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08 Jul 2017 13:12:37
Dani ceballos might be a good option if we lose out on Keita, but I assume he wouldn't be cheap either.

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08 Jul 2017 13:48:15
Whats the chances of finding a good option who is cheap? Highly unlikely, Id say.

{Ed002's Note - Ceballos was watched by Liverpool in the days of BR but his future is mapped out and you can removed thoughts of Liverpool making any efforts to sign him.}

08 Jul 2017 13:55:03
I don't get the obsession with signing young and relatively unproven players like Keita or Ceballos. We just qualified for the CL and have 3 top class midfielders in Gini, Can and Hendo. In Coutinho we have a almost world class midfielder, and Lallana is the weakest of them all but still a good player. All that without even considering the younger lads like Grujic, Allan and Ejaria. Stewart and Lucas haven't even left yet and might not!

If we sign a midfielder it should be because the chance to sign a world class player came about. I mean a Veratti, Vidal, Pjanic, Modric, Kante, Alcantra, Matic, Silva, Kroos, De Bruyne etc. It is not a position we are weak in, so the only reason to shake it up in my opinion is to get somebody in who is good enough to walk into any team in the world. Not take a chance on a player with potential. We have our own players with potential!

08 Jul 2017 14:46:54
But is there concern that we are weak in midfield MK. Having lots of players doesn't necessarily mean we have the right strength. The second half of the season showed when a top player like Coutsvwas missing or off form we were in big trouble. Also when Mane left we badly struggled though hopefully Salah will plug that gap if it happens again. We have no idea of Hendos long term with that recurring injury. Can was in all honesty very hit and miss.
I still believe we need like you say we need a top class CM and build the midfield around him depending on opposition.

08 Jul 2017 14:54:27
MK our midfield isn't as great as you think it is. There were plenty of times we got battered last season or teams simply walked through us. You need to take of those rose tinted specs. We aren't even close to being good enough to win the league or champions league.

08 Jul 2017 15:32:07
So if teams walked through us how will signing another attacking midfielder help?

If it is more steel you want in midfield, surely we should sign try Matic seeing as Chelsea have effectively replaced him with Bakayoko? Not some light weight attacker.

08 Jul 2017 16:01:12
Keita is not just an attacking midfielder though. He makes loads of tackles and interceptions too. Do you think we could sign any of the players you listed? So we have to sign a player who could potentially make it on to that list in a season or two and some one who would improve the team we have now. Keita. If we can't get him or someone of that ability or potential then I agree we should focus on other areas.

08 Jul 2017 16:44:29
Yeah you need to stop overrating our own players, I like all of them individually but players like Gini, who's still trying to learn the CM role, isn't all you make him out to be. He has qualities which will be very useful for us in the coming year but his all round game isn't on the same level as Keita and you're biased if you can't see it.

08 Jul 2017 17:44:20
Why do we need to sign a player who could potentially make it onto that list? Am I missing something? Coutinho is nearly on that list. Emre Can has probably just played his way into the German national team this summer. Grujic is supposed to be one of the best U21 midfielders in Europe who Klopp agreed to pay ridiculous wages to get a work permit. That is 3 players (who would make a pretty decent midfield trio on paper) who all have the potential to be in that bracket. What are we paying Klopp for?

If Klopp cannot coach these guys into being mentioned in the same breath as the players I mentioned above, then Perhaps it is a new manager we should be looking for?

Henderson and Wijnaldum are probably never going to be world class but they were arguably our best midfielders last season. Lallana up until January (when he got too big for his boots) was unplayable.

If we need something different then we don't need Keita. From what I've seen from him is a better (marginally) version of Lallana. Lallana also makes a lot of tackles though?

There is a massive contradiction here. We need a new midfielder because our midfield is weak and gets walked through, but we want to sign a string bean attacking midfielder because he makes a lot of tackles statistically? I can tell just from extended highlights that his tackles are more often than not as a result of pressing high up the park. Firmino, Lallana, Gini, Coutinho and Mane do plenty of that. Salah is also pretty adept at the high press. We have guys who can press. Arguably if Lucas and Stewart are sold we lack a midfielder who can break up an opposition attack though.

I am yet to see anyone present a convincing argument for Keita. People who claim to know a lot about him don't actually have a clue about his style of play. Firmino makes a lot of tackles. Shall we put him in midfield?

I'm all ears guys, but somebody is going to have to put together a more compelling argument than "he is streets ahead of our guys because he makes tackles and Bayern want him next summer". There's at least 10 people on here who claim to have watched him regularly and only about half of these people seem to agree on what type of player he is. I've seen Kante, Toure, Coutinho, Gerrard and even Alonso used as examples for his style of play or his strengths! So are some people lying, or is he just the most complete midfielder in history?

08 Jul 2017 18:12:42
Lallana can't tackle, stopped reading after you saying that. You can't post as long a comment as you want, but you know no more than the rest of us.

08 Jul 2017 18:54:37
He's a unique player. He plays like keita.
He is nothing like lallana so. I think you have been missing something yes. why does anyone have to put together a compelling argument to you? You're not in charge of signings are you? The club obviously like him. Klopp likes him. Other big clubs like him. The only thing no one likes is the price. You seem to be passionately against signing someone you've admitted you've never seen play. And anyone that tells you what his atributes and potential are you Argue against. Not that you will listen but I think he would play the gini role but be a lot better at it than gini despite him being v capable himself. 👍🏻.

08 Jul 2017 19:35:29
Also you say string bean attacking midfielder what's his physique got to do with his ability see Kante. A lot of the season he played in cm 2 he knows how to defend and attack. He's quick. He's hard to get the ball off. He's very quick to start attacks either by breaking through lines by dribbling or by a accurate forward pass. He has an eye for a pass and a good long shot.

RBL play an extreme pressing game so he should in theory fit straight in to the way Klopp like to play. He was voted 2nd best player in the league by the players he plays with and against and at 22 if he improves a little every season he will be one of the best players midfielders in the world. I think you underrate him considerably MK.

08 Jul 2017 20:39:34
MK is correct overall even tho, I don't think our midfield is world class like other top clubs in Europe but I believe we are very good there. Wiji will be better in his new role this season, Lallana has to improve a lot too to show that last season was no fluke. The top class CM mentioned is Couts as he has to be more of a leader now as the team is now mostly built around him and will likely be dropped into CM next season to accomodagte Salah out wide which is great as well. Can is improving and had a solid final few months of last season. Lucas can still do a job there too as he showed down the stretch last season.

I do not think midfield is that big of an area even tho, we need depth thereor if a truly proven player comes available (which Keita is not in spite of his immense talent) esp. with a vary talented Grujic chumping at the bit to get on the pitch. We have far more pressing issues at FB and that is where the focus should be on.

08 Jul 2017 20:37:33
I'd hardly call Keita a lightweight attacking midfielder, the boy does plenty of hard work in the middle and isn't afraid to put the boot in, the fact that he can also contribute up the other end of the park shows that he's a proper old style box to box midfielder.

Matic is 29, Chelsea want over £40m for him, plus he's hardly what you'd call mobile, so no. Signing Oxlade would be madness, as he's a very average winger, a poor full back and even worse centre midfielder who's only capable of starting about 20 games a season.

08 Jul 2017 20:38:25
You don't need to be a matic to help win the ball back, look at Kante like you mentioned before. Matic isn't great. We are much better with hendo in there, can adds a bit of steel. Gini played well last year, but would he get into any of the top fours starting 11, I doubt it.

With the games we struggled in, a lot came from Slow passing and lack of movement. It's kind of hard to put a finger on what was wrong, but lack of movement and lack of running and risky through balls from the middle are part of it for me - why make a run if no one is playing those balls, and why play a ball if no one is moving.

If coutinho is out wide, who really provides that in the middle, when the team is sat deep. Not saying it's Keita by any means, but do we have that player?

08 Jul 2017 21:31:45
This "steele in the middle of the park" is one thing contributing to the lack of success for british teams, managers and national teams for decades. Some have got past it, but the mentality of winning the war first, play ball later has been a big, big problem.



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