless and needed to be gone BUT now, they are our spine. BR could get nothing done with these players in the 14/ 15 and early in the 15/ 16 seasons BUT Klopp got them playing better, got to two ( a European final) cup finals (I know, we didn't win BUT to get there alone with the team we had was very good) while scoring a shed load of goals. Who do you think did all that? That would be Klopp. Does he have his flaws? Absolutely and I am actually worried about him cos his mistakes are beginning to pile up BUT come on, give the man his due.

The simple fact is that we are a better outfit than when Klopp arrived and this can be supported by statistical and empirical evidence (16 points more than the season before, more goals scored than the season before, less goals conceded than the season before) . You may not want to give him his due and that's fine BUT you are wrong cos the facts I posted proves the utter contrary.

06 Jul 2017 12:52:01
Stay away from the kool-aid Brussels.

06 Jul 2017 13:29:31
If you know me, I don't think they were suggesting to not post at all, I think they mean more the constant same questions day after day. And to be fair, I've even seen plenty of regular posters literally repeating the same lines/ posts/ opinions about players day after day, to whoever will listen/ read. There's a search function for a reason, say it once maybe twice and trust if people want to read it they will. Otherwise we're running the risk of ruining this unique, reputable website. Great post lifelongred.

06 Jul 2017 14:13:46
It's not Kool-Aid, Putney. It's facts. Plain and simple facts. Klopp gets the credit or blame for how we finish the season. You cannot want to criticize him for what he gets wrong and then give the credit for whatever we get as success or improvement under him, to BR's "foundation"-laying (the same foundation that was crumbling till Klopp arrived and fixed it) or to the players' talent, as if a coach has no impact on that. That is illogical, dishonest and patently false. If you cannot disprove the facts as I posted (which you have never done in our discussions) then I take it that you agree with them. Love your posts tho. Cheers, my friend.

06 Jul 2017 14:44:35
Tia 19 exactly mate. its hard work some times 😉.

06 Jul 2017 15:53:03
Brussels, it is impossible to disprove facts, that's what makes them facts. What is possible is to cherry pick facts that back up an argument and ignore all the others, but you know all about that don't you.

06 Jul 2017 20:20:48

There are countless posters on this site and most show up during the transfer time! You wouldn't find half of them once the season starts. In fact you could literally count them. Some use the search button while others don't! The site is growing with the additions of new posters. That's my view mate! I don't think anyone deliberately want to annoy the editors or other posters!



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