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11 Aug 2017 19:37:27
What is annoying me is not that he wants out for Barca. I'm not deluded enough to see the attraction. But to come out with the crap about klopp. Come on phil the hugs, the high fives etc.

He talk about his love for the fans and then hands in a transfer request on the eve of the season when we are suppose to be excited.

He has known klopp stance since beginning of window as he has been clear he doest want to sell.

Lfc rep has been blasted on this site all site. well look at Barca. 2 players they have targeted in last week. dembele and couts. they purposely encourage the players to force moves through. dembele is on strike at Dortmund and couts does this. Barcelona always do it. anyone remember mascharano.

If couts wants to go this summer he should have been a man and put a request in at the beginning of the summer. instead he has been to concerned about his image and now leaving us 3 weeks to find the solution.

My view is tell Barcelona 130million and he's yours and test how much Monaco want to keep mbappe or even better how much Madrid want to keep assensio.

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11 Aug 2017 20:00:21
I am with you Red, also tell Barcelona, that its now or never, pay up or go away .

11 Aug 2017 20:00:35
I completely get your comment, 100%
But isn't the situation we're in now called Karma.
Look at VVD, hasn't trained or gone on SFC pre season tour.
Keita. Getting into trouble with his boss, kicking someone in training (I know that probably isn't why he kicked his team mate, it in light of everything, it's a bit fishy)
We really can't get mad at what Couts is doing and applaud what VVD and Keita is doing.
The main reason as to why I don't care if Couts goes is because he wants to.
If Liverpool were forcing him out then fair enough, but the guy actually wants to leave.

I hate this mantality that certain fans have, it's OK for saints and other clubs players to hand in TR or miss training, but as soon as an LFC player does it.
All hell is broke lose.

I'm looking forward to the game, I'm looking forward to us competing,
I support the badge nothing more.
Players come and go and in this day and age, it certainly isn't for long.

11 Aug 2017 20:07:47
Jesus Christ!

We. have. all. known. for. years!

Take note in how the Utd fans dealt with Ronaldo. They knew, and just accepted it.

11 Aug 2017 20:16:27
They knew but he gave them another year, played out of his skin and they won the Champions League.

This isn't at all the same situation and as always, it's all smoke and mirrors from both sides.

I'm so fed up of this transfer window.

11 Aug 2017 20:31:03
kopette difference is VVD had supposedly told Southhampton for 6 months. Keita was in retaliation to a tackle he copped during the same session and couts well why not let it be known a month ago? i say f*ck em. look for our own replacement and let him go in january.

11 Aug 2017 20:36:06
And I think most rounded would accept him wanting to leave and wish him well. But to me his timing stinks. He has been far to worried about his image. I don't expect loyalty, I expect honesty. and unfortunately I think couts has let us down here.
Like I said not for leaving but for the timing. He should have come out at the start of the summer and said I want to go. he has been courting the interest for a year.

11 Aug 2017 21:23:58
Continho was pushing a move to Barcelona last year.
What makes that any difference. If you ask me, it's worse.

11 Aug 2017 21:27:02
Completely agree Redphil. the only thing pissing me off, is the timing. I'm pissed at the timing, but also we knew his desires to play for Barcelona, are we silly to think he'll stay quitly or should we of offered him to Barcelona and got our targets in properly¿

At the end of the day, LFC knew about Couts desire to leave.
we should of done everything occordanly to the the book.
We wouldn't be in this mess.
The whole clubs to blame.

11 Aug 2017 22:56:52
why is he now only handing in a Transfer Request?



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