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02 Aug 2017 05:29:25
I see everyone praising TAA. did I watch a different game coz I believed he was getting torn apart by ribbery. ED1 your view is most welcomed.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't able to watch the game but it is only a friendly and he is just a kid up against one of the better wingers in world football. Either way he will have learnt something.}

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02 Aug 2017 06:58:28
Yep, think you were watching something else mate.

02 Aug 2017 07:02:34
Arnold was exceptional all game. The only way they could beat him was by doubling up on him.

A little bit of context is needed mate. An 18 year old just faced up against Ribery and Alaba, and even though he got passed by the overlap a few times, he more than held his own against two of the best left sided players in world football. He made some great blocks, some superb tackles, looked incredibly good on the ball, and intercepted a lot of attacks before they even started.

My only criticism is that when they doubled up on him on those few occasions mentioned, he didn't shout at anyone for leaving him hung out to dry. If he had grilled Can or Salah the first time it happened, it probably wouldn't have happened again.

02 Aug 2017 07:04:26
What game were you watching Praveen TAA had a good game and Robbery certainly knew he'd had been in a game and was excellent going forward very impressed with him Also good to see Mane back in the team.

02 Aug 2017 07:17:56
Moreno was better at left back.

02 Aug 2017 07:19:12
Thought he didcextremely well.

And, I'm about to say it, thought Moreno did too.

02 Aug 2017 08:02:48
He gave away a few silly fouls too, going in and putting hands on Riberys back - not much but enough for a player like ribery to go down. In a real match the third one or so would have been a booking, and it may have been tricky, but apart from that he was excellent.

{Ed025's Note - looking on the negative side is why its so hard for young guys to break through fencey, a few mistakes and the lad gets pelters and its bound to affect his confidence, then you all moan about why these kids are not coming through and why you are paying massive amounts for players...sometimes the club just cant win mate..

02 Aug 2017 08:26:29
Give the kid a break he played very well and he is still learning try getting behind our youngsters and in time it might pay off jeez
Up the pool.

02 Aug 2017 09:05:36
He had a descent game, the 2 silly fouls for pushing were just him being young and over eager to win the ball back and impress, can't hold that against him. Got done on the overlap once or twice but that's not his fault being in a 1 v 2 situation against 2 very good wide players is hard to defend and he should have had help. solid enough in defence in my eyes, should start at Watford. That will have done his confidence a world of good too.

02 Aug 2017 09:24:58
Special mention to Firmino here as he was shifted to the right side to track back and help TAA.

02 Aug 2017 09:15:55
Sorry ed025, I was not slating him at all, I said at the end he was excellent! It was for me just little point that he should look at, but by means did I intend to slate him! Just eagerness and a very experienced opposition!

{Ed025's Note - its not you per se fencey but supporters in general who are what you could call microwave supporters who are looking for instant success, if they dont get game time the will not progress and fans need to get off their backs with comments they make because they all come on sites such as this to see how fans rate john lennon said..."give youth a chance"..or something like that..

02 Aug 2017 09:37:44
No problem with him getting physical early with Ribery showed him he was there and not to be messed with and ribery had little to no joy all night despite having lots of the ball. Thought it was a great performance for him!

02 Aug 2017 09:39:20
TAA- positives v Bayern, very good on ball, composed passing, decent blocks/ interceptions and made a few good tackles
Negatives, gave away a few silly fouls.
There ya go! A few silly fouls, something he can work on. Good performance from the young lad.

02 Aug 2017 10:00:46
Thought he did well - yes he got doubled up on a couple of times so they a couple of decent crosses in, but thought he tied down Ribery and Alaba well, particularly when the team setup shifted to give him a bit more cover. Very solid and composed.

I don't mind the silly fouls, weren't ever in dangerous positions and Ribery was clearly playing for them which is also a sign of respect. TAA wasn't afraid to mix it up with him physically.



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