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12 Jul 2017 11:49:51
There is a view on this page that you need a striker who can score 20+ goals in order to win the premier league.

This is not true.

I've seen a few people comment "no team has ever won the premier league without a 20 goals season striker". Wrong.

In fact, only half of all the Premier League champions since the start of the competition in 1992-93 have had a 20-goal-a-season player, 52%.

But putting the stats aside, the point is Liverpool score enough goals and our issue is defending and reducing the number of goals we concede.

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12 Jul 2017 12:01:10
It's more complicated than that. In recent years it's become far more common to have a prolific scorer but when a title team have won without one the team has had a very tight defence to compensate. We certainly don't have that.

If we want to win the title we need to score more, concede less or do a mixture of both.

12 Jul 2017 12:03:34
Good post that. My only point on this would be we miss a world class finisher playing week in week out. Last season the games we lost we probably averaged 20 shots a game. A world class finisher needs half a chance and will win you them games.

12 Jul 2017 12:31:53
harry kane on 29 goals wasn't enough for spurs. football is a TEAM game and needs everyone doing their bit.

12 Jul 2017 12:52:30
Even two times 20+ goalgetters wasnt enough for us to grab it in 2014.

12 Jul 2017 13:44:13
Exactly Smed.

That year we had TWO 20+ plus! And we didn't win it because of defence.

If there is spare money available for a CF after CB and LB then by all means but not a priority.

12 Jul 2017 15:45:15
But them 2 scorers led us the closest we've ever been to the premier league title. So your point kind of falls short sorry Gents.

12 Jul 2017 16:07:42
But we didn't win it, that's whole point!

Which means it's unlikely we will win it again until we fix our defence!

12 Jul 2017 17:00:05
Agree we probably won't win it until we fix our defence. But at the same time I wouldn't turn down a 20 + a season goal scoring striker. Maybe the games we lost last year after having 20 odd shots may have turned out differently.

12 Jul 2017 17:44:41
Rather have the top trio on 18 goals each than 30-12-12. Gives a more unpredictable look to opponents, less sensitivity yo injurys.

12 Jul 2017 18:06:37
That's definitely something for the front 3 to aim for. But as it stands only 1 of our forwards who can play front 3 has ever hit 18 premier league goals and that was Sturridge 3 or 4 years ago.

13 Jul 2017 14:05:11
Its not though. Your always going to conceed. Its just always going to be apart of your game.

On the other hand. Those draws thay you get. The times yoy can't score. Tbe two months between jan and feb when we could buy a win.

A suarez uo top solves half of that, eaaily.

Your kidding yourself if yoy think we can win the league with firmino

Cou, lal, mane and firmino aren't really going to get much better than last year.

15, 13, 14 and 11. that's solid numbers for them. We finished 4th. Add auba with 30 goals a season on too of 3 of those abd where do we finish.

Wheb you say half of teans didn't have a 2o goal stiker, do you mean they had a 2o goal mid. Or the striker was on 18/ 19.

Drogba, shearer, sutton, henry, rooney, ronaldo, tevez, aguero, wright, nistel, cole, bergkamp, vardy, costa, berbatov, RVP.

then there's 20 ish goLs outputs from thr ljkes of lamps, mahrez, hazard etc

Easily put your not winning the league with 20 goals from someone.

I dobt personally see our frint line getting better outputd than last season, aa tbey where already terrific.

13 Jul 2017 14:13:04
16/ 17 - Costa 20
15/ 16 - Vardy 24
14/ 15 - Costa 20
13/ 14 - Toure 20 (plus aguero 17)
12/ 13 - Van Persie 26
11/ 12 Aguero 23
10/ 11 - Berbatov 20
09/ 10 - Drogba 29

I'm not saying we need to buy a striker - but I think one of them needs to step up, sturridge or firmino for us to win the league.
I'm also not saying a 20 goal a season player wins you the league, but there hasn't been one without since 08/ 09 (19 goals) .



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