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09 Jul 2017 09:17:02
New poster with some thoughts.

1st, with Ross Barkley and The Ox both in a similiar situations, do you think that perhaps Wenger is thinking about letting Ox come to us and replacing him with Barkley? Both similar players and both going to be worth about the same. Ronald Koeman seems to have confirmed that he'll let Barkley leave and perhaps Wenger would take advantage. if that happened, Who's getting the better end of that deal, us or arse? Who's better, the Ox or Barkley?

2nd, regarding the ongoing leftback debate. Do you think that perhaps Klopp is considering looking at the options already at the club rather than sign anyone? The only player that has really been linked is Robertson from Hull and as a cheap option you would thought that he would have been snapped up already if he really was 1st choice, makes me think that perhaps he'll give Flanagan the chance to impress? The flanagan of a couple yearrs ago would have been the perfect Klopp player! Or with TAA signing another contract, perhaps he can have a pop at LB? I was also really impressed with Gomez when he played there. Unless we can sign a very high-quality player, perhaps we'll try and use what we already have? I'd be chuffed if we managed to have Flanagan at LB and TAA RB and they both showed abit of quality.

Would be interested to hear some opinions on these.

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09 Jul 2017 09:26:34
The Ox and Barkley are equally as poor as each other and I wouldn't want either of them in a position as crucial as centre midfield, neither of them have a brain cell to rub together between them and have done nothing to suggest that there is a top class footballer within them.

09 Jul 2017 10:07:03
I reckon if we can convince Ox to join and be happy with a bench role at the start at least he would be a good option. Option for CM in cup games and off the bench, and could also fill in as a good bench option for Salah and Mane on the wings. He's not world class no, but a better option than Woodburn, Ojo, Stewart in my opinion. Maybe Klopp will improve him abit also.

09 Jul 2017 10:10:22
I think the Ox and Barkley are pretty evenly matched. Both quite quick and strong, Both like to run at people, both have good delivery from wide areas, both can see a pass in behind etc. They are perfect for fast paced attacking football.

However they both need to score more goals to ever be top class. Barkley is also far too aggressive and needs to keep a lid on it or he'll start getting picked up on his reckless late tackles that have become a feature to his game. What he has that Ox doesn't though is a very good set piece delivery and a better injury record. That being said, the Ox has far more experience at the highest level of the game.

Neither player belong in a central role though. At best off the side of a midfield 3 they could work, or in a position just behind the forwards. They are both poor positionally though so cannot be trusted in a true midfield role.

They aren't as terrible as some people would have you believe though. They are good players still improving every season, who due to the British factor, are probably worth £25-30m in todays market. I think us and Arsenal would both be getting good deals. Sometimes, players can go a little stale at the same club and need a move to reinvigorate themselves and their game. There will always be the polarised opinions on here spanning from "world class" to "bang average". The truth is normally somewhere in the middle though mate.

09 Jul 2017 10:14:33
Thing is though George, rather delusionally, Oxlade actually thinks he's good enough to be a starting centre midfielder, did you not hear his Gerrard remark? Stick him in the middle in any games and you can expect to be beaten.

09 Jul 2017 10:41:30
I must have missed the Gerrard who played in midfield then? The Gerrard I saw from 2005-2012 (all of his prime years and undoubtedly the Gerrard Ox is referring to) played either on the right wing or behind the striker as an attacking midfielder. Yet the midfield role you are talking about seems to require defensive positioning?

When someone says they want to emulate Gerrard, they are not talking about the headless chicken kid or the past it deep lying playmaker shoehorned into the team. They are talking about the Gerrard who was arguably the best attacking midfielder in world football at his absolute peak. Chamberlain doesn't want to play a deep role. He just wants to play and I think a) you have read far too much into his comments about his boyhood hero and b) Brendan has done exactly what I said he would at the time, and tainted peoples memories of Steven Gerrard as a player. Forget the average defensive midfielder BR made him into. Gerrard was an attacking midfielder and a damn good one. That is the player that Ox wants to be. There is nothing wrong with ambition.

09 Jul 2017 10:59:49
Agree with MK. Oxlade could be a decent acquisition if played correctly. He doesn't think he is Steve Gerrard but that is the level he wants to reach. THrow in the fact that he would be happy to play for Liverpool. Bring him in, Jurgo.

09 Jul 2017 11:19:01
Ox doesn't have the ability to replicate what Gerrard was at his peak, he simply lacks the intelligence. He can fulfil his dreams of being Gerrard elsewhere, we're Liverpool Football Club, not the 'make-a-wish' foundation. Oxlade lacks the final ball, long range shooting and the guile that Gerrard had. You cannot coach that into a player. I agree that Gerrard at his peak was the best attacking centre midfielder of his time, but Oxlade will never be that good. He's mediocrity personified at very best.

09 Jul 2017 11:39:15
Tell me MK, since you are all over OX. Why would Arsenal sell such a talented youngster? They around drive him to melwood at £30 mill!

09 Jul 2017 11:57:33
They don't want to sell him Harry. They have offered him a new contract but he is refusing to sign and wants to leave.

There really is no need to make things up, is there?

09 Jul 2017 12:15:18
Correction MK. They don't want to sell to another PL club. They haven't bust a gut to offer him a new contract and would be happy to sell him abroad. The fact that they would be happy for him to leave on a free transfer tells its own story.

09 Jul 2017 12:34:24
Correction MK.

They don't want him to offer any regular game time nor a place in heart of midfield hence he is stalling his contract. Offer both and he will sign for any club let alone Liverpool. He is not good enough to play in the middle, Wenger knows it You don't know and I hope Klopp knows it!

If went have learned anything from James Milner the. We will not sign another James Milner!

09 Jul 2017 18:46:09
He's no better than Andros Townsend, and no one would sensibly spend £25m on him.

09 Jul 2017 18:47:31
To be fair to Milner, he's played left back competently without fuss. The same cannot be said about Oxlade.



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