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31 Jul 2017 11:24:34
Is it only me as an Lfc fan that doesn't think Klopp is the best manager on the planet. I fully support him and do hope to be proved wrong about him. The man comes across as a likeable person and he is a good coach, but that is it for me he is not world class his coaching team does a lot of the real development and at dortmund he had fantastic scouts with not a lot of money to spend but there was no choice so from this he has become some sort of miracle worker with younger players apparently. Every time a player is linked with liverpool that is below average with potential I see comments like klopp can make him good and klopp can turn him into lewandowski mk2 . If this was the case then why are fans urging to spend record amounts when we have klopp who can turn our u23's into mid 90s Brazil, not having a go or anything.

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31 Jul 2017 11:45:38
I would have him above Wenger (past it), TSO and Pep (Cheque book managers) . Conte surprised me, Poch looks good and outside the EPL Simone does a great job. Klopp is on the same level as those 3 but plays more attractive football IMHO.

31 Jul 2017 11:47:41
I've wondered that since he came. I didn't know much about Klopp prior to his arrival but remember all the comments about him finding great players at really low prices and how he greatly improves younger players. I was so excited at having a manager who could do this. Unfortunately it's not really working out like that after two seasons.
However, there's time left in the window for him to find our diamonds and he has another season to start bringing through the young players,

31 Jul 2017 12:18:46
Its because fans wants immediate results. that's why Mourinho buys players that are ready. How is he supposed to compete.

31 Jul 2017 12:21:47
Any player klopp brings in now is expected to make an immediate impact because he is expected to challenge for the league.

At Dortmund he had the luxury of time to develop young players and didn't have the money for expensive players.

If expectations weren't so high with lfc and the budget wasn't so big I think he would do what he did at Dortmund with young players etc.

He simply has to buy proven players to keep up with the rest of the pack.

31 Jul 2017 12:35:24
Conte is a top class manager. I know Chelsea have a very good squad with no european football last year but to finish mid table would have been very demoralising for the squad and for him to pick them up and take them easily to a league title shows just how good he is. Pep I am unsure of as this is his first big test at city and last year was either poor or building the foundations either way the money spent on their defence I would want at least 30 clean sheets next year. Not even going to mention Jose who is as an Lfc fan I don't think about them. Arsene Wenger very stubborn but top class. Ronald koeman good manager this year will prove that unfortunately. Best of all is pochettino Top class manger who is young and will improve even more with age which is scary even when their top scorer was out the team found a way. So of all of those I think Klopp as a manager maybe on par with koeman but the rest are a class above im afraid also newcastle have a top class manager aswell. Klopp is my favourite manager don't get me wrong just not the best.

31 Jul 2017 13:07:46
Klopp is a fantastic manager and has brought excitement to Liverpool. He has done really well with our style of play, helped players improve manifold (Coutinho, Lallana, Hendo, and even Migs and Lovren), signed some very good players for low prices (Gini, Matip, Grugic may well turn out to be excellent) and has given the team belief in themselves (Europa cup run of 15/ 16 and form against top 5).

I think he is the messiah. I hope he wins a cup in next 12 months and league in next 2 years or resign with dignity.

{Ed002's Note - His win percentage in competive games is still not a match for Rodgers.}

31 Jul 2017 13:07:15
Klopp's a good manager, but i'd be hesitant to say he's great manager. but as Ed002 reminds us he's not won anything for a few years now. Until he wins either the Premier league or champions league we should hold judgement.

{Ed025's Note - looks like another 28 years then.. :)

31 Jul 2017 13:21:47
What a load of nonsense.
Saying his coaching staff do a lot of the development, his scouts found players etc etc. Well daaaahhhh.
Why stop there, why don't you say he didn't play any games as his players did or he didn't cheer his team on as that was the fans.

He leads a team of professional coaches, scouts, other staff, players etc etc. That's his job. He doesn't do it all himeslf, nor will he be great at everything. But, if he's good, he makes sure he has the right people on his team that can do it really really well and he inspires and leads them.

Talk about caveating your point of view to try and find a way to be negative.

31 Jul 2017 13:25:01
Think he has lost the last 4 or 5 finals he's been in as a manager. Not good for a so called messiah.

31 Jul 2017 13:26:39
Klopps speciality is getting the best out of players, I think he is lacking a little in the area of tactical class that the likes of Conte and Mourinho have shown. Not that I think he hasn't got a tactical brain, just that he's not quite on the same level as those mentioned. That said I like him, and think he is the right manager for us currently. I would like to think we are due some real progress this year but waiting until the end of the window to say we're I think we should be.

31 Jul 2017 13:28:14
I would still rather have Juergen as our boss.

The other managers that have been mentioned all have strengths and weaknesses but to my way of thinking Juergen fits our style and our club.

More than happy for him to continue and hopefully we win some silverware this season but as long as we progress then That is the main thing.

I think we will see the improvement this season in that we will be more consistent and not drop so many daft points to bottom half of the league sides

On our day I think we play the best football in the EPL.

31 Jul 2017 13:41:06
I wish benchmarking were as easy as just taking 1 factor/ ratio (e. g. win percentage) .

31 Jul 2017 13:45:58
I enjoy watching us play more now under Klopp than any of the recent managers but I think sometimes he is reckless in his all out attacking style of play. There is a time to shut up shop, change the tactics and personnel and see out results/ hold on to a lead which we aren't great at. I don't think the others mentioned are streets ahead of him, hard to tell how good Pep is as his previous 2 teams usually dominates their respective leagues anyway. (Even I could have success with the Barcelona team he managed) . I like Conte's style of play, solid platform, hard to break down but plenty of flair going forward. In my eyes the most complete premiership team and no surprise they won the league. I think Poch is building something special at Spurs though, plays attractive football, Spurs will do very well to keep him away from Europe's elite if they continue to evolve at the pace they are. Will be a top manager. I'm not bothered about Wenger the dinosaur in his twilight or boring Mourinho.

It would be very interesting if all these so called "top managers" had no money to spend, had to use the resources available to them, the youth/ free transfers from lower leagues etc for say 3 seasons. Be interesting to see who developed the team the most, who got rid of players' weaknesses instead of just signing someone to replace them and who came out on top at the end. This would be a fair test of ability, not only for the manager but for the whole team, from the scouting staff right through the coaches to the head coach/ manager himself.

Money has taken away a lot of these things and teams are too ready to splash out millions rather than nurture players due to immediate demanded success!

31 Jul 2017 13:49:12
I think by the way these replies are going people are really offended by anything negative towards Klopp. He is my favourite manager for one reason and that is because he is manager of LFC. doesn't mean he is the best but I support him 100%. His passion great also but when it comes to winning titles I just don't see it happening under him. Again hope he proves me wrong. Also Coutinho will be sold imo. If the money is right I wouldn't blame the club.

31 Jul 2017 14:17:46
Some interesting points there.

Klopp is a decent manager not "world class" to be "world class" you need to win trophies consistently.

I'm like few here not sure about klopp, don't think he's tactically astute but he's infectious manager.

next season is going to be real test for klopp. Teams like City United Arsenal will be much improved.

Let's hope for the best Reds, getting some silverware and cementing place for another top 4 will be a success.

31 Jul 2017 14:46:52
To be fair he got a team that was on a downward spiral to two finals in the first season he was here which wasn't even a full season and then a top 4 finish the next season and that's without splashing the cash his significant signings i. e. Mane and wini have been top notch and players that were at the club have come on leaps and bounds let's face lallana wasn't great before he came mings and can finished the season wonderfully so all in all moving in the right direction for me and also conte had a team of winners that stopped playing for the previous manager Jose just spends big on established stars and still finished behind us.

31 Jul 2017 15:00:32
I actually disagree with most views here.

Tactically, I think Klopp is second only to Mourinho in the whole premier league. He wins all the big games where tactics are crucial. He is probably a decent motivator as well although his failure to motivate his players for games against lesser sides is a major concern.

For me though his biggest problem in the last 5 years has been the types of players he is signing. He signs players with a lack of mental strength and tactical nous because he is too focused on how fast they can run, how much they can run, and how skilful they are. Our team after 3 transfer windows with Klopp still lacks players who are mentally tough and show leadership/ intelligence mid game. The fact that the best player in the squad for this is Henderson (who was signed by Dalglish) says it all for me.

He needs to target players who have brains over stamina, are stronger mentally in high pressure situations, and players who actually resolve issues in the team. All this time wasted on Keita which was going to push Can out, and I don't think midfield was ever a priority anyway!

Klopp is very good at getting the best out players and his squad in general, but without a decent director of football and recruitment team behind him, he is struggling to replicate his Dortmund success in my opinion. Van Dijk is a good individual for example, but I think we need somebody there who gets the best out of others (a good leader), rather than somebody who is just a good player.

31 Jul 2017 17:00:43
MK, some good points but he didn't win the finals. They are THE big games.
Credit to Jose, I'm not a fan, but he won trophies with a very poor United team.



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