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11 Sep 2017 21:37:43
Obiang looks a wonderful player, isn't it? Excellent first touch and he works like a bull. Wijnaldum could learn something from him. I am also impressed with Mooy of Huddersfield. A very good deep midfielder.

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11 Sep 2017 21:46:12
I find it amusing that you are so quick to praise other teams players who would get nowhere near our first team but can't praise any of your own players. You have a strange mindset Harry :-)

11 Sep 2017 21:54:24
Ohk! Here we go. Philippe Coutinho is world class as well Firmino and Mane. Woodie is a great lad who will make it big at Liverpool as well Ryan Kent. I am one of the few who still supports Daniel Sturridge ( tried my level best to find a weakness in his style and was unsuccessful ) I have started liking Emre Can lately. I believe he will become a monster CM, unfortunately at Juventus. So that's 6 players already mate. I have no interest in both Wiji and Hendo and I don't see too many supporters praising our backline either mate.

{Ed025's Note - firmino is not world class harry..

11 Sep 2017 22:01:18
Firmino has the best first touch to me Ed025. He is like a silk with the ball. I like him. 😎😎.

{Ed025's Note - i think hes a good player harry but well short of world class mate imo..

11 Sep 2017 22:28:43
But Harry, they aren't Croatian.?

11 Sep 2017 22:40:01
Relatively positive for you Harry but you had to get your digs in on Hendo and Wiji who are better players than Obiang and Mooy by some distance. I know that we get so involved in our own team that we micro criticise them whilst lauding players from other teams as we don't see much of them and don't particularly care if they make mistakes. We only see the good they do and think 'if only Hendo could do that'. Imagine if we sold Hendo and Wiji and bought Mooy and Obiang. That would be a huge step backwards for me.

11 Sep 2017 22:43:15
Theyre probably as good as that player you said would boss any midfield in the premier league. What was his name.? Xhaka? πŸ˜‚ Give it a rest Harry and just try and enjoy the season geez.

11 Sep 2017 23:19:33
It depends on how you define world class?

For me its the best squad of 22 players that the wold class manager would pick, that's 2 players for each position, for rotation.

I'm not sure any of our players would get in it?

{Ed007's Note - Who's the last Liverpool player that would though? Kenny Dalglish?}

11 Sep 2017 23:41:32
luis suarez 007?

{Ed007's Note - Hhmmm I don't know if he would make the final cut for me mate but I can understand why Liverpool fans would argue for him.}

11 Sep 2017 23:54:34
I think firmino is close to world class and I think he will definitely become so. Coutinio mane lallana and Hendo I believe are world class or very close to.

11 Sep 2017 23:57:43
I think plenty of players would have a chance of being in the top 2 players in the world in their given position since Kenny's time.
I agree if Bobby though. Great player, and I know ed001 and me have discussed this before I don't think his best position is CF.

Barnes is a good shout.
Owen maybe, Fowler was brilliant.
Definite arguments for Gerrard, Alonso and Mascherano.
Torres at his peak was the best CF in the world at that time.
And personally I think Suarez was the best CF in the world from his last season at Liverpool until last season.
If Mane continues at his current pace (minus booting opposition keepers in the Chevy chase) then he's well on the way to being one of the best wingers in the world.

12 Sep 2017 00:23:29

12 Sep 2017 00:45:30
Hamann was world class holding mid.
Sami hypia was a world class cb.
Mcmanaman was world class winger
Ince was a world class Dm
Pat berger was world class for a little while
Luis garcia was world class
Grobbelar was world class
Hanson souness keagan.

And of course Gerrard could've walked into any team and king Kenny is up there with one of the very best players to ever kick a ball. We have been lucky as lfc fans to support some amazing players over the years. Mane and coutinio these days.

12 Sep 2017 01:24:14
Seriously Henderson world class? Come on fella but the Stella down.

12 Sep 2017 01:37:31
Lallana and hdndo would get in your team easy stand.

12 Sep 2017 02:10:38
Give it a rest Superred. Hendo and Lallana world class? They are decent BPL players, but that's about it. If we want to win titles on a regular basis, they will need replacing eventually.
Firmino will be world class when his finishing improves. So will Coutinho when he is more consistent and Mane if he has another brilliant season.
None of the other players we have will be world class at any point though.

12 Sep 2017 06:19:51
Hendo is a very average player. Infact he is no holding mid either. He is a decent ball winner or what you call those, A good B2B midfielder. He is no playmaker to occupy the deeper role. Lallana was a flop until an year ago and this page unanimously agreed to sell him lol.

12 Sep 2017 08:19:11
In recent years. Alonso, Torres and suarez were definitely world class. Mascherano and Gerrard arguably. Also strong arguments for Owen and hyypia.

12 Sep 2017 08:16:16
The 24 hour drinking culture has done you no favours. Hendo and Lallana are ok players and belong in a mid table outfit, nothing more nothing less.

12 Sep 2017 08:36:06
Super red your off the wall fella. Hendo and lallana are miles and miles shaort of world class.
If you were yo name a best epl 11 without bias you could name 6 or 8 teams of 11 players befire you would include hendo or lallana. Couts and mane wiuld be in the 1st or 2nd team you name but that's it and this is only the epl not the world. You are completely deluded.
United plsy 2 in midfield pogba and matic hendo is nowhere near as good as either.
Lallana would not get in ahead of rash martial mata or miki. Although i think he is slightly better than lingard.
World class my ass ha ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ keep taking the happy pillsπŸ˜‚.

12 Sep 2017 08:38:44
Bobby is a fantastic player but he is no striker. being played as the centre forward he will never shine we need a healthy striker (as good as dan but not as injury prone) and bring bobby further back sat behind the striker think that would be best for him.

12 Sep 2017 08:43:33
Decent assesment indian buzzer.
Ciuts is a lively player and will be a huge success at barcelona when he moves.
Mane is destined for the top. Not sure he will stay at liverpool beyond next season. ( that's just a feeling i have) firmino is a really good player but is not a centre forward he will never be world class though but not many reach that level.
In my opinion there are about 8 wc players in the whole of epl. There are about a dozen players who have the potential to step up to that level the rest are just very giod footballers.

12 Sep 2017 08:43:49
Ingsy, let it go. Bigging up other players, teams and managers is just Harry's way of bashing our own lot like you just saw him do there. "Gini could learn something from Obiang", . Pathetic rhetoric, really. They don't even play the same roles nor positions in CM but of course for Harry, that has and will never matter. He wants our players to play like any player he is obsessed with in the moment. Sometimes I wonder if he really an LFC fan as he is the only one on this forum that does that.

12 Sep 2017 09:16:07
I don't think it's wanting him to pay exactly like him but actually show spirit and desire? Am I right h.

Strolling around picking your bum is no way good enougj for Liverpool's midfield. Obiang was wanted by klopp and ed1 for his effort and desire. The transfer window has sbut so now we need to look at some of our players to show that. Hendo and can do that at least, I agree that wiji needs to aswel.

12 Sep 2017 09:17:16
That's ok Bingo, I do not need to prove you anything. But I am convinced you are a proper LFC fan. Congrats mate!

12 Sep 2017 09:39:21
Lallana is quality. not world class but quality. out of sight out of mind. Hendos a good lad.

12 Sep 2017 11:21:34
Kenny, Stevie, Alonso and Suarez are the 4 I would say were/ are world class.
I understand that some may question the Suarez inclusion, but for me there is not a manager in the world who would not have him in their side.

Alonso is the player who without doubt TURNS a good side into a champs league winning side. His input into the side would improve the other 3 above,

12 Sep 2017 11:58:39
I think if you are England captain you are world class. Or near it. I define world class as the top end of international football.

Lallana was one of the best players in the league last year before Christmas. He is better than the utd players that were mentioned.

12 Sep 2017 12:10:09

So what about if you are an England manager lol.

12 Sep 2017 12:12:54
My comments may sound a bit deluded and I admit I do tend to hype up liverpool players. Fair enough.

But anyone doubting if Luis suarez is world class is deluded. Of course he is.

Liverpool have had tonnes of world class players imo. Owen was without doubt world class, so was fowler, Gerrard, alonso hamann hypia mascherano. Riena was a Wc keeper.

Makes me laugh how people are so quick to dismiss English players. I wonder if you spoke to professional footballers if they would call Hendo a Wc midfielder? I suspect they might.

12 Sep 2017 12:16:58
Hanson was a world class defender. There can be no arguments there can there? If you go back to 70/ 80s then we had loads! Keegan was easily world class.

12 Sep 2017 16:21:32
None of them are world class. I would personally choose Firmino first of the 3 he mentioned.

12 Sep 2017 16:25:10
TB, that is not the point. Wiji plays with desire and skill most of the time and his ability technically is underrated. Did he have a bad game? Sure. Was he the only one? Nope. Was he the only one strolling? Nope. Matip did as well and should be criticized for it. The point is that I don't care what other players do and don't care who they should play like cos if we want our players to play like other teams' players then we should just sign them instead of comparing them to ours as a stick to beat ours with.

I am sick of this pathetic notion that some peddle that players at other teams are better than our just cos they don't play for us or cos they have a bad game as if said players from other teams don't have bad games.

Harry, I read comments from other LFC fan sites and you are the only one who does these pathetic comparisons. What you have to prove or don't prove is irrelevant. I'm not the only one who says this as many other posters have mentioned the same thing. It is not about being a true LFC fan. It is about having a decent conversation about how we can move forward as a club and saying our players should learn how to play like this or that player or our manager should sign this or that player that you want (esp. coming from a place of denigration of our players), adds nothing to the conversation, IMO.

12 Sep 2017 23:51:14
Hansen couldn't even get in the Scotland team,

Disgraceful but true.



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