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17 Aug 2017 00:26:20
Hello, am bringing my son to the Hoffenheim game. Flying from Dublin to Newcastle and driving down; just wondering if there's any parking at the Anfield itself on matchdays? Have parked at Goodison before - anything closer (and safe) near the ground? Will be in the Anfield area from around 4 on match day. Thanks for any/ all advice.

{Ed002's Note - Why not fly or take the ferry to Liverpool?}

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17 Aug 2017 00:56:40
There is a road I park in when I go game, I'll get postcode for you, it's a 10 min walk away.

17 Aug 2017 02:37:31
cos them flights are a tenner ;)

17 Aug 2017 03:12:00
Agreed with eds suggestion, more of an enjoyable trip that way instead of worrying about parking.

Albeit there is a LOT of places to park but obviously they all charge.

Lots (most? ) of streets in the Anfield area all require a parking permit nowadays so you can either park a few miles away or there are plenty of 'secure' parking places which charge, IF there is a space in them.

It sucks cos I have to move my car every home game as we are only allowed 1 permit per household and we have 2 cars -. -.

17 Aug 2017 03:14:54
Mate I've had my season ticket for 18 years (Since I was 5) and only three times do I remember getting parking, be that when I'm driving or my dad driving. But you never know, it's possible. Quick word of advice if you've got an expensive, posh car, DON'T park on Breck Road.

17 Aug 2017 05:04:51
Or you could park your car outside bankhall station and jump on the match bus.

17 Aug 2017 05:22:12
I always used to park on the Lower Breck Road if I was coming from the east side of the city. Always got parking there provided you arrive early enough and if you're planning to be around the ground at 4pm you should be fine. That early you should easily get in to one of the secured car parks too.

If you are expecting to park close to the ground that is unlikely, go there knowing you'll be walking at least 10 minutes from your car.

17 Aug 2017 05:57:17
Fountains road then cut through.

17 Aug 2017 07:35:19
I can imagine how crowded it will be in the area during games. I can't imagine how the atmosphere would be in the stadium. I'm sure it's more than just great. You guys are lucky. Wish I can go there like you guys.

17 Aug 2017 00:54:13
Edd002 If I can get a quick political commentary from you. What's your thoughts on trump and the current ongoings in America? I know you're not a conspiracy man or trump supporter.

{Ed002's Note - I was very, very surprised that Trump got in and find it hard to believe that so many folks were so dumb. I grew up in the Bay Area with the Vietnam war and I went to College initially at the University of California in Berkeley at the tail end of what were turbulent times. The college has always been "politically aware" dating back to the early 1960s and then the Free Speech Movement and Mario Savio, the brothers and the Black Panthers, People's Park, Reagan sending in the National Guard, riots on Telegraph Avenue, the anti-war movement and the Vietnam Day Committe and, of course the Counterculture. All of this forced us down the Liberal/Democratic route, although with Trump getting in perhaps we should forget democracy for a while.

Now we have a nuclear pissing party between what should be two mental patients. Trump needs to be removed but it has to be done in a way that Mike Pence doesn't walk in to the job. Ideally an election needs to be forced. But change is needed and soon.}

17 Aug 2017 09:02:22
I think nuclear pissing party between to mental patients is possibly one of the best descriptions I have heard about it. I joked to a friend of mine who lives in Georgia (they're both democrats) that they should be OK if Kim Jong Un decides to fire a nuke as he can only hit Alaska, which isn't as bad as it seems as it takes out Sarah Palin.

17 Aug 2017 09:03:13
Ed002, flying into Liverpool isn't an option right now as the runway has been closed so they can put out the red carpet for when Keita, VVD and co fly in 😉👍.

{Ed002's Note - That won't be it Mikey, LFC have taken to using Blackpool Airport now.}

17 Aug 2017 10:14:21
Long drive down from Newcastle. I live near Boro and takes a good 3 hours from here to Anfield. Add on another 45mins from Newcastle airport. I paid to park about 1/ 4 mile up the road for £5.


17 Aug 2017 11:29:08
Ed02, I lived in America for 14 years and as a person of color, Trump has revealed the part of America that the country (especially majority of white people) has been trying to conceal for generations. The hatred that still resides in White America is deep and real and this led to the deterioration of the country's moral society. The fact that an election pitted against each other two of the most unpopular candidates in modern history, tells you all you need to know. We minorities, all knew who Trump was from the word jump. His corrupt, divisive, racist and bigoted beliefs have been well-documented thru out his business life.

However, he won in spite of all this, ONLY cos the person he ran against (who is not a racist nor bigot as far as we know) was judged (pathetically by the main stream media) to be worse, more corrupt, and more unlikeable than he is.

Now, we have a constitutional crisis and his party will not condemn or remove him cos they need him to sign their draconian bills into law. Hence, they are complicit in his racist beliefs. This is the America you may not know about. Enjoy!

{Ed002's Note - I am not so sure that the majority of American citizens do have a color bias. I grew up on the West Coast where we had no issues and no segregation, at least not in San Frrancisco and Berkeley. Oakland has always had social issues, as to be fair have most port and industrial towns. What your suggesting is far from correct and is largely an over-reaction. The GOP should have removed Trump from the running.

If you are seeing this hatred where you live then I suspect you live in one of the old Southern states or in one of the deprived areas such as a large part of Detroit has become.

Where are you from?}

17 Aug 2017 22:13:53
Any idea what time the match bus comes in lads and into where now with the new stand built?

17 Aug 2017 22:02:50
Thanks for all the advice lads. Flights to L'pool, Manchester, B'ham etc etc are all v expensive. Round trip with car for the Ferry is €400 to Holyhead. Is Goodison still open for matches at Anfield? Not a bad walk through Stanley Park and at least it's safe there.



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