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04 Sep 2017 07:00:37
Morning eds,
Just wondering for your opinion on can. I have used the search function and seen that the main reason for him wanting out was playing time.
His form so far this season has been good, and i would say he has been our best midfielder. So if his form continues he will clearly play a lot of games, do you think that would convince him to stay or do you think the damage has been done by bringing in, or trying to bring in players to replace him?

{Ed001's Note - it is not just players to replace him, it is players like Henderson being captain will always play if fit. People have pointed out how many games Can played last season, but how many would he have played if Henderson had not missed a big chunk of the season? I think we just have to accept that he is going to move on at the end of the season and wish him well for the future.}

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04 Sep 2017 07:22:52
Hendo won't be dropped! He is the baby face. I have said it earlier Can is the victim of Henderson's captaincy!

04 Sep 2017 07:51:50
Or Henderson and Gini are just better footballers.

{Ed025's Note - no they are not..

04 Sep 2017 08:10:33
Henderson is like the managers son, always getting picked even though there is better on the bench lol I remember those days from playing as a kid xD.

04 Sep 2017 08:29:53
Hendo worked tooth and nail to get to where he is at LFC. Remember when BR wanted rid of him in favour of his "son" Joe Allen, a far inferior footballer to him? Now, he was the coach's "son", not Hendo. Enough of this BS of Hendo being the coach's son. None of it is true and Ed01 said that he has the respect of his team mates.

Can will be missed if he leaves as he is on the cusp of being world class and he's only 23. If he does leave, I'm glad Naby is coning in as he is an upgrade ot our midfield whether Can stays or not.

04 Sep 2017 08:30:34
Until he had a run of games, Can had been very inconsistent while Gini and Hendo had been less so. Start of this season and all 3 started slowly. Given Hendo is captain a d until he is out of form or availability then he will be first selected from the midfield list. It is not a 'coach's son' as i believe Hendo earned his spot. Can needs to do the same. Make yourself unstoppable.

04 Sep 2017 08:40:58
I am in agreement with the posters who want Can to stay beyond this season and say that he should be playing regularly in our team, but I don't get their criticism of Hendo and saying that he is keeping Can from being in the team. May be Hendo was not at his best last season, but since the start of this season, he has done exceptionally well. People forget that our current system thrives on pressing and counter attacking, and Hendo is extremely integral to it. Are people really choosing to not see that in the last 2 games Hendo has created 2 clear goal scoring opportunities purely due to his pressing and nicking the ball off the opponents? I am equally torn deciding who plays between Can or Henderson, since they both bring a fitting aspect to the team, but blatantly downplaying Hendo's contribution to his system and team is downright ignorant.

04 Sep 2017 08:50:26
Hendo is our best midfielder. Nobody else in our squad protects the defence like he does, or switches the play as fast and accurately. Aside from maybe Lallana and Firmino, nobody presses as well as him either. He is also our only natural leader. He will chew people out for not doing their job, and talk to the more inexperienced players to help them through the game.

Without a shadow of a doubt the most under rated player in the league. You have to watch him every week to truly appreciate his remarkable consistency and you have to almost focus on him at the expense of the game to fully appreciate how well he does the ugly stuff. He doesn't score many or play hundreds of killer passes in between the lines, but so what? That isn't his job in our team anymore. But when it was, he scored 7 and assisted 15 in a single season. He has it in him, but Klopp wants him to play a different role because nobody else in the team is capable of doing it at his level; Can included.

Can is a victim of nothing, but i tell you what, Hendo is a victim of being British! He'd walk into any team in the league except probably Man United. The centre midfielders in the Premier league who I'd swap him for are Matic, Kante or Dembele. Nobody else could do his job in our team.

04 Sep 2017 09:10:07
I'm with you there MK I think he's massively underrated by most fans just because he won't dribble past 5 players and play defence plotting passes every 5 minutes. His work rate and anticipation can only really be rivalled by Lallana in our squad. He's the only one of our midfielders that senses danger and positions himself correctly to stop it. Plus you can see when he's on the pitch he is a leader and keeps the rest of the team going. Integral is a great word for him.
Can is becoming a good player but if he sees his future elsewhere then like every other player I'd wish him well and move on.

04 Sep 2017 09:04:25
Guys accept it. Can's gone at the end of the season most likely to Juve. Im sure he wanted a long career at LFC but where is he likely to be a nailed on first teamer in the midfield? Klopp's personal favorites are Gini and Hendo (when fit) and Coutinho will also be playing there this season. Can's biggest enemy has been his versatility to slot in anywhere in midfield and Klopp has used this to turn him into a utility midfielder which Can probably resents.
Plus Keita will also be guaranteed first teamer next season which pushes Can further down the pecking order.

04 Sep 2017 09:21:40
Spot on, MK. We all know how we struggled last season when Hendo was out BUT since his detractors like to rewrite history or just ignore it, they start bashing him and some like Harry, say he is only playing cos he is the baby faced captain or some other nonsense . Hendo is a leader and is well-respected by his team mates, per Ed01. Can he improve or get better? Of course and that is true for any player and he is a key cog in our pressing system. Go ask Ozil if he wants to go against Hendo ever again as he gets bullied every time. I would hate it if Can left but if he leaves, we move on.

04 Sep 2017 09:52:02
Yeah i should probably clarify that i do really rate Can. Being a German international regular at 23 is impressive to say the least.

I personally wouldn't have bothered signing Keita and would've instead promised Can he was still in the long term first team plans. I've only seen Keita play once though so i will obviously be biased towards Can who I've watched in nearly 100 games!

I don't blame him for wanting to leave though. Next season he could be competing with Henderson (club captain), Lallana (Klopp favourite due to his pressing), Wijnaldun (a Klopp signing), Coutinho (highest paid player), Keita (club record signing) and Grujic (has to be given game time to keep work permit) . Can probably feels he's being phased out, so if he would rather just see out his contract, fair play to him for not stringing us all along for an extra £50k or so a week.

04 Sep 2017 11:00:53
Henderson doesn't posses any skills to play in the deeper role! I don't know what posters are bluffing here. Ed02
Your article on midfielders ONE DAY will settle this case. Henderson is a very good Ball winner infact one of the best but he is no creator or controller. MK likes him so I don't take his argument!

{Ed001's Note - I am sorry but you are wasting your time if you think I am going to agree with your ignorant and frankly ridiculous viewpoint.}

04 Sep 2017 11:21:17
Fair enough Ed01. I ll wait for your article mate!

{Ed001's Note - thanks but you really need to step back and stop hankering after something new mate. Try and spend some time appreciating what we have already. You might realise that a lot of the new blood you hanker after actually are not always better than what is already there. You remind me of my neighbours, it doesn't matter what they have, they are never happy with it and are just saving for a new thing. If they had an Aston Martin, they would just save up for a Ferrari instead and then it would be a Rolls-Royce etc. Rather than looking at the Aston Martin and being glad they are lucky enough to afford it. Not everything shiny and new is better than the old.}

04 Sep 2017 11:58:11
We are half the team without Henderson. Everyone was too busy creaming their pants over Mane last season that they didn't notice our down turn in form also coincided with Henderson being missing. Mane and Henderson were our most important players, closely followed by the Brazilian double act.

Without Hendo, our team is soft, lacks leadership, and struggles to take control of the game.

04 Sep 2017 12:39:26
The problem with this debate is that people think Can and Hendo are in competition, they're not. Can is back up to Hendo only because there's no one else even remotely suitable for the job. Can's competition is Coutinho, Lallana, wiji and, from next season, Keita. Even if Couts leaves then Can will still be behind his replacement. Can will never have the standing on the squad he wants, therefore he has to leave.

04 Sep 2017 13:50:49
Very good point mk, about our results without mane AND Hendo. Henderson is massive for us, anyone who doesn't see that must be blind. He switches play brilliantly and creates space for the quick forwards to exploit. For breaking down stubborn defences this is vital. He also protects the cbs with real class, wins the ball and releases it quickly. You can hear in his interviews that he is an intelligent guy and that is vital in our sort of team.

It does seem that Can's liverpool days are numbered. I'm dissapointed because he is undoubtedly going to become one of the best CMS in the game. But with Hendo and kieta we also have two of the best around so we can't complain too much.

04 Sep 2017 15:42:24
Haha I know I said Hendo is like the coaches son but if you read through my posts I am always defending him on here. Yes we have better technically but not when it comes to work rate/ pressing and passion.
I’ve said in the past he is a slight reminder of Kuyt, because he doesn't possession skill but he is an absolute engine and never stops and it actually brings a lot to the team, more than others see.

Kuyt would get slaughtered by most on here if he played for us now but the fact is most fans still do to this day absolutely love and respect him. And the same can be said about Hendo.
Like others said above, when he is out injured it is very evident and it is like a huge piece is missing from the squad.



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