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06 Aug 2017 07:48:49
OK pre - season is over but the same old defensive problems remain. People will say it's only pre - season but if we can't defend in non pressure game's it doesn't bode well for the season ahead. Also Klopp hinted that transfer business is concluded if so that is a disaster that we put all our eggs in one basket regarding Keita and VVD. Then we are looking for ridiculous fees for players that we want rid off instead of being realistic. Our transfer policy does seem rather amateurish.

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06 Aug 2017 07:52:42
It makes me think does he really know what he's doing.

06 Aug 2017 08:15:48
Failure to sign a CB now spells disaster for next season. Utter incompetence on the part of the footballing staff at the club including Klopp. Its been over a month since Saints reported Klopp for tapping up VVD and FSG issued a due apology. Did the club really not have a back up option after the whole fiasco? Is Klopp really that clueless that he is willing to put his faith in Lovren and Klavan? Not sure where the blame exactly falls but the whole window has been approached by the club with an amateurish attitude thinking everyuthing will fall into place on its own.

06 Aug 2017 08:24:35
Our transfer policy has actually been correct.
Under Brendan Rodgers we ended up buying players for the sake of it. Players that you are moaning about that we have unrealistic prices attached to.
The manager as identified the positions he needed strengthening and 3 additions have been made.
If the lad from RB. Vvd and the Ox where put up for sale and we bought them, then it would be job done.
Why not try to develop players you have rather than go for 3rd or 4th choice targets who may not be that much better than some of the ones in the squad who need opportunities.
European football this season should give us the chance to blood some of the younger members of the squad and give them experience they need and the confidence they require to become better players.
I am a realist.4th and knockout stages of champions league would be another good season.

06 Aug 2017 08:33:56
What a bunch of whiners!

VVD was one of Klopp's no 1 targets. LFC messed it up but does not mean he won't still sign for us. The window is far from shut.

There is no point in adding players unless they will 100% improve the squad. As it is, we have 5 CB's including Sakho so unless Klopp can still add VVD then there honestly should be no point in bringing in someone who Klopp feels will not improve us. We will just be filling the squad just for the sake of bringing in players who are not going to be first choice.

Season after season the squad has been stock piled with players who have been second and third rate and overpaid for.

What some forget is that the market has gone crazy and someone like Sigurdsson could go to Everton for £50m when he is nowhere worth that kind of money.

So please stop making it sound like the transfer window is something like walking into a shop and picking what you want from the shelves and adding it to your trolley. This is not fantasy football.

Spurs have not made one signing so far and people want to complain about our defence when they are bare in numbers at the back.

Get a grip.

06 Aug 2017 08:51:44
I'm with you Buzzer.

We must have been watching a different CB pairing when Matip was injured last season.

Nothing to do with whinging, or Brendan Rodger's transfer policy, its the hard facts.

Klopp has had plenty of time to sort out the CB defensive issues we have had since the Rodgers era.

It doesn't matter how many goals we score, if we can't defend corners or set pieces or have a centre back that
can deal with an an attacker with pace and doesn't get caught goal side, then we will not get back to the top of the perch.

06 Aug 2017 09:12:16
Despite it being preseason, 8 matches, 4 goals conceded and 19 goals scored and not once was our strongest eleven put out in any of the matches.

16/ 17 saw an improvement defensively compared to 15/ 16 so who is to say that 17/ 18 will not show better results defensively compared to 16/ 17? Improvement is what is required irrespective of who plays.

The fullback positions were a massive issue last season. Clyne offered zip going forward or when he was caught on the back foot plus Milner does not have a left peg and although he did really well, he was a stop gap at LB.

Milner will not be featuring at LB anymore and Clyne is out injured so chance for somebody else to show they can do better.

Many going on about our CB options but last season did not help when Milner and Clyne were both caught out time and time again. Our CB's jobs were made that much harder re Milner and Clyne not being good enough attacking and defensively.

06 Aug 2017 09:29:25
Nicky D, I like the way your 'Hard facts' are by no means facts.

06 Aug 2017 09:39:11
Maxlfc, being unbeaten in preseason games mean nothing. The games are largely for fitness. At some point this season it is likely that Klavan and Lovren will be a cevtre back partnership, both of whom made some shocking errors last season and the thought of that makes me shuddder. VVD won't sign because Chelsea will make a move for him and Southampton are more likely to deal with them than us. Yes we have 4 centre backs, but we have no reliable partnerships within that and 2 of those 4 are very unreliable. I'm not counting Sakho as Klopp has written him off.

06 Aug 2017 09:46:40
I don't understand why people go on about not having alternative CB targets. The Eds have told us numerous times that CB wasn't being looked at until VVD's apparent availability became known. So if it wasn't a priority then why would it be now? Also when played together Lovren and Matip did well, hopefully fitness allows them to play more often.

06 Aug 2017 09:52:24
I agree that we shouldn't bring in players that won't improve the team/ squad. So are you saying Max that there are no better centre halves than Klavan and Lovren? I find that hard to believe.

06 Aug 2017 09:53:34
Popa-Lazarou, name me a centre half who is good on the ball, quick on the ground, can pass the ball, dominant in the air and good in the tackle, I can't come up with one beyond VVD that has all of those qualities.

06 Aug 2017 10:02:41

My point about Sakho is that he is on a big pay packet and if nobody comes in for him then he will be on holiday at Anfield eating away at the wage bill so unless Klopp can get VVD then it will be utterly daft to bring in another CB who will not be an automatic starter and further hemorrhaging the wage bill. It makes no sense otherwise we find ourselves in another kid in the candy shop situation as we saw with Rodgers by buying players for the sake of stock piling the squad.

Preseason is for fitness but fact is, we faced some tough opposition and we were not once murdered at the back without a first choice team selection together with our players not being fully match fit yet people will still find reasons to moan!

The focus for Klopp and the squad should be to improve on last season and that is what we have done under Klopp since he arrived.

Just like some keep on saying we need another striker. For what exactly? To see one of Firmino, Salah, Mane or Coutinho to be shifted to the bench?

06 Aug 2017 10:17:38
Irish, it is not down to the fans signing players. If that was the case then Messi will be playing at Anfield.

As it has been stressed 100's of times, Klopp wants VVD but does not mean he will pursue other options. If it was any different then Klopp would have signed another CB already. No point in brining in another CB just for the sake of stock piling. If he can't get who he wants then he will go with what he has otherwise we will end up with 6 CB's and the new arrival not being first choice i. e. the brainless activity we saw under Rodgers.

Thank heavens the club is not run by our fans :-)

06 Aug 2017 10:18:25
Hmmmm I'm fairly certain Mr frankly that had we not won again this pre-season that you and many others would be leading the lynch mob.

06 Aug 2017 10:22:03
Max Klavan and Lovren looked like an accident waiting to happen any time there was any pressure. The goal Atletico scored was text book Klavan and the goal Bilbao scored was textbook Lovren.

06 Aug 2017 10:54:04
Ok fencey - here's some facts for you.

We conceded 42 goals last season, over the average of one per game, it's also most most conceded out of the top four, 12 of those from set pieces. Have you felt the anxiety in the crowd everyone the opposition get a corner? Have you ever wonderered why this is? Did you see home many times both Lovren and Klavan were caught out against attackers with pace?

So, you think that's good enough do you?

06 Aug 2017 10:54:04
Ok fencey - here's some facts for you.

We conceded 42 goals last season, over the average of one per game, it's also most most conceded out of the top four, 12 of those from set pieces. Have you felt the anxiety in the crowd everyone the opposition get a corner? Have you ever wonderered why this is? Did you see home many times both Lovren and Klavan were caught out against attackers with pace?

So, you think that's good enough do you?

06 Aug 2017 10:41:35
Well Frankly, get the pitch forks out and rebel in front of Anfield demand for Klopp to sign players he does not want. Burn down Anfield while you are at it and then go get a happy meal from Mcdonalds to make you feel better afterwards.

06 Aug 2017 10:43:06
My concern is what happens from the start of season, not friendly matches. As it is, the problems we had last season are largely still there (OK, we've brought in a left back, but we're still lightweight in midfield and our centre defence is probably the worst of the top six), also we are likely to be selling Coutinho in the next week or so (and previous transfer windows have shown that when given a large amount of money for a star player, we never adequately replace them and waste the money), In light of all of that, I'm not expecting much this season as we don't have sufficient quality to compete.

06 Aug 2017 11:06:48
People saying Klopp will only add to the squad if they will 100% improve it. They must have forgotten about his past signings of Caulker, Karius, Klavan. Last season we had 2 centre mids in the back four on more than one occasion. Moreno has been an accident waiting to happen for last 2 seasons and then 2 good games and he's the savour of our back 4. There are loads of players out there who could improve our squad 100% yet we have only been bothered with 2. Both who are out of reach. Saying you're willing to spend money is different from actually spending it.



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