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07 Aug 2017 08:16:14
What concerns me most at the moment is
1. Barcelona are very confident they will sign Couthino

2. We will not improve on Lovren and Klavan. As I pointed out to a certain person on here yesterday, we conceded 42 goals last season, 12 from set pieces, the most out of the top 4. Are this pair seriously going to be the back bone in our defence?

Yes we have improved the left back position with Robertson and with TAA challenging at right back and Gomez returning it gives us another option but he still only getting back to full fitness after a lengthy injury. There is NO leader at the back.

I've always backed the owners but if they give the green light to sell our best player, with only two weeks before the window shuts ( no time to prepare and replace him ) It shows how weak we are as a club.

This is going to sound harsh but I would hope the fans stay away and boycott the home games, just like we did when Roy Hosgson was in charge. From where I sit on the kop you could see thousands of empty seats, especially in the Annie Road end. That soon promoted the owners to fire him once they realised they were losing thousands of pounds on match day.

Yep we have sold players in the past, Keegan, Rush, Souness etc but we still had top players at the the club and we were able to plan. Keegan was sold in 77 and we replaced him with the Kenny.

{Ed001's Note - Klavan is a back up, never once has he been intended to be the 'back bone' of the defence. Why people keep going on about it I will never understand.}

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07 Aug 2017 08:22:33
Coz Klavan was signed to replace Sakho who was light years ahead of Lovren ( who is in love with Klopp ) . In Sakho we lost a brilliant defender and brought someone who wouldn't take the third spot! That's the issue Ed01.Should have been fine if Lovren was sold and Klavan was brought!

{Ed001's Note - a brilliant defender? Not sure what you have seen, but Sakho was nothing more than a good defender, certainly far from brilliant and not light years ahead of Lovren. An on form Lovren is better, it is his inconsistency that is the problem, not his ability. Sakho is his own worst enemy and needs to be gone asap.}

07 Aug 2017 08:25:38
Because he played so often last season, there's every reason to think Klavan will see as much action this coming season.

{Ed001's Note - no there is not. There is every reason to think that Gomez will be ahead of him in the pecking order as cover.}

07 Aug 2017 08:33:15
Hahaha, if you think Sahko is a brilliant defender then I fear for you. And this is coming from a huge Sahko fan. He is a good defender but is not better than Lovren when both are on form. Lovren's problem is in his head, not in his legs or ability as Ed said. He succeeded (along with the Klavan you don't like) in shutting down Lukaku, Aguero, Sanchez and so on. Klavan is 3rd choice for a reason but played a lot last term due to injuries to both Matip and Lovren at diff. times. He is not the best defender but had some very solid games for us when called upon. Stop with the bashing cos it makes no sense.

{Ed001's Note - Klavan is 4th choice.}

07 Aug 2017 08:41:40
NickyD. There is no way that your an LFC fan. You must be a troll who's just trying to wind up proper LFC fans as there is no way a proper LFC fan would slate their own team like this. Plus, your a contradiction. You say it would be madness to sell our best player, but also say that we have always been able to plan. Plus, talk of boycotting home games. Again, there's no way a true fan would suggest that. Unless your an idiot. Are you?

07 Aug 2017 08:50:31
Ed you say Klavan is only back up but everyone knows that Lovren and Matip are very injury prone so Klavan will be needed to play a number of games. Its just the worry mate that's all that we are entering a season with European football light at centre half.

{Ed001's Note - we cannot buy 45 players for every position just in case of injuries.}

07 Aug 2017 08:57:18
I hope you're right ed. But even then I look at our centre back options and am not confident or convinced by them.

07 Aug 2017 09:17:28
Hi Ed001

Back up to who? Lovren?

For me, both Lovren and Klavan are back up players.

{Ed001's Note - yes you are a shining beacon of positivity.}

07 Aug 2017 09:28:25
People make out Klavan is the main problem but I'm more concerned of what is in front of him. Lovren who will be the back bone of the central defence. Plus Moreno is still here. Yes he had 2 good games in meaningless friendlies but has everyone now forgotten his last 3 seasons with us. Personally I'd be more comfortable with him as a sub left winger. Well away from the defence.

07 Aug 2017 09:43:42
Just pointing out the reality of the situation Ed001.

Where is our commanding centre back? Klopp has had plenty of time to recruit a decent CB who will command his area.

I'm not the only one, you can feel the bloody tension around the ground when opposing teams get a free kick or a corner.

With the situation unchanged ( as it stands and I don't think we'll sign VVD ) why should I feel optimistic our CB defence will be any different?

I really rate Gomez, I remember watching him when he broke through into the 1st team but he's just back from a lengthy injury.

{Ed002's Note - He is not "just back", he has been back some time. But his experience at centre back was at Charlton and not at Liverpool. They either keep him and ease him in or he simply becomes long-term cover for the defence.}

07 Aug 2017 10:03:12
Wires, a troll? I'll tell you something now pal, I've folllowed LFC home and away for over 35 years, with a season ticket on the kop. I'm entitled to my opinion

07 Aug 2017 10:10:58
I meant back as in the 1st team.

07 Aug 2017 10:17:02
So is everyone NickyD but bear in mind opinions can be wrong.



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